Friday, 30 March 2012

What a complete beach...

Being at a lost end on a Friday afternoon when the kids break up early for Easter is LETHAL in this town. It means all the mums are kicking their heels and wondering what to do.
It then means one of the mums invites everyone to hers and it means everyone drinks Champagne and chardonnay all afternoon from 3.15pm onwards.
It also means I am now squiffy at 7.25pm and my typing is all to pot so I need to keep re-reading what I have written...just in case.
Eight children played in the garden while the mums all sat around the table sipping. Then slurping. It was like a cliche.  We were celebrating the fact our kids all got into the desired middle school. A good excuse.
Yesterday, I pulled an alcoholic tramp on the prom. He told me I had the loveliest smile he had ever seen. He was very drunk so it was hardly a compliment. At least I can still pull, I told myself, as I sauntered past him and flashed him another grin.
Now I feel like a true contender for his wife. All tipsy and ruddy and light-headed - but I have at least showered today...
And today is my anniversary of getting together with the Husband. Sixteen years ago tonight, we "copped off" (as he so politely puts it) in an indie nightclub in Oxford. The following day he came over to the house I shared and everyone was out so we spent all day (and I mean ALL day) snogging on the sofa.
Sixteen years seems such a long time. A milestone. Glad we've made it!
Anyhoo, this week has been pretty dire on the cherry tree front, I've been on the beach basking every day, like a leathered old hag. But thanks to the glorious Sarah at Shabby Chic Sarah, I now have this Ladybird book to add to my collection.

Thanks my shabby pal. 

See the reason I've not been cherry tree shopping is because the sun had his hat on all week didn't he?! So not only did I not set foot in an Oxfam, I also achieved NO house work.

No siree, I was way too busy strolling along the prom prom prom..

Resting my hot, weary (and scarily veiny) feet on the beach...

Can't get over how weird my feet look in this pic.
 Spending precious time watching the Prince adapt to his new life by the sea...

Reading my new library book by Jojo Moyes...

I am really enjoying this. Think it's going to be sad though

It's a quick choice seven day loan though. Pressure's on!

Setting the scene. A book, some peace, utter bliss.
 The Prince has had umpteen picnics this week too. But has eaten more sand than food (yet it's a mainly shingle beach)...

 I cooled those veiny feet in the sea, in a bid to make them look less veiny...

Everyone hates Crocs. But you know what?
I walk everywhere and they are very comfy so I couldn't care less!
And I have decided to try another giant granny square blanket. I have started a couple but never get far in before putting it down. This time I am going to mention that I am starting a new one in my blog, so that I will hopefully keep going with it. See how I get on. I am hoping it will motivate me a little.

The Blanket of Glory that Julie made me has become part of the family so I felt I needed to give it a sibling.

It will be finished when the Prince reaches puberty but hey ho!
We have been busy watching a few people brave the sea for the first time this year...

Took another pic of myself, like a weirdo, on the beach. The Prince lacks the essential photography skills you see, so I have no choice...

 On Wednesday, the husband had the day off, after working six days in a row (including the entire scorching weekend) so after school, we headed down to the beach. It was bliss. The kids went off and played and we sipped coffee in the blazing heat.

It hasn't all been fun of course. I've been fighting a virus for the past week - aching limbs, sore throat, sinus trouble and feeling drained. This means I missed Book Club which I was gutted about. Apparently they carried on til 2am (on a school night!) so it's just as well I didn't go.

I think a few early nights will sort me out.

Finally (still with me??? No? Oh......) the husband is running the Reading Half Marathon on Sunday, to raise money for the Brittle Bone Society, a horrible condition that one of my best friends was born with. Seven of them are running for the charity while dressed as Superheroes.

If anyone would like to sponsor these brave, good-hearted souls, please click on this link:  it really is a very good cause.


Jumbleberries said...

Oh to be by the sea on a sunny day - perfect!

Have fun.

Jumbleberries xx

Andi's English Attic said...

I've never seen that Ladybird book before. Looks lovely.
Good luck in the marathon to your superhero. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Gem,your photos are giving me itchy feet,I need to live by the sea too! Your cliche sounds fab. glad youve settled in so well,you all look so happy and healthy...
Well done on the granny square sibling,you can do it!love the colours.good luck to your superhero and have a super weekend.
lots of love,xxx.

SarahB said...

Aaah, you're more than welcome my sweet - I saw it and thought of you, I always have a look but it's the first old one I've found.

The beachy pics look lovely and you're a real pro at self portraits. A winey afternoon with the mums sounds fun too - see you making friends!!

Sorry you've been feeling poorly, at least the sun lifts the spirits.


S x

BTW I *love* my Crocs!! I have lots!!

Kylie said...

Hi Gem,

I have in my little hands a few Ladybirds I have two of, would you like them?

I think it's good to share the love and people have been so generous with me, so they're yours if you want them...

Just email your address.

I hope you feel better soon x

Missy said...

Balls to the housework, mrs, get on that beach at every opportunity! That's what it's there for and The Prince will have great memories of spending time with you having fun.

Cuckoo said...

Leathery old hag, my arse. That self portrait proves you are still a fresh faced beauty.

Oh how lovely and fun your Friday afternoon sounds! It's a good job I'm not able to walk back from my boys schools as I reckon I'd get sloshed most sunny afternoons!!!!

Wow! Look at your crochet! I still marvel at how neat you are and that your are a left handed gal but doing it right handed. I'd have given up. The colours are so sunny. Don't give up!!!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dear Gem,

Again, you open up with an image that makes me smile and laugh...that drunk on the prom, your charm that attracted him, and your witty way to recount the whole darn thing.....brilliant!!!!!!!!!

YOUR should see MINE after years of dancing! THINK OF IT THIS WAY, you have earned those veiny feet, carrying the kids, walking precious miles with them, talking of important things such as fun on the beach, magical creatures and the like. YOU are, a gem.


Charis said...

Gem ~ My mum has left a comment on my blog for you re. Andy Pandy!

little homebird said...

Hi Gem, so glad you seem settled in your new home and have made friends! So jel of this past week and you being able to just be on the beach! I've read that book a couple of weeks ago and couldn't put it down, I don't want to spoil it for you though!

Hope you are feeling perkier soon and get rid of the virus!

Take care

Georgie said...

Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog Gem. I'm fairly new to this and a little shy/embarrassed/nervous about others reading my ramblings!
I live in East Preston which is between Ferring and Rustington, so just down the road from you. A recommendation for tea and cake would be The Bluebird Cafe on Ferring seafront (good for Sunday breakfast too).
I'm feeling a little better thanks, taking things day by day. Back at work for a week and now starting the Easter Hols .. lucky me :0)
Am loving your photos of Worthing seafront. Having lived here all my life I take it for granted but seeing it through fresh eyes makes me realise just how lucky I am to be a seaside girl xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Ah I'd love to live by the sea, but I agree on the evil of seagulls, I used to have a semi tame one which I fed from the window of my student house (it had one foot and a razor sharp beak) and you could see the crazy in it's beady yellow eyes. He was named Terry, after my equally evil landlord.

Anyway, lovely self portrait of you x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Your comment to me is just special. Life has many tough decisions, and I could have stayed on to teach in a system that quite frankly, I am not fit to be in. The system requires not only compassionate, passionate and creative teachers, but data-driven, data savvy ones that I simply am not. To see childrens's test scores plummet under your care is a sign that I must take as a signal to stop teaching. Now, it is going to take a LONG TIME for me to develop my style and wares, and I am also hoping to MARKET MYSELF locally and also write for local magazines. I am a dreamer, yes. But I would rather die one day dreaming and living than having done nothing at all to reach the stars.

YOU ARE SO KIND TO COMMENT. Have a great day on the beach!!!! Anita

Jo said...

Sounds perfect! I really miss living by the sea! Make the most of it! I'm enjoying discovering your blog!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GEM DEAR!!!!!!

Oh how I love to see my British friends come! Did you have a wonderful Easter? Did the children find all the eggs the bunny dropped off? Thank you for your visit. I had a blast today, and really, all week, for I was on my spring break from school. Yes, I am going full force on producing and shaping my style and trying my best to prepare to show more items not just on Etsy, but to local shops. I am going to do this and yes, CARPE DIEM!!!!

Have a fab week and DO TAKE the children lambing about!!! Isn't that little lamb just sweet?


Jo said...

Love the pictures Gem, and you are such a pretty lady. I am glad to hear that you are all loved up after 16years of marriage,it must just fly by?

Wishing you lots of lovely reading time, and chillaxing by the beach- You must come over and see me on the isle of wight!