Tuesday, 20 March 2012


The Prince fell in the sea last week. It wasn't ideal. We'd just ordered  lunch at the beach cafe. It was stressful. The Princess was screaming "he NEARLY drowned. I nearly lost my brother.....he could have died" in front of, like, the whole cafe.  

The Prince was screaming, mainly because of the Princess's dramatics, but also because he was sodden. He didn't want to go home so he ate wrapped in my cherry tree red coat.


Then we came home and the kids treated me to a football performance. Spot the Prince doing his pirate impression.

 I then went into the kitchen to clear up and when I came back, they were doing this. I am not proud...

Onto other things, I have found a lush cafe that is my regular haunt. The Prince loves the hot chocolate and the carrot cake is to die for.  The cafe is amazing. They had a crochet lesson just before I moved here and do loads of other events so I am keeping my eyes peeled.

It is definitely taking me a while to settle here but I am totally in love with the beach still. Just still finding my way - it is a BIG place compared to the little Berkshire village we left behind. I have pangs for everything and everyone but am just taking it one day at a time here.

We went away for the weekend to Oxford for my friend's 40th. It's where the husband and I met 16 years ago. We went to a pub in the old part and spent the afternoon reading the pub quiz book and testing each other. The husband won every round damn it.

Makeup less and full of scampi!
 I walked to the house that I first lived in when I moved to Oxford after training to become a journalist. I lived here for about a year, before meeting the husband.

I shared it with four blokes at one point.
That was hell. Pubes everywhere.
 It does seem a long time ago that I lived here. A different life. Albeit a great one. I lived in the box room (top left window). It was so small that I could touch all the walls, my parents couldn't believe a single bed would fit in there, but it did. Just. The husband and I had many a cosy night in there!

Then we went to the party. I had to give myself a stern talking to and remind myself not to overdo the cocktails as we were driving back early to spend Mother's Day with the children.

My "not too many cocktails" disappointed face
 Naturally I had a little more than I intended but definitely needed a little pick-me-up. You see, we had also visited a friend in hospital while in Oxford who has gone into remission after nearly dying of cancer at Christmas. It put life into perspective. He is now ill with an infection, is in the rehabilitation unit as can't walk and had his bowel removed; it was a very sorry sight.

So I wanted to make the most of my rare night out with the husband. Life really is too short.

Got home and the Princess had decorated the lounge for me and bought me some ceramic white doves from the White Company, also a lush bar of soap from the same place. Very sweet!

And re cherry tree shopping, it's been a damp squib recently. I only bought this for the Princess, as we will need to talk about the birds and the bees soon...

A Cherrytree treasure!!
I have a banging stressy headache tonight. And feel very worn out. Not helped by a face which appeared in front of mine at 5am demanding porridge this morning.

I need a rest. Big time! I feel low on energy and need to get that sorted out.


Gem said...

Me and James just had a great time reading this post, your's is one of the only blogs he will sit and read ha ha. I think it is because he see's himself in the Prince quite a lot. From what his Mum has told me he was very much like the prince when he was little.

The cherrytr4ee book OMG amazing, it was meant to be, obviously.

Hope you are feeling rested soon my lovely x x x x

Pink Milk said...

Bless you, you don't sound quite as perky as normal my love. I think taking one day at a time sounds perfect. A move is always a big upheaval so give yourself time. It must have been quite emotionally exhausting visiting your poorly friend too.

Love your babies getting their Heat fix!!!

Good luck with the birds and bees chat - I've not long had the 'periods' conversation with my daughter and she is forever asking me if I have mine!


PS. I am sooo loving the Elspeth Thomson book - I read just a little at a time and it's wonderful. You're absolutely right though, the sadness that none of it worked for her is always at the back of my mind. x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GEM DEAR! Oh dear, how did the Prince fall into the sea? That sounds like a little book! I am sure it was not a happy moment, but he looks well, and it seems that he just needed to be wrapped up and given his lunch! Well, you certainly have quite an exciting outing every time you go out! AND TO LIVE BY THE SEA? What a wonderful place to be. You will make more friends, I KNOW IT. And you are so right; to see dear friends in pain and suffer so does put our lives in perspective, so every moment you share with your children is so precious. YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!!! Anita

Cuckoo said...

How lovely to have had a trip down memory lane with the husband. It's nice to look back on our old lives and see how things have changed. How some hopes and dreams came true and some unexpected stuff happened instead but turned out good.

You'll settle in soon, you'll get your bearings and then a six mile walk to get 15 mins down the road wont happen anymore.

You try to rest up a bit, if poss, it's been a whirl wind of stress lately. No wonder your head hurts, what with moving and other stuff.

Ps The Princes pirate face is brilliant!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ahhhh good to know that the Prince wasn't TOO far out into sea!!!!!! Thank you Gem for your kind words and visit! Have a super day out and about at the beach!


Miss Magpie said...

Good grief! talk about small world, my best friend lived in Fairacres Road back in the day, also sharing with blokes though one less than you. The man who ran the chippy at the top of the road fancied her so we always got massive amounts of chips when we went there lol.

sandiart said...

A lot of people including myself, have been quite tired lately...it's a pooie feeling, I hate feeling tired. Today when the alarm went off at 6am I actually felt like I had been asleep.
Thank you for your lovely comment over at mine. My brother lived near Darwin for around 11 years in a place called Tindall, he worked at the Airforce base there, now he is in Townsville. He lived in a house tho' lol. I guess if you were going to tent it at least you were in a warm spot. What an adventure!!! Ahh, I so would love to vist you bloggy girls, one day I will make it happen. I would love to meander around the UK for around 9 months, start off in Spring and then end with a snowy Christmas and then fly home to the HOT Aussie summer.
Your kidlets are a funny pair and cute to boot. I am very blessed to have a granddaughter, she has such a lovely nature.
Hope you are feeling better today, take care.
xx Sandi
ps....how I dislike the stupid words I have to type in, I squint like an idiot trying to read them!!!!

Miss Magpie said...

I had to check with my friend as I couldn't remember exactly where and when but she lived at 110 fairacres road and had moved before 1995 so perhaps the chip shop man had moved his affections on to you, or maybe he just fancied every pretty girl?