Friday, 23 March 2012

Friday I'm in Love

I am currently having a blub while watching Sport Relief so have decided to write a new post by way of needing light relief. Right now my heart is heavy - I hate to watch children suffer. It makes me want to physically offer help, not just the cash donation. I often think that if I was single with no husband or kids, I would want to go to third world countries and help out - although it would without a doubt be terribly harrowing. We are so lucky here, we are blessed more than we know.

Onto more cheerful things, had a lovely lunch with Sarah at Annaboo's House today, round her gaff. Spring was definitely in the air and we had a great time. The kids played well together again too which was a bonus.

Yesterday, the husband had the day off (as he is working ALL weekend - yes, he will be in London while it is El Scorchio) so we popped to the beach after school. We live a 20 minute walk from the beach but it's 5 mins by car. We went to the cafe on the sea front. Just because we could. It was lush.

And just look what I spied. A complete work of art. Quite possibly the best attempt for Movember that I've ever seen in my entire life.

Isn't it awesome?! Dog looks embarrassed though...
I guess he actually puts rollers in....

I never tire of this view

Before he fell in a rock pool and got COMPLETELY sodden
(thank goodness for a spare change of clothes)

My lovely family

I treasure this view so much
My beauty

A perfect moment for a change!
Oh and this week I bought this vintage book from the Debra charity shop which I've just discovered. So cute and old fashioned.

OK, and possibly camp. But cute.

75p if you will......
 And I saw this book which was also 75p.

Fee, this reminds me of you!

And now I need to sleep. I feel pretty run down at the mo, very tired, sore throat and aching all over. Not good. Especially when I am in sole charge of the bairns all weekend. At least the sun will help!

By the way, I used to follow Shabbily By The Sea, any idea where she has gone??!!! Seems to have been deleted and her email was returned too. I hope she is still around, I LOVE her blog.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh it is always a sad case when we loose contact with a dear blogger friend! I so hope she is alright!


Are you enjoying the sea dearest? What a wonderful place to be. And do keep warm and hydrated and fight off that bug you sound like you are getting! LOVE! Anita

Andi's English Attic said...

Oh I remember weekends alone with little ones. Good luck.

That face ornament is Amazing! Jimmy Edwards eat your heart out!

Sad to hear about Shabbily by the Sea. I enjoyed her blog too. Hope she's OK.

Hope the weekend is fun. xx

Missy said...

Well done you for getting such great pkctures of the tache! There were two men in our hotel last year on holiday with moustaches like that and we tried every way we could to take photos without them seeing. They were both quite young, but hadn't grown them in an ironic way. They meant it. I could tell.
How great living that close to the beach. We're about ten minutes drive away and never go there! Lazy barks!

Musings Of A Gem said...

Sounds like a fab Friday! I know what you mean about Sports Relief. I can't watch these things as I'm in constant tears.

Your family are beautiful!

Hope your feeling better

Gemma xXx

SarahB said...

I only watched Sport Relief for an hour, saw the vid of the bereavement support for kids. Which made me cry (my 7yr old brother went to one of the residential weekends after we lost Dad) so I donated online and put a movie on.

That tache is amazing!! What did he think of you taking his photo?

Love the pics of your gorgeous kiddiwinks, can't believe the Prince fell in water again!!

Seeing your arms-outstretched-self-portraits will always make me smile!!

I didn't know you used to ride, iPod must come and meet my gang - maybe one day we could even ride!! I have a cart too so we could go out in that too....

Hope you're sore throat has come to nothing.

We must arrange another meet up SOON!!


S x

PS could you email your address to me again? I've lost the emails and have a little something to post....

SarahB said...

Apologies for dreadful grammar and typos - bl**dy iPad!!

S x

Annaboo said...

Am seriously LOVING the 'tache- man.
Bless 'im. I bet it takes him hours to get that thing ready in the morning!
Thanks for coming yesterday- it was lovely fun. And the kids were so brilliant. And Debs was very good, too!!
Have a lovely day today- we're off to mum's for a BBQ!

Anonymous said...

I always wonder at blogs that disappear. It makes the whole thing seem so insincere. Bloggers wax lyrically about all their blogging friends being so important and loving them so much etc. But then they don't think anything of just shutting up shop and disappearing. It's sad because you miss the blogger but it is also rude. Sometimes it can be worrying for people who do actually care and for whom their blogging friends do actually matter to them. A goodbye and thank you would be nice and appropriate in usual circumstances.

Obviously in extreme situations that wouldn't apply. Mostly I just find it rude, disrespectful and thoughtless. I don't know the blog in this instance but it has happened with blogs I have loved reading. I like to think that bloggers and their readers have at least some substance and reality in that we genuinely appreciate each other; when it seems that it is not the case, I find it a bit sad.

reyah said...

spending time with our family is the precious things in the world. I am sure you did spent your friday wonderfully.