Monday, 26 March 2012

Not another Manic Monday

Only in my town can you find:

* A seagull shouting at a crow over a chip

* A scary tattooed obese man in a over-sized saggy tracksuit with shaved hair, whiskers and plenty of piercings...and then realise on closer inspection that it is actually a woman (let me tell you, my eyes were on stalks!)

* A leggy brunette with a sharp, glossy bob, wearing quite possibly the shortest skirt I've seen in a while...and then realise on closer inspection that it is actually a man (and this was ten minutes after seeing the lady above - I kid you not)

* A very fit shirtless surfer dude jogging past (and let me tell you, he was all man)

* A selection of the finest cherry tree shops I have ever come across

* OAPS whizzing past on their motorized scooters, gossiping and puffing on fags like they are going out of fashion

* A hungry seagull grabbing a bun from an even hungrier toddler's hand (thankfully not my toddler)

This place is growing on me. And not just because of the fit man. It's been an interesting seven weeks; not really forming friendships as easily as I thought I would, having no idea where to drive to the nearest supermarket, trying to remember where to go for the school run, standing in the park after school like a billy-no-mates, and sometimes (not always, but sometimes) feeling  unsure about what the hell we are doing here. It's been a roller coaster. I LOVE the sea but the other bits have taken a while to get used to.

But everyone who has relocated here has told me it takes at least a year to settle. I don't know why that is, but it's made me feel much better!

Today has been great. I left the house for the school run and was greeted by the neighbours on both sides (they are lovely, as is the wonderful Debs over the road....I know you are reading this, ha!) I then walked to school and recognised people on the way. After the school run I walked three miles to my favourite outdoor beach cafe and a jogger went past and said "Hi Gem!" and I felt a bit more like a local.

Was it just another Manic Monday? Hardly.  The Prince and I have spent ALL day on the beach. I haven't done a single chore and it feels gooooood.

Cherry tree top and bag (well, strap)

Overdid the sun cream on the Prince

My little beach boy

I do love the palm trees!

This makes my heart skip a beat. Eat your heart out Olly Murs,
 And it gets better. I found this book for 5p. FIVE WHOLE PENCE. I remember this book as a kid and got very excited.

So imagine my squeal when I unearthed these too. And I did squeal. A little too loud, some may say.

All of them. Five pence each. Oh my!

This one is the oldest from 1960.

Camera went blurry due to the sun cream I smeared on the lens. Whoops!

And I am thrilled that the bookworm gene has passed down to my lovely Princess. She has started keeping a diary and also I snapped a pic of her reading in the garden. Reading is such a wonderful past time and I hope this is something she will do for years to come.

Meanwhile the Prince was in the wooden playhouse singing the Harry Potter theme tune at the top of his lungs.

If only every day could be as lush as this. It's been the best Monday I can remember in a long time. And apparently the weather is staying put all week!! YIPEE!!!!!


The Vintage Hobby House said...

Sooo very glad youve had a good day Gem,hope there's many more good Monday's to come
XX Manda XX

xx Nicki (home bird)xx said...

Laughed out loud at the gender confusion in your town. Sounds like my kind of place - perfect for people watching!!! Hasn't the weather been gorge - just think how many lovely summer days you've got ahead of you on that beach (with fit surfer dudes running past saying hi).

Love the photo of the Princess with her book in the garden. Sweet! I'm so glad my Mum got me into reading at a young age (even though she doesn't read much herself).

So glad you had a lovely day but next time can you please get photos of the tattooed lady and the hot tranny?



Missy said...

I'm really glad you're settling in. It's hard to move somewhere completely new and you were brave to do it. You seem like you're having fun though and the beach looks great. Envy you the cherry tree shops!

Gem said...

5p, oh my word, I'm not surprised you squealed I would have too. I used to love Andy Pandy.

Your garden looks beautuful and I love that play house, it's gorgeous x x x x

sarah said...

gosh yes people watching heaven love it , true whatb they say takes a while to settle in somewhere new sounds like you are already looks and sounds lovely and bargain books andy pandy and was his girlfriend looby lou?? x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Gem,

You really made me belt out a loud laugh this morning at 4:30am....first with the MAN that was actually a woman, then the woman who was actually a MAN then the ALL MAN!!! You are too much.

You know dearest, when I moved from SUNNY WARM and happy California to GLOOMY, SNOBBY BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS, do you know it took 10 years to make friends with the locals? I made friends quickly with all the other transplants that were at the schools we attended, but the YANKEES? WOW it took a long time. So I trust that where you are planted, you will find friends a lot sooner. You are at least in your element. KEEP WATCH and tell us what other characters lurk in the can write a book about it!!!! GEMS FOUND!

LOVE! Anita

Anonymous said...

Live your dream,sweet Gem,its looking and sounding wonderful.How great that someone already knows your name in a new town,I've lived in Cardiff all of My life and never had that ....
Thats travelling nearly everywhere by car I suppose :(
Take care,love the cherry tree bounty,cor!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Gem, I so enjoy reading your works! And the adventures of the Prince and the Princess at the Beach could be a wonderful little book! THINK ABOUT IT during those months where you find yourself in the quiet; you are a writer, GO FOR IT!!! I so enjoy your humor!!

HUGS AND MANY THANKS for your most kind words! Anita

Charis said...

My mum would squeal at your Andy Pandy collection too... in horror! She's terrified of him!

Narayan said...

Searched for Andy Pandy books and came across your blog.
I am Narayan Radhakrishnan from trivandrum, India and Andy Pandy was the first English book I read as a five year old way back in 1982-83. These books were then available at our local library and Andy Pandy became my first hero. recently I decided to introduce my daughters (aged 8 and 4) to Andy pandy- but sadly, these books are out of circulation in our library. Lucky you and Lucky Princess