Monday, 5 March 2012

The Kids are Alright

My poor little Princess. She needs to stop playing like a Prince. I am trying to teach her to be demure. Gentle.   And to slow down. 

I don't want any dramas this week. We also had a level crossing moment a few days ago. We have to cross one every day to get to school. The Prince loves choo choos so is happy as Larry (who WAS Larry by the way?) but the Princess gets scared when the bell rings to warn everyone. And last week we'd just started walking across and the alarm went off, which is quite a scary noise if you are a kid (or me).

As we'd only just set one foot on there, I stepped backwards as decided it was the safer option with a loaded up pushchair. She on the other hand had sprinted across like Linford Christie on Red Bull so I then had to get over with the pushchair. ALMOST heart failure but still here to tell the tale...we have a rule now. She does NOT let go of my hand.

Been cherry tree shopping again. This time I got this fab Monsoon skirt for £4.99 from YMCA (on this occasion I would say it really IS fun to stay at the YMCA as I saw loads of stuff but the Prince was having none of it, sadly).

On Saturday we went to Arundel for the afternoon. We arrived and found out we'd not only left the pushchair at home, but also the Prince's shoes. Please don't ask. I swear we aren't usually this crap.

So we drove all the way home and started again. Arriving in Arundel later than planned, with gritted teeth and a few sharp words with each other (I still say it's the Husband's fault).

 Anyway, this historical town is gorgeous.

 There are some gorgeous shops.

Then I went to the antique and craft centre and guess what I came across:

Yay, it's my very lovely bloggy friend Sarah from Annaboo's House. Look at her work, she has been a busy bee.

Then I saw a very silly model in a shop window. Tut tut. I blame the parents.

And yes they are cherry tree boots 
 I then came across this fab "itty bitty" junk shop. Couldn't call it junk though, total treasure darlings, total treasure.

Had to keep someone sweet during the day when he got a little tired.

I think he looks a bit like George Michael
with the icecream tash and goatee
 Went for a lovely walk the other day with a new friend. She showed me some pretty gardens and we took our boys. It was lovely and the Prince loved looking around for the Gruffalo.

Oh my dear little children never fail to make me laugh. They love entertaining me. Yesterday they did a performance of One Direction's Beautiful, which was beautiful. And hilarious. They dressed up for the occasion too. Oh my, how I love my little creations. Most of the time...

Complete with chocolate mousse round the Prince's mouth

Nigel Kennedy? Whatever.

Very Dexey's Midnight Runners

Oh and spring has sprung good and proper here in West Sussex. Bring on a little more sunshine please.

PS. Thanks for all your comments re one of my favourite books The Wonderful Weekend Book by the amazing Elspeth Thompson. I was shocked when Heather at Pink Milk told me Elspeth died two years ago. I had no idea. Her death makes for sad reflection. How someone with a lovely husband and young daughter, a fabulous home and successful career as a writer can end their life so suddenly is beyond me. I often read her book when I need a pick me up and inspiration. How tragic that her book wasn't enough to lift her own soul. I am thrilled that so many of you are buying\have read the book.


faith76 said...

Lovely post ! I would have a field day in those treasure chest shops. Love the beautiful prams xxx

xx Nicki (home bird)xx said...

Didn't the princess ask you not to publish any photos of her bruised eye?! Ha! Bless her. She's honestly the prettiest little girl ever.

Your post has made me laugh. Agree that the Prince looks like George Michael and I love his spiky hair in the One Direction performance!

Nicki xx

Grateful4Crochet said...

Arundel looks amazing!!!
And yes, I have also had the odd day like that, and it's always, always husbands fault!!!
Poor Princess, hope her eye heals!!!
My youngest also has an obsession with getting into shop windows and hiding/pretending to be a model!

Cuckoo said...

Scary that Elspeth's illness became so bleak that she saw no other way forward. Depression is a cruel thing, it hit's the most unlikely of people and it is so misunderstood. It's really hard to believe someone with such a golden spirit and wonderful loved ones could so dramatically exit this life. Heart breaking. I've not read that book but I think I should.

Gotta love your kids, they are such a hoot. They have got your crackers sense of humour. I like to imagine the roof rising off your house with all the laughter going on under it.

Poor Princess! So she DID let you take a pic for the blog? Gosh what a shiner.

Love the Prince in his rocking out out fit. His hair look way coooool man!

Cor what a treat Arundel is. You're not the only one to forget stuff. I left everything I needed at home the other day while Big was having an introduction day at the special needs school he'll be going to (gosh we really need a catch up!) and I left the entire restocked nappy bag at home. Which meant no Muzzie (his version of Noo Noo). Not my finest hour either!!

Hope your all right Doll,


kmmms said...

Ouch that is quite a black eye! Poor R!
Arundel is looking appealing, for that junk shop alone. Is there a child in the bigger one or am I imagining things?

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dear one! Well, it looks as if you have settled in, you are enjoying your romps around the village shops and the kids are growing under the tender care of your love. They will remember these sweet walks and trips into shops; I do. My mum walked with me EVERY WHERE and to this day, I wish she was still alive. Your kids will cherish these times all their lives.


Gem said...

Oh The princesses eye looks very sore, blessher. I love that the prince has even managed to get ice cream in his hair and that he is holding the violin the wrong way round, however they do both very much look the part :) x x x x

Anonymous said...

Oh poor princess,that looks so sore,hope its healing well.Love the princes goatie,lol.
Love the look of the itty bitty treasure store,I'd love a rumage around there.have a great week,love juliexxx

Annaboo said...

Aw bless the Princess and her black eye. My number 1 has a 'i've bumped my head..' sticker nearly every day at school (as I think I may have told you before).
AND now, me-lady I never realised you had been to see me actual, real life shoppe, where I sell to actual, real-life people, with actual real-life money and everything!
Arundel is a lovely place, isn't it? I went there today to put new stuff in the shop and totally forgot the bloody hanging tree-thing to put all the bloody stuff on!
I am reminded of a family trip last year. We'd all got in the car, and made our way MILES away to the destination. (shops, I think)
"Have you taken your shoes off?" I ask child 1 when we get there.
"No. I didn't put them on." was the reply
Ahh, bless 'em eh?

Georgie said...

So good to hear you are settling into life in West Sussex. Being a local myself it's interesting to read your take on places and rekindles my interest and enthusiasm for them when seen through fresh eyes ... as I'm stuck at home recouping after a particularly tough few days, a coffee and mooch in Arundel sounds just the tonic I need. And perhaps a treat from Annaboo would help. Thanks Gem for keeping us entertained xx

Sharon said...

She looks like her eye is very sore - bless her. We love Arundel went there for a day trip a couple of years ago from our home in Sunny Hampshire. I know where that 'junk' shop is and that lovely craft and antique centre. We were in their hours! Love the blog. X

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I am always so happy to see my UK friends come for a visit!!! THANK YOU! AND YES, I DO NOT snack. I never have! I save myself for when I can SIT DOWN and inhale my food!!!! No junk for me, however. I get my charge in the morning by adding cocoa powder to my yogurt and put in nuts and oats and CHERRIES!!!! I try to get the maximum out of my meals for taste and nutrition; I want to do my best to live a bit longer than my poor mother did. All one can do is try.

THANK YOU FOR sitting down to get to know me a bit!! BISES! Anita

Nelly said...

Mmmm your part of the world looks very pretty indeed.
Love the forgotten shoes story and yes it was surely the husband's fault. G Kisby tends to ask me when out (in a slightly accusing tone),"Have we got her a snack*?"
*Exchange for any of the key items required for a baby
Love the royal 'we'. It would obviously never be his fault if the answer was no. Tee hee
Nice to catch up again
Nelly xx

LittleGem said...

hi Gem!
Thanks for the comment - we were saying we should have invited more Gems!! Next time you shall have to come!
Hope your meet up went well, looking forward to reading about it!
xx Gem