Friday, 13 April 2012

Catching up

I have been busy since my last blog post. Doing what, I hear 100 of you cry...doing what?

It hasn't involved housework, or crochet (although I have made a little progress on my first proper granny blanket, which I will blog about another time), or my freelance job.

It's my new obsession. I am truly addicted....

Kite surfing. Oh, I'm not doing it myself (Christ, I've seen myself in a wetsuit before and it ain't pretty - and that was before kids...)

It's just that I've never seen anyone do it before and it's incredible to watch. Look, I'm from Somerset. I do cider and tractors, not throwing myself 40ft in the air on a surfboard like some ocean fanatic at Bondi. My idea of sport as a teenager from the west country was snogging on haystacks. This kind of sport is way more extreme so I now go down to the beach most days and watch the dudes in action (OK and the fact they are pretty gorgeous too makes it more of an attraction.)

Look at this for heaven's sake:

I heard the Princess tell the husband: "Daddy, guess what, Mummy and I were watching the kite surfers again today and Mummy was talking to one of them for AGES and he was ever so handsome in his wetsuit."


Anyway, so that's where I am been and everything has suffered as a result, except my kids, they love the beach life. But my cherry tree purchases are pathetic as a result. The weather is too fine to shop (although I saw a gorgeous old Singer sewing machine -with a turning handle- for £40 but had to walk away). Plus I can't sew and I don't have the time to learn right now so it wouldn't have been a wise purchase.

I did, however, buy this top for the Prince from the British Heart Foundation for £1.50. He loves it and looks quite dapper in it I think.
Tie AND braces, how swish

Defiant and sticking his belly out to rebel

We have had a very busy but wonderful Easter. My inlaws came to stay the first week, from Yorkshire. We took them to Brighton and they loved The Lanes, we lay in deckchairs on the pier and fell asleep after scoffing Easter biscuits, we had fish and chips on the beach, we hung out at my favourite cafe (which I've been to three times this week and really need to wean myself off) and ate and drank way too much as always.

Treasures from the cherry tree (did you see what I did there?)

An Easter biscuit? Oh go on then...

The Princess and Grandma

That is the husband's Converse and yes he was dozing

And yes that is ANOTHER Easter biscuit...
Then they went home and on Good Friday we went home to my parents in Somerset. It was my mum's birthday.

My sister took them out for lunch and we turned up and joined them for tea and cake in the local farm shop before all going back to theirs for the weekend. It was so lovely. I cherish my times with my family, the children love going home to Somerset and as always it went way too quickly.

I visited my grandparents' grave again, now that the headstone has been erected, and it was peaceful. They are nestled between daffodils and under a shady tree in the churchyard where I married the husband ten years ago, and my parents married 39 years ago. I find it comforting to visit them whenever I go home,  although it always feels very raw each time.

Playing in the grounds of where we married in 2002
and yes that is a cherry tree dress you spy!

My parents babysat on Saturday night so the husband and I went out for drinks and  he had the kids during the day so my mum and sis and I could spend the day shopping together. We pottered around a beautiful town near Bath, we stopped at a vintage fair, had afternoon tea, looked at the gorgeous little shops and I realised how much I miss them both when we aren't all together. My dad calls us The Coven. Hmmm!

Easter in Somerset:

I really love this pic of the Princess and "Ganny"

Picture courtesy of the Princess!

Simply not playing ball....
A lone dandelion crying out to be freed in the sky (which I missed!!!)

Then it all got silly. As always.

Here Prince, taste this lemon.....


Good night John Boy

The husband and the Prince and I steered clear for the photo!
It was so lovely to all get together - there was too much food, my mum is a true domestic goddess and always has been. She cooks and bakes everything from scratch and makes the most amazing carrot cake ever.

Here are two pictures that would have been lush if the Princess had managed to open her eyes! I gave up after two attempts as got impatient. After all, there were wind surfers to check out. But I love the way the wind is whipping her hair back and forth, so to speak.

Oh and on a final note the husband and the six other Superheroes raised more than  £2,500 for the Brittle Bone Society when they ran the Reading Half Marathon. Thank you so very much for the kind donations, it meant a great deal.

The husband is the Superhero Kick Ass, the green one!

I am very proud! Think they loved all the attention they got too.

Off lambing tomorrow if the weather holds. And Debs, if you are reading this, CAN you see me in the bath???!!! ;-)


Musings Of A Gem said...

Wow you have been busy Gem!! It's so lovely to spend time with family and have weekends away...bliss!!

Hilarious about the wind surfers...hope the princess didn't get you into trouble lol!

Gemma xXx

Kylie said...

Your Mum is gorgeous, just like you. I'll send you a list of "birdies" soon.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


First of all, I have never seen this KITE SURFING! I am from California, where people just surf the waves, but this looks AMAZINGLY FUN! And I just laughed so hard at your description of how you look in a wetsuit, but the one that made me laugh AGAIN was when you said how your darling princess told her dad how MUMMY was talking to that HANDSOME SURFER IN HIS WETSUIT!!!!! Leave it to kids to reveal our secrets!!!!!! I remember one day, we had a parent come into the class to show us how to speak Portugeuse. MY GOD, what a handsome man and it must have showed in my behavior, because some of the girls chirped, "MADAME RIVERA! IL EST BEAU! WOOO HOOOOO!!!!!" I shushed them IMMEDIATELY, for I thought so TOO!

Enjoy all the love my dear Gem.. you have plenty of it!


Cuckoo said...

Haw hawww! You gotta love Princess letting your secret out. God love her.

Looks like you had a suuuuuper Easter. I think I might like Easter as much if not more than Christmas. It's a close call.

So do I deduce from your last sentence that Deb's can see into your bathroom from her place? It was only after I moved out of Bowerings Road that my neighbour opposite told me my bathroom blind was see through. When I was re telling my next door neighbour to the left (64 year old fella) that I was mortified, he told me he could see into my 'un-over looked corner' by looking into the reflection of my shed window. Perv!!!


xx Nicki (home bird)xx said...

Blimey you really have been busy. Cracked up at the Princess telling your secrets. That'll learn ya! Ha ha! I suspect the kite watching has more to do with the fit boys than the actual activity but I'll humour you.

Please can I ask why your family are curled up on the floor (?) with a duvet? Is that like a regular occurrence chez vous? Cute photos!

Love love love the superhero race- they all look amazing! How cool.

I have a similar story to Cuckoo. In one of my old houses I didn't realise that you could see me in the shower (against a window with a blind) until the neighbour popped round and told me I might like to know that her 14 year old son had been caught spying! SO EMBARRASSING.

Anyway. Nice to hear from you, sounds like you're loving life by the sea xx

xx Nicki (home bird)xx said...

OMG I just wrote an essay. Serves you right for abandoning us for a couple of weeks! Ha! Sorry but I've missed ya. x

Anonymous said...

Lovely catchup,The prince looks sooo cute in his top,Aww.
Your Mum looks so young and glam,just like you!Lush piccies of the family,those Easter biccies look yummy.LOVE Brighton our fave place to visit.
Take care sweetie,lots of love xoxoxo

fee @ chipper nelly said...

Fab post...glad to hear your absense has been for such good reason. (ie chatting up men in wet suits)
Kite surfing you say? I know not of this.
I am SO gutted easter is fact I'm going to deny it's true until tomorrow morning.
fee x

Annaboo said...

I too love the guys in the wetsuits down at the Sea Lane Cafe. Nice way to spend your time, I reckon!
Love the pics of your Easter- looks like a right good laugh.
Can Debs see into your bathroom, I wonder...? We're going bridesmaid dress shopping on fri, so I reckon I'll find out! Ha ha!

Ps well done to your Mister on the running/ money raising. They all look ace.

Jo said...

Great post - something for everyone! I too love the Sea Lane cafe and enjoy going back there when I visit the olds! Thanks for giving me another incentive! Glad you've had such a lovely time over the holidays, I especially like the photos of the Easter tree - lovely.

kmmms said...

How was the lambing?!
Bless your daughter and the things she says, though I reckon your husband knows you well enough by now! Was it really 2002 you got married? Wowsers, I seem to remember that was the first time you and Chris met each other as well, for some reason. I digress...
I love Easter too, far less pressure than Christmas, more relaxing and enjoyable and just the right length.
Plus chocolate of course.

Loulou Tyler said...

Hi Gem,
Have just found your lovely blog and lovely to see you on Saturday at Margot. Pop in any time and I will put the kettle on!
love Lou