Sunday, 24 June 2012

Chipper Nelly goodies and sunshine at last!

This is just a quick one to let you know about a fab giveaway over at Fee's which I urge you to have a look at. Although obviously don't feel you HAVE to sign up to win something so lush, because then it gives me more chance....mmmmmmmwwwwahhhhhhh haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

The sun came out this afternoon which meant Brighton beach was a happy place to be. Apart from when the Prince did his epic stone throwing....straight into a man's face. Not the happiest moment I've had in a while. I had to do a lot of apologising profusely and the chap took it well. Could have been a different story as it must have really hurt. Pesky kids.

But the weather really perked up finally.

Eye eye

Ha! Caught in a daydream!

Before the stone throwing/man's face incident

Soaking up those rays And probably ageing by the second.

Getting well broody. Thanks Cassius!

Modelling her cherry tree waterproof jacket

He's a Rocket man

I didn't buy this but you have to love this pair of cross stitch gypsy wagons
spotted in the Link Romania cherry tree shop (sorry for reflection)

I wanted to express my love for this brooch, hand made and given to me by Sharease.
A heart, pink, sparkly. What more could I ask for!
And now I feel myself going down with a very sore throat. Burning the candle at both ends is beginning to take its toll. I feel hot, achey and a bit off colour this evening. Time for early nights methinks.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HERE COMES THE SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh dearest Gem, love this BROOCH and yes, Fee is having a fantastic giveaway...I am IN!

Oh dear....that poor old chap....well, I guess a prince has to sling some stones once in his career before he rides off valiantly!! BIG HUGS TO YOU BEAUTIFUL FRIEND! Anita

Cuckoo said...

Looks like a lush day was had!

You can chuck that sore throat out! Be gone sore throat. Hopw you will be well for Saturday.

I won't be bringing the bigguns but I can't remember what we decided about The KId? Am I bringing him or nay?


Gem said...

Sounds like you had a great day! Whoops about that man, glad he too it well :)

Hope you are feeling better now. There is a lot of it doing the rounds :( I've got a terrible head cold at the moment so am dosing myself up with paracetamol and honey and lemon xxx

SarahB said...

Wasn't the sunshine welcome this weekend? Looks like you had a lovely time.

Ooopsy re the stone - I remember as a child being up a huge, huge slope in the Peak District as a child, I took it upon myself to push a massive boulder down the hill and it missed a walker below by mere inches, my Dad was not best pleased!!

You look gorgeous as always....


S x

Missy said...

Sometimes I wish I had a son. One just like the Prince who does mental things like throw stones at people, insult them and play air guitar like a pro. I love that kid!
We also went to the beach on Sunday but didn't actually touch sand. We went round the shops first, natch, went and had a massive fish and chip lunch, sent the old man back to get the car, laden down with all our (my) purchases and me and my girls walked along the front to Rossi's the ice cream gaff. After eating a huge chocolate sundae each we came home and moaned about feeling sick for the rest of the night.
Lovely pictures and it makes me want to go to Brighton again very soon. If you ever think about hiring out the boy for entertainment purposes, I'd pay well.
Laters, mrs.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest GEM!

GOOD TO SEE YOU TONIGHT as I prepare to sit down for dinner. Yep, my prince is a real menche, a good egg, a real winner!!!!

Any more romps on the beach this week my dear? Our heat wave here is making me think of hitting the shores and how lucky you are to be so CLOSE!

Well my friend, dream sweet dreams and go out and have a wonderful Sunday!! Anita

Missy said...

Hello again, luv. No, I'm not stalking you but thanks for the comment over at mine. I think we laugh at the same things!
Anyway, no, I'm not ill, not all the time anyway, only when I take the drug cocktail and go a bit barmy for a couple of hours. A cross between half asleep, having a numb face and talking to myself. The last one could be counted as an illness and I keep telling myself to stop. I tend to narrate everything I'm doing or tell myself off or try to persuade myself to do things like get dressed or tidy up.
I've got a slipped disc in my neck which is a bit of a bark. That's why I'm off my tits half the time, which by the way, talking of tits, I have to go and have mine squashed in a machine next week in the library car park which could be a rather entertaining half hour and then a blog post. It's fab being 50, you can almost say what you like because you're getting on and you get to have your tits squashed up in a caravan in the street.
Happy Monday, lovely!

Gem said...

Is it really bad that i could not control myself from laughing out very lud at the fact that the Prince threw a stone that hit a man in the face, HILLARIOUS, even typing this I'm giggling away (at work may I add)

Anyway on another note, I hope you are feeling better my lovely x x x x