Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Treasures from the Jubilee

I feel all Jubilee-ant (jubilant.....not sure that works.....) about the weekend. Wasn't it great? Yes it peed it down, yes the poor Prince had to leave the celebrations but in true British fashion, the rest of us partied including Her Majesty.....86 years-old? Fair play my dear, fair play. You looked amazing and you behaved even more so, considering you were on your feet for so long.

Just a shame Will.I.Am had no idea how to address The Queen at the party last night, I wonder who else was cringing.

Will.I.Have.No.Flippin'.Clue.Yet.I'm.Performing.For.Her.Majesty needs to work harder. Stop eyeing up weak-voiced Chezza and get a grip, man.

Well, I managed to pick up some bits and bobs for the grand occasion from a cherry tree shop. I managed to buy the below tray, the cups and the bowls for less than a fiver for the job lot (the straws were from Poundland).

I've eaten three of these blighters today and the night is still young
There was another reason to celebrate as well. The Prince (mine, not Prince Philip) came hurtling out of my nether regions three years ago today. Actually I lie, he didn't hurtle at all. Nope, he took his time......but he was worth the wait.

How more shocked could you look?!

Princess meets the Prince
 He only weighed 6lb 15oz which stunned me as I was massive. Like, REALLY rotund...

Week before I gave birth

Possibly the world's largest gut...
We've had a lovely birthday weekend for him and he's made us laugh because he thinks the whole Jubilee thing is for him.

Ah, this little boy has melted me beyond belief. I love him completely. I wish I could bottle him up. Every morning he tells me I look pretty, even when I look horrendous.

This little bundle of love didn't sleep at all for the first 10 months of his life, but he still charmed me. And everyone who met him.

He didn't get those skinny pins from his ma, rest assured

He completed our little family unit.
A pink and a blue one (the pink was at school on this day.  We were sunbathing at Henley River)

His first birthday

His second birthday

His third birthday

So we had a little Jubilee/Prince turning three party and my parents came. It was so lush. They stayed three nights and I wish they'd stayed longer. 

I made a Jubilee cake and wished I'd had a bigger tin and that the cake hadn't risen so high that all the berries kept rolling off. Afterwards I realised the obvious - I should have lopped the top off and turning it upside down for a flat surface. Still, it tasted amazing and was troughed within an hour of making it.

We decided to hold the party indoors as the weather looked well iffy.

And I got off with a Prince

I was amazed that Prince Philip had developed moobs...

The real star of the show, in my eye
 (please ignore another  badly iced cake. It's not a skill I possess!)
The cake must have tasted good though, because SOMEONE thought they would try to hack off another huge slice without being noticed!


Charis said...

Ahhhhh, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Prince!

Rachael said...

Prince Philip and moboobs - funny - so that is where he really is! Being in the US we never got to see the concert from Buckingham Palace live, although I think it's being shown tonight on some channel so I missed what Will.I.Am said?! I did manage to hear Cheryl Cole's "singing" yeah that hasn't got any better!

Cuckoo said...

Your hair looks so gorgeous in the pic of The Princess meeting The Prince. You're too photogenic!

It looks like a suuuuuper time was had by all. Your Jubilee cake with all the fruit on the top looks amazballs!

I cannot believe you got off with a Prince!!!!!!


Cuckoo said...

Oh and weren't all the so called comics rude and patronising? I was cringing.

And the Americans thought it was the Queens birthday. What?!!!?


fee @ chipper nelly said...

Well I've 'lol'd my way through this post - even read some of it out to Cleggy who is trying hard to work. (he still mustered a smile...probably to get rid of me)

I cringed through most of the concert (forgave Will. but had to turn poor sir paul down...ooooh, his voice has gone to the dogs)
(and what was with the birthday thing?)
However, I loved the fireworks (although I could hear my brother muttering something about austerity) and forgave them all on account of Sir Gaz Barlow.

Anyway - should be working...byeeee
fee x

Kylie said...

Hi Gem, just want to let you know the Aus Mammals L.B. is yours. Can you email your address please? x

sandiart said...

Bless little Prince, a very big Happy Birthday to him. The photo of 'moobs' looks a little 'creepy' I didn't get to see any of the concert unfortunatly, seems I missed a few good bits lol.
xx Sandi

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

ANOTHER belly laugh of a post my dear. You are so special. I SO LOVE my British friends for you really know how to:


and be fabulous.

HEY, today is my last day of school. I have a couple of real PRINCES in my classroom that though they were naughty for the whole year, will be sorely missed by this teacher...or rather, artist. C'est la vie....


kmmms said...

Those royal masks are epic! How funny!
I remember getting your text when N was born.. I was in the midst of other events but so chuffed for you. Can you believe our little ones are 3 already? Time flies...

Pink Milk said...

Ah, happy birthday to your special boy. Adore the 'newborn' photo - he looks livid!!!

Please tell me what you thought of Cheryl's voice. I had to hide when she was 'singing' with Gary Barlow (who, incidentally, I think I have developed a small crush on)! Just remind me why she is so famous because she sure as hell can't sing.

I see Harry is your prince of choice ... hmmm, interesting.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning sweet Gem!

I am sitting here having so much fun, at 1:30AM!!! We are now LIVE my dear. I just got your sweet message for today I spend a long day in my classroom, cleaning up. It was a bittersweet day seeing the children cry and play, romp and act like little ponies, running around enjoying the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL.

Thank you dearest for being so kind and asking about me. YOU ARE NOW live my dear with the rest of us and we are gonna PARTAAAAAAY.....have fun. Anita