Friday, 22 June 2012

It's not alright on the night...

Look what I spied in the cherry tree shop this week. SPOOKY!!! What is it with me and freaky doll things?

I'm coming to geeeeeet yooooooou.....

 And if you really wanted to, you could make this. Something lovely for the kids....ahem.

Eerie, dearie.

I also managed to spy these in the Link Romania cherry tree shop. £1 each. Retro recipes, natch.

It's Friday night and I've only just stopped mopping the kitchen floor and scrubbing the bathroom. What has my life come to? Where is the glamour for gawd's sake?

I used to have a social life on a Friday night BC (Before Critters). The husband still worked late shifts but he would get in from work at 1am and believe it or not we would go clubbing til the sun came up.

Get a grip, it didn't seem all that mad at the time - we lived in Bath city centre and we were young and naive. Fridays, I used to love you.


By the time I get the kids to bed and eat and clear up and sit down, it's verging on 9.30pm at least. Where has the evening gone?

I spend most of it doing this...

I do clothes, not clubs these days.....

The older I get, the less hours there are. Days used to stretch out ahead. I am never, ever in bed before midnight these days and then find I am waking up in the night. HATE that.

I mean, I barely get the time for cherry tree shopping these days. I need to make time, just like in one of my fave films Withnail & I.

Anyway, today has been quite frankly, rubbish. It's been a hectic week as I got a huge proofreading job to do over just two days before it had to go to print and I felt I was spreading myself thin as have no childcare. But it's done now and I met the deadline. Phew!

I think perhaps I've been overdoing it recently and I feel like I need time out.

The weather is grim, its blowing a gale here right now. Summer, where the heck are you?

Mostly, the beach has looked like this:

Then there was yesterday when I got back from the school run looking like the understudy for the freaky girl in The Ring. Bad times.

But this morning, this arrived for me, courtesy of the very wonderful Kylie and it made my morning. Bless her, she and I love Ladybird books and this little beauty headed to me all the way from Western Oz.

Ok, so I enjoyed it more than he did...
We had one lush day this week. Tuesday was lovely and hot. And I found this on the beach!

My collection is practically heaving now

Oh, and on a tangent,  we have found ourselves a delightful babysitter. The husband and I went out the other night (a school night, he is never off on a Friday) and had such a lush time, it was a long time coming so we shall have her over again. What a find she was. Not had a babysitter in nearly nine years, just parents. I have some catching up to do.

I got myself ready with a spritz or five of my favourite perfume. It smells exquisite. It's £3.99 from Lidl and I blogged about it last year. £3.99, that's like the price of a magazine!

Eau de Lidl, how I love thy scent

My actual best friend

I think I spend more time with it than I do the Husband!
I bulk buy it and it really does smell like Chanel. It's had so much press over the last year or so, but it's never unavailable. Lidl, I salute you. Its a masterpiece.

Off for a crazy choccy biccie now then bed. Rock and roll...


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good evening GEM!

OK, your beaches look like the way our nights and early mornings have been, but with GORGEOUS bright days. I KNOW EXACTLY what you are saying about GROWING OLDER. There is NOT enough time; perhaps because now I feel I must SEIZE THE DAY and if I can't get my goals accomplished during the day, I feel like my CLOCK IS TICKING away and I have done nothing! Ohhh, when I was a young dancer, I used to spend 8 hours in the studio dancing, everyday. Then on Friday and Saturdays and even Sundays, I would spend time at the studio then go out with friends to clubs and dance in HIGH HEELS and come home at 4:30am. God bless my parents.

Well my dear, you accomplish quite a bit with two little ones and IMPORTANT deadlines! I SALUTE YOU MY DEAR and you are gorgeous, your husband is a lucky man, and it is so fun to sit here an just simply hear about your day.

PEACE! Anita

Annaboo said...

Ohhh, Missus!
A babysitter?!!!! Well done to you!!!!!
And I know what you mean about Friday nights. Mine are equally glamorous as the Mister is off playing football/ having a couple of beers (just to be sociable, you understand) and I too am cleaning floors/ washing clothes.
When, my lovely are we to get together next? Xxxx

Lucy Nation said...

I've heard of that Lidl perfume and keep meaning to go in and buy some. I feel your lack of Friday night pain. My life has never been the same since I had Miss 5. It just seems like one long drudge sometimes when nothing ever gets done and there's not enough time to enjoy the good things. It's important to make the time I know. I suppose you just get into the mindset that this is the way it is :) xx

sarah said...

brilliant you answered a question for me the name of the perfume bought it for my mum at christmas after reading about it and she loves it and her friend always comments on it was not sure if they still done it thankyou ,those dolls look well scary almost as scary as that pile of washing never ending isnt it xx

Mimi said...

ISN"T it divine to find such utter joy in simple things??????Like a new babysitter, date night, perfume......the Shell you found on the beach!!NWO this is what Real Life is ALL about for goodness sakes!!You are indeed one Blessed Woman and I salute you tonight!!!Do you live in Bath, England??I so wanted to visit Bath while in London in April...ran out of tourist time!!!!I shall be back to the UK one day!!!Wish I could make my hubby's bucket list request and make it to the Olympics.....we shall go one time...I have he wished he had gone to Vancouver with me!!!
Big hugs,
keep dancing and keep dating!!!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

ah my friend you are not alone! (I spent 8 hours cleaning yesterday, then made a cup of much needed coffee, went for a wee, found fresh drips on the seat and had an absolute benny at my unsuspecting boys!!) (then cleaned it up)
Anyway - hope that now you've got it off your chest you'll be able to seize the day today, whatever the weather!
I know it hurts when I chop up the books, but there's a nice giveaway over at mine you might like to enter...fee xx
ps no books were actually harmed in the making of this giveaway....