Friday, 1 June 2012

A Right Royal Time

I have a wine headache. Again. This is not the norm I swear to god, but living by the sea has opened up some new opportunities for me (as well as some bottles).

Last night I went out with five girls and we hit the hotel bar on the beach. It was like being on holiday:

It's like the flaming Cotes d'Azur, this town (on a good day)

There were palm trees, sea views, the smell of suncream, the screech of seagulls, a breeze. And a bloody hefty bill for a gin and tonic.

£4.20 for a gin, I tell thee. What is this? We don't live in London. It was a disgrace but I am letting it go (now, 24 hours later)...

So after that I moved on to wine. And it went downhill from there. Whilst we were relatively sensible and caught a cab at 11.30pm, I got home to find the husband on Spotify. I suddenly got my second wind, listening to tracks from the 90s that I haven't heard since I was a teen.  I suddenly wanted to dance. And dance like no one was watching (I don't recommend it, I looked like a right doofus - I caught a glimpse in the mirror).

The husband went to bed at midnight after watching me large it up to Snow's Informer (now there's a bad song) and Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby (which, I am thoroughly proud to say, I know all the words to).

And today I indulged in a little Jubilee action. All the kids from school have a church service before breaking up. It was cute and colourful! Now I don't know if you can see in the below pic, but in the far distance on the stage is the head teacher with the vicar. To the left of them is a cardboard cut out of the Queen (so, top left of the pic). Apparently one of the mums thought it actually WAS the took her a while to suss it out and she couldn't understand why there were no bodyguards with her (should have gone to Specsavers...)

My Princess

Lovely Jubilee (see what I did there?)

Shall I tell you a secret. I fancy this teacher in the centre. Most of the mums do.
He's fit but he knows it. 

After school today, a mum invited me back to hers for "a quick glass of wine". I should have known better. She invited six other mums too and between us there was 15 children under the age of 9. They all stayed for tea. It was utter carnage. We drank white wine just to stay sane. Believe me, a nun would have done the same.

My Prince

It really was mayhem and these aren't even ALL the kids.....

Imagine the state of the kitchen floor if this had been indoors!

50 fishfingers later (I kid you not) they were all piling on to the trampoline en masse, so one of the mums cracked open a bottle of cava. Then another bottle of white, then someone pulled out a massive bottle of cider. They were still sober though by the end whereas I only had three glasses but felt squiffy.

Oh, onto cherry tree shops......I've not seen any decent clothes for AGES, but I've nabbed these books for 99p each.

 The Prince will be 3 on Tuesday and so my parents are coming to stay for a few days tomorrow which will be lovely - I've not seen them since Easter and have been missing them. The following weekend my sister is coming so I am hoping for some time out with her.

Hopefully I will visit a few cherry tree shops and come up trumps as it's been quite thin on the ground recently.

OK, I am shattered. Bedfordshire beckons me. Happy Jubilee weekend one and all. Even if you aren't a Royalist, it's a good excuse to throw a party!!!


Missy said...

I love those impromptu 'let's have a quick glass of wine' sessions. My youngest teenager used to do karate and while she was beating up half of the area, a couple of the other mums (one of them was my lovely, lovely mate and I miss her like mental since we moved) used to have Wine Club. A few times we ended up at my house, on a school night too, and my lovely mate had to be escorted home, about twenty yards up the road, by my old man due to not being able to walk. We used to have great times in my kitchen. Amy Winehouse impressions, street dancing, pole dancing with a broom, we knew how to enjoy ourselves!
Anyway,they are the best and despite having mums who are a bit merry I think they are the days that children remember.
Have a nice visit with your mum and dad and hope the Prince has a smashing birthday.
Oh yes, I'm laughing at that mum thinking the Queen was in the school hall. And there was a teacher at my kids' school who we all fancied.Well I say all...
Happy weekend, mrs!

Annaboo said...

I know the words to Ice Ice Baby too. Hmmm I knew there was a reason we would get on well..
Anyhoo, I also have a slight wine headache due to a similar situation. My lovely neighbour invited us round after school to do tea for the kids. Not quite 50 fish fingers, but carnage nonetheless. And you're so right. Wine is the only answer under such circumstances.
Thank heavens she only lives up the road. Twas a wobbly walk home, I can tell you.
Enjoy your weekend, my lovely.

Musings Of A Gem said...

Hilarious post. Sounds like so much fun!

Hope you have a gorgeous weekend!

Gemma xxx

xx Nicki (home bird)xx said...

Oh my goodness aren't you so glad you moved there?! You've been totally embraced into the 'bosom' of the community - so chuffed. Your life sounds so busy these days and fun!

I LOVE Spotify - can spend hours on it. I work from home most days but on Fridays I treat myself by listening to the radio or ipod as I work. I've started listening to Spotify now and it puts me in a reet good mood for the weekend! 90s dance tracks are the nuts! Ha!

Have a great weekend - happy birthday to the beautiful Prince. 3 eh? Flipping eck, he's growing up.


moleymakes said...

OMG!! Your post made me laugh sooooo much. Been there, done it, ate the stew

Four quid for a G&T though is a bit steep!

I love Spotify too. I'm compiling a list of my fave songs from my teenage years. In my case from the 70s.

Lovely to see that all the mums and kids had a fab time.

Have a great Jubilee Weekend x

Anonymous said...

Hi Gem,Happy Birthday to the Prince for next week,give him a hug from Me. Love your post,You sound so happy and settled and I'm so glad for you. Love Snow s informer and Ice Ice baby and am going to look up spotify!
Lucky you with the latest Ladybird books,Ive had no luck lately with them.
The Jubilee celebration looks great,lol at shoulda gone to specsavers :)
Enjoy the hols and Jubilee,lots of lovexoxoxo

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I AM SO LATE. BUT, good humor and a happy heart are never late to a party, so ME VOILĂ€!! Oh Gem, you never cease to make me laugh as I imagine you all opening those bottles. I KNOW THE FEELING for last week was a HELLISH time with my kids. The end of the school year is nigh and they KNOW IT and they are scrambling around to see how much mayhem they can cause! But all in all, to watch the festivities no matter what you are celebrating, is part of the fun that will be remembered. WOOOO that view you have of the beach. That is what I crave, the peace and calm of the waters. Your kids love you, I KNOW IT, and all the time you spend with them celebrating their youth, will come back to you in so many ways. SO BOTTOMS UP, CHEERS AND MUCH LOVE to you as you all celebrate a most colorful and significant time in history!!! LOVE! Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GEM darlin'! :)

Oh thank you for cruising over to my blog over the pond. Aren't those Mediterrenean beaches fabulous on my post? I had to take everyone over the waters as we finally make our way up to Paris. Enjoy your stay with your parents and I look forward to your visit again!! Anita

April May said...


Been having a good old catch up on your blog, i love you you make me smile in every post! Hehe! You're new life by the seaside looks totally amazing I am Uber jealous! What a dream to have the beach just right there!

Hope you're having a great long weekend,

Lotsa love x

Grateful4Crochet said...

my husband once sang ice ice baby on the karaoke at a work function!! It is such a long song!!!!
to be fair, I may have had far too much to drink and sung stan by eminem!!, so fairs fair really