Monday, 2 July 2012

Not feeling sparky...

Before I talk about this morning's mayhem, I bought this gorgeous brooch from the West Sussex Horse Rescue Trust for 50p. Very apt I thought, a cherry brooch from a cherry tree shop.

Cherry nice, huh?

So today was the day that the electrician was to finally fit us a new dishwasher. I'd written it in the calendar with my permanent black marker, partly because I've been washing up 75 times a day since the end of January and partly because the electrician is fit.


Anyway, you can't blame me. The Husband (who will always be my number one love stud and he knows it) works evenings and Monday afternoons/evenings can be a little dull. I was looking forward to this day (note to self: get the hell out more) and the electrician agreed to be with me from 3.30pm.

What he failed to tell me was that he would drop by at 8am this morning to drop off the dishwasher, ready for installation later on.

And guess who slept through her alarm this morning......

Now normally I get up, shower, put make-up on and dress before heading downstairs (you so know what is coming).

This morning I staggered downstairs with evil mad bed hair (reminiscent of Bon Jovi circa 1987), a coffee-stained powder-blue terry towelling dressing gown (that emphasizes the rounded bottom....and not in a good way),  NO BRA underneath which is not good when you've had two kids, breastfed for nearly 4 years in total and have boobs bigger than your head), unshaved legs and red slippers with pom poms on the end which make me look like an extra in Zippo's Circus. But it didn't matter as no one other than the kids would see me.

And then the doorbell went.

I panicked. I realised it would be him. Why wouldn't it be? Nothing is going smoothly at the moment so this didn't surprise me at all. I hid in the dining room and hissed at the Princess to "deal with it".

"Muuuuum, it's that man you're always talking about with the dishwasher, he's bringing it in now. I said you aren't even dressed yet and that he can come in."

My days get more awkward by the day.

He smirked a lot. I blushed even more.  Anyway he came around tonight and sorted me out (with the dishwasher I mean) and I've just discovered he left some tools here so I shall be prepared in the morning. I shall be a fragrant flower of loveliness and charm. He will not get so much as a glimpse of me in that state again. Ever. #mortified

Right, onto other things.

The weather is dreadful again but I still see the sea and the beach huts when I can and we had some sun at the weekend.

I got a visit from a West Country bird on Saturday. Cuckoo to be precise.

Prince and Princess loved Mini Cuckoo very much
 She brought me this cute posy of flowers in a tin can! I remember staying with an Aussie couple when we were backpacking and their kitchen was tres cool. They used old baked bean tin cans for storing all their cutlery and it really worked.

Mini Cuckoo spent most of his time eating cake and looking cheeky.

It wasn't me...

There was a mild drama on the beach when the Prince fell in quicksand.

Still time to take a pic before he disappears.

There was an enormous squelch/squerch sound as I finally pulled him free, then we had to try to dig deep for his Crocs. Oh, a day wouldn't be the same without something mad going on.

And I got this gorgeous card through the post from my little sister Anna at the weekend. Have had a few stressful moments recently so she saw this and thought of me.

I've been a busy bee on the work front and have a few jaunts to cherry tree shops planned, one being with Sarah this Thursday which should be fab.


Julia said...

Another amusing post to brighten my morning! Thanks for sharing your your daily ups and downs, which does sound like mine at times :0) xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I tell you, you MUST write a little jewel about GEM'S treasures on the beach....these accounts with the dishwasher man, the kiteman on the beach with the tight suit and the cross dressers....all of them HILARIOUS GEM!!!!!!!!!!!! OH, and the fireman helping to zip you up in that fire suit...please, please publish these??????


Missy said...

I think this might be my favourite ever post of yours. I just spat tea on my keyboard and done a little bit of wee looking at that picture of The Prince in the quicksand. I love it that he's not even bothered but looking the other way. Nails that kid is, nails. You must know that evertime you go out with him there will be some sort of adventure. Please make sure you always have a camera on you. Thanks.

Feeling your pain with the dishwasher man. We used to have a gas fitter who turned up at about 7am. I used to set my alarm for about 5 so I could get up and do my barnet and slap. Not because I fancied him but in case I scared him.
Lovely big smiles from your two and Mini Cuckoo. Don't kids love having a baby to fuss over?
Have a smashing day, mrs!

Mimi said...

I was reading your post and thought to myself..."See Jamie, you are NOT the only one caught in the morning in your Pj'S and wearing no make up and HAIR just OUT of see I have wavy curly hair and it is alot of work to get it first thing it is unruly for sure!!!I loved the Beach pics......I love England and to imagine Beaches warm enough to go to in England delights me!!!I love the beach huts....what a great idea!!!!
Hope your Day is is HOT and Sunny here!!!

Lucy Nation said...

Ah, so cute! It wouldn't be parenthood without a constant stream of drama. Your electrician story made me giggle! xx

YarnRoundHook said...

Ha! Oh, you've cheered me up today. I went to a children's book event yesterday (with my child you understand) and cos it never does anything but rain here in Manchester I had on my dodgy waterproof, rainy day frizzy hair, rubbish clothes, etc, etc and then of course the author giving the talk turned out to be as fit as!!!! Typical! At least I wasn't wearing my wellies I suppose.

The prince looks remarkably unconcerned to be sinking!

sarah said...

great post i did chuckle , i have a similar dressing gown in pink ass looks huge in it i relate to the no bra and mad hair as well x cuckoo looks like a model by the beach hut and of course you had to get a pic of the prince whilst sinking brilliant x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Thank you for hoping over the great pond to wish us a happy fourth! With our excessive heat wave here, many firework displays have been cancelled! Though we did have copious thunderstorms yesterday, my flowers DRIED OUT! Our builders who are constructing a lovely patio off of our new addition were brave to be pounding away yesterday, but today, we are all taking the day off to have a cook out. I am not too excited however to be out in the heat.


sandiart said...

Hehehe, what a lark. Prince is the best, what a funny kid he is, he will keep you in many a great story I'm sure. Look at Cuckoo, the femme fatale, doing her thang. Don't you just love it when the little people get along so well, sort of gives you a little time out???
I got caught with a white mask on my face, old trackies and a very comfy and warm cardi that has seen better days, have had to sew the hood back on and a few holes joined......glam beyond words. I'm actually glad I had the mask on, at least they couldn't really see what I looked like. You really should write a book as Anita suggested, it would be such a good fuuny read.
xo Sandi

sandiart said...

*funny* even

Grateful4Crochet said...

I LOVE reading your posts- they always make me smile. Or snort tea through my nose. One or the other.

Jay said...

He He! Thank you that's really made me smile.

A tale from toadstool house said...

Gem you make me laugh so much,I'm sat here like a mad woman almost wetting myself ;)Hubby s giving me a funny look,like what the heck ?
You really brighten my day :)
have a fab weekend love juliexxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Precious beauty,

I so appreciate your visits and that you read my post TWICE? Lovely......I had come across so many images lately with mermaids and the sea and let me tell you, I LOVE THE WATER. I long to see the ocean again. I was born in Los Angeles and I grew up going to the seaside. Then while going to school in Boston, Massachusetts, we lived right on the shore. Now I live in the middle of the country where there are lakes, but even though they are lovely, nothing compares to the sea.

I hope with all my heart that the stresses of life that are presenting themselves to you will pale in comparison to the beauty I know you see EVERY DAY....OH HOW stress is so unbearable at times! I so want you to be well and find a new and bright hope. Those kids of yours are just delightful and your storytelling in itself is an ART....thank you again my dear dear Gem. NIGHTY NIGHT....Anita

Jill Chandler said...

That was such a good blog! Laughing still.
Love the in can idea, am off to check out what we can eat so I can have a flower tin like that.
So glad the Prince didnt seem too worried about disappearing.

Pixie said...

Ta for your comment chuck. Ikea excites me. I wanted to buy MORE cushions. Roman threw me dirty looks as I stroked them. Yes, he is handsome, but mean, I tell thee.
I have finally sent your parcel. Srry for my immense crapness and being so slow. I kept going wrong on the things I was making, so hope they will be ok. Sorry for being a crap and rubbish blog friend. I know it doesn't look good. Hope you will like the thingummies. I am slightly afraid you will have a scary doll moment.
Eliska is ever so kindly informing me that she wants a 'nice' Mummy. Cheeky ittle sausage.
I do love the mini cuckoo. What a little pickle.

Tracy said...

I thought I would hop over and have a look! I like what I see :) I hope you dont mind me joining in on your wonderful blog. Tracy