Sunday, 17 June 2012

Father's Day

So, do I talk about the non-relaxing Father's Day? The one where we had to cram a whole day for daddy into just two hours as the husband woke up late after working last night AND had then gone straight to an indie gig (when will he grow up and realise his studenty days are like, well over).

About 20 minutes of shoehorning the Princess's gigantic muddy bike into our little Ford Focus, we then realised the Princess wouldn't fit in. So we shifted stuff around again and did the motor journey of doom, where the bike pedal and her face were way too close for my liking. Thankfully the sea is only a few minutes' drive. Note to self: must buy a bike rack.

The Prince scootered off into the distance, the Princess narrowly missed an OAP who was hobbling on the prom with a leg in plaster. She was fortunate that her other leg didn't end up the same way after my kids overtook her. Enter me, with much hollering.

Then we all came to an abrupt halt. Beach huts and shingle were all cordoned off. Police were there. Beach patrol were in action. Something was a-happening. Walky talkies were being used and everyone looked "important".

The husband and I, both journos, get excited by this sort of thing. OK, well I do. He was too hungover and tired. Was it a body? A drunk? An accident?

Turns out a world war shell had just washed up. The bomb disposal unit were on their way.

The Princess tutted and said: "All this fuss for a shell on the beach?  Everyone's weird!"

(Her history lesson time took place soon after).

Then we zoomed home for the frazzled  husband to drive into work and I had a grim afternoon with two hyper kids who were killing each other and too many chores. And there was me thinking Sunday was the day of rest. I actually hid in bed for seven whole minutes.

The Prince was the main problem. He has developed an obsession for Bon Jovi's "You Give Love A Bad Name" which shouldn't be a problem normally as I am the most devoted fan those New Jersey boys could wish for. How I love Jon Bon Jovi in particular...

To the point where my friend created this for me
when I was pregnant with the Prince.
(The husband was not amused)
But the Prince wants to play that particular rock song (which he calls "Band Name") over and over and over again. At first I was rocking out with him, rather overzealously, like Jack Black in School of Rock (but on reflection, I was possibly more hyperactive). Then I needed to hang out washing.

"Band Name". So I'd go back in and play it again. And then hoover and dust.

"Band Name".  "BAAAAAAAND NAAAAAAME". Then much crying and stamping of feet until I did it. Then he wanted it louder. Then he wanted his keyboard so he could feel the action.

He does make me laugh though. We were in the library the other day and he spotted a rather rotund and butch woman using the internet. She was wearing (don't ask me why) a rather fetching neon orange "trendy" boilersuit. She thought she was the height of fashion presumably.

The Prince grinned and started pointing at her. "Look mum, it's the bin man. It's the bin man. HELLO BIN MAN".


Onto other things, my lovely sister Anna came to stay last weekend. Oh, we had so much fun. We all (including the husband) went down to the beach and lo and behold, the sea was full of kite surfers.

Just humour me for a moment or two.

They all start off on the green. It's tres exciting
Def a more interesting pastime than stamp collecting

This is the bit I love the most (oh, other than when they hang around on the beach with their wetsuits half off of course).

I could actually watch this all day long but alas, the tide goes out and RUINS EVERYTHING (sulk)

You know we belong together
You and I forever and ever...

Nice action

In you go, there's a poppet

And I was told this place was BORING before we moved here!

Oh how I love thee so. Sunshine, come back!

I got chatting to a kite surfer the other day. Typically I was wearing the worst saggy trackie bottoms you've ever seen (too short in the leg) and bad trainers, my hair was frizzy from the sea air and I'd just sat on a wet rock so from behind it looked like I'd weed myself. He had caught me taking photos of him and came over for a chat with his kite. And it was at that moment that I trod in dog's mess as well. It wasn't my finest moment and we shall leave it there.

Anyway, back to my little sister and I.

I got me £1.99 H&M dress on and my £1.50 cardie!

We all watched the boys do their kite surf thang, then scoffed tea and cakes in the cafe (actually, Anna and I shared a mahoosive wedge of lemon meringue pie which barely touched the sides)

The Prince found it mouth watering too. Literally!

 Then the husband took the kids home to enable Anna and I to have time to ourselves.

The "just got out of the surf" look

 Then we walked back to the house via a glorious parade of cherry tree shops.

I bought myself a chunk of Hugh FW for £2.99, when he was a little younger and slightly trimmer, bless him. SUCH a nice man it would seem.

Hugh's snaffled the bacon then?
Also found this!

A vintage kaleidoscope, if you will

Then we went home and  Auntie Anna put the children went to bed.

The Harry Potter bedding from the cherry tree shop!

I made a Thai curry and we drank fizz, celebrating the fact we had a whole night ahead of us.

The naughty look.
The husband has to be most patient with us after this!

 Oh and then we got silly and then watched Wolf Creek, the three of us hiding under the Blanket of Glory, while shovelling down keylime pie and Malteasers.

Is it any wonder my jeans don't fit at all (hence those dreaded trackie bottoms...oh the shame!)

And here we are, a snapshot of the Prince and his Bon Jovi moment, in a video that lasts 29 whole seconds. Tilt the screen if you fancy a peek as I can't rotate it. Bit dense and that.

This was the 100th time he'd done it, so the air guitar is not his best but look at his proud little face miming the only two words he knows! BAND NAME!

Zonked out after rocking out to "Band Name" one time too many, no doubt

On a poignant note, this weekend, I was due to have a lovely friend to stay a few nights. Sadly, her father has died suddenly and she had to cancel. Please include my dear friend in your thoughts. Thank you.  I would also like to send my love to the other friends who are without their dads today. Big love.


kmmms said...

Oh I'm laughing out loud about the Bin Man comment! We'll have to get him and Brooke together as she is perpetually singing Kiss's You Were Made For Lovin Me at the moment. They could have a rock off!
Thanks for your lovely comment doll, made me smile like this :oD

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OMG, dearest Gem.

I am relaxing tonight, no more RUSHING about due to school, and I am loving your day. From cramming the Princess into the Ford with her bike, to the FABULOUS SURFERS in their half wet suits to the glorious video of the Prince, I am taken back with your style. I so enjoy entering into your life on an English beach, AND OH DEAR....THE BIN MAN!!!!!!! You have the most HILARIOUS MOMENTS my dear and please tell us you will be making a book of all these adventures....GEMS WASHED ASHORE.....I don't know, you have to share this on a wider scale. I will never forget the time you were ZIPPED UP so nicely in a firefighter's suit by none other than a handsome firefighter, but your ANATOMY made it a little bit of a challenge....teeeeeheeeeeee....what love.

Oh dear, you are one of my absolute favorite reads and I now am smiling, but I am also in a prayerful mood and I shall go to say a prayer for your dear friend...what a tragedy to loose one's father near or on this day upon which we celebrate these special men. My daddy is long gone, but near in my heart.

Peace my dear, Anita

Marina said...

Oh goodness me I LOVE reading your blog!! You've well and truly brightened up my Monday morning at work - i've been literally been laughing out loud..good job i'm the first one in! That is just hilarious about the car (sorry!, just can sooo relate to it as it's the sort of thing that we do all the time! I have a funny story about when I bought a huge fish tank off ebay and sent husband to go and collect it - would have been fine I'f i'd actually taken measurements of the huge thing beforehand..and if husband didn't have such a tiny sports car! HA..the look on his face when he saw it was priceless!) Anyway my lovely thanks for cheering me up - i'm still chuckling from the Prince and the Bin-man comments! Ha! Have a lovely day xx

❤Coco Rose❤ said...

This post was such a joy to read Gem! Loved the 'Bin Man' comment. I was walking with my youngest the other day and we went past an old dear sitting on her mobility scooter outside a shop. Youngest asks rather loudly if he could have 50p for a ride once the 'old biddy' finishes her go! Oh, the face was red!

Love the kite surfing, think I could watch that all day too!

Hope you have a lovely week!

Vanessa xxx

Julia said...

I've just found your blog through Ashley and your post made me laugh so much! Thanks for brightening up a rainy day - will be back to read more of your stories soon xx

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

New favourite writer! I will forever now shout out Band Name to that song. Just found you through Faith Hope and Charity Shopping :)

Penny Dreadful Vintage

Fleur Cotton said...

I just love your posts they always make me laugh!

I nearly choked on my monday morning coffee when I read about your seamless encounter with the kite-surfer LOL!!!

Have a great week.
Fleur xx

sandiart said...

All I can say is 'OMG that was one of the funniest posts I have ever read', and I so relate to the stepping in the dog do!!!! Lovin the Prince and his Bon Jovi (not to mention your pic with him) and the Princess is priceless. You have certainly bought a lot of 'Gem' to your new abode, your fellow country men should be forever grateful. Even this 'old' chick can appreciate a good body in a half mast wet suit :) Prince falling asleep like that cracks me up. Sending love to your friend.
xo Sandi

Gem said...

Your little prince is just brilliant. The bin man comment I can picture it now, ha ha ha classic and bless his little cottons with the bon jovi track, so sweet.
I saw myself i the Princesses comment, that is so something I would have said at her age and to think that a pesky little shell ruined their afternoon on the beach!
The wind surfer obviously wasn't to put off by your appearance although I can see you cringing at yourslef teehee bless you.

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, my thoughts are with her and her family.

x x x x

Anonymous said...

Gem you all make me LOL,crazy lady!Lush piccie of the Prince,awh 'Band name',love him.Glad you had a great weekendxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Michelle said...

Always love reading about your less-than-perfect encounters with the dishy locals!

I wonder if the 'bin man' will rethink her trendy outfits in future?

Sorry to hear about your friend's loss, I can sympathise unfortunately. xx

Missy said...

Budding rock star or what, mrs? You should start training him up now, guitar lessons etc. He could be your pension in old age. We too have had the Children Under Stuff scenario. Once my two lay underneath a tv cabinet all the way home from Clacton. We bought it on the way there for gawd's sake. (Hate the thing now and will be Annie Sloaning it up as soon as the old man moves the telly onto something different.) I have also had to wait outside Ikea with two sulky teenagers while Mr EF drives home with all the stuff I managed to pick up on the way round and then comes back to collect us. Effing and blinding all the way.
Liking that kite surfer action and might get myself down my local beach soon to see if there's any wet suits to ogle. I like the way you casually sit there taking photos of them. Not perving at all, officer, no.
Sorry to hear about your friend's dad, what a sad time for her.
Anyway I am going to sit and chuckle to myself now for a bit and hold the image of you chatting to Hunky Windsurfer Boy with wet bummed joggers on.
Happy day, Mentaller!

Annaboo said...

Tee hee!
Am laughing about everything, but especially Bon Jovi. Why? Because yesterday I bought Thomas Bon Jovi's Greatest Hits (2.99 in local petrol station, no less,)in a desperate attempt to wean him off those bloody Nursery Rhymes! And he loves it! Now being played full blast in his room upstairs. Sure beats Twinkle, Twinkle any day.

And, mmmmmmmm. Kite surfers. They make a trip to the beach so worthwhile.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

DARLIN' good to see you pop over today my dear. YES! FEE WON! YEAH....this will be the second prize I send over the pond! Was that darling little puppy NOT tear-inducing? While listening to the music and scrolling down, I made myself cry! teeheee....also that moth....WOW. I DETEST moths but that color aqua got my attention as well as that pink parrot. I hope all is well on your side of the world. Lovely how no matter where we are, LOVE abides. Cool.

LOVE! Anita