Monday, 22 September 2014

Hickies and Heisenberg

It's looking rather awkward in the neck department at present.

Sweet Child has given me the mother of all love bites. There she was, a-sucking on my neck, and I indulged her. It was warm and nice and I felt we were having a moment. We have lots of moments because she is a very cuddly, tactile, loving baby.

But there's loving, and there is serious bruising. The above pic was taken two hours after it happened. Now the bruise is black and I look....well, rough as chuff, for want of a better word.

It is now a hideous hickey in an 80s teenager kind of way. Something I never had or wanted in my youth. How ironic that I get one now and it is TOTALLY in yer face. I am wearing a lot of scarves.

I don't think she was trying to latch on for a feed because she knows my boobs are barely up at the top end of my body these days. She would have had more luck if she had latched onto my kneecap...

Anyway, other than giving Dracula a run for his money, Sweet Child has become a mountain goat. She walks around furniture, climbs the stairs, tries to get out of her highchair and is into everything. It's exhausting! She is nine months old tomorrow. 

When she has gone for a nap, I pack all the chores in or do a spot of baking. Here is a Spanish Apple cake which is a Baby Led Weaning recipe. It is LUSH!

And I am still churning out these spinach and cheese muffins.

It was my birthday last week, I had a wonderful time and enjoyed summer weather on my big day. I was sent these books to add to my collection, by my lovely friend Kerry.

The husband spoiled me and we had a lovely day together, pottering by the sea with the baby, sipping Prosecco, indulging in coffee and cake, lunch in the sun. It was lovely. He took me out for dinner a few nights beforehand, which was our first night out in ten months! 

I took a bag that didn't have wet wipes or spare nappies in. I wore perfume and not Eau de Mashed Breadstick. I felt semi human and I ordered gin at the bar, without a small person tugging at my sleeves and announcing they need a poo.

Oh, the husband and I are both feeling bereft after watching the final episode of Breaking Bad. No spoilers here, yo.

But I wonder if we were addicted to it, in a crystal meth kinda way. We are lost without it. We used to sneak off to watch an episode when Sweet Child dozed, absolutely genius show.

Now we are toying with what to watch next. I can't tell you how much I want to watch it all over again from the very first episode.

But in the meantime, I need to find some good concealer for the monstrosity on my neck.

Til the next time...


LK said...

Um... I thought I had left a comment but it has disappeared. So I am either going to leave a more witty reply and get away with it or look like a right five with 2 posts. We filled our BB hole (sounds very wrong) with House of Cards but there are only 2 series so the ' let's watch another one..'moments ran out very quickly. I can also recommend Sons of Anarchy.

Jay said...

I'm sure I left a comment saying happy birthday on the previous post but it's vanished! Happy belated birthday, again, it sounds like an idyllic day.
Good luck with the concealer!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH GEM! Breaking Bad....we watched the ENTIRE SERIES! I will not spoil anything for IS addicting!

It is so good to be getting your blog posts again! My goodness, your description of these love bites, it all brings back silly memories of not just the 1980s, but the 1970s when I was a teen!

Your new baby is precious as can be, and like always, your language and descriptions leave me giggling.


Anonymous said...

I was clearing out my boys room and found to old lady bird books. Chicken licken and the big pancake or something like that. I thought of you, would you like them? My email I . Glad you had a good birthday.


Gem said...

yes please Ellie, I don't have your contact details......I have the Big Pancake but not Chicken Licken!!!!!

Gem said...

Oh...just seen your so thick today #nosleep

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday for last week Gem, great post , I cant believe how sweet child has grown, She s the image of your eldest . Lol at the hickey :) Xxxx

Michelle said...

I feel your pain! Junior was trying to chew the bars of the shopping trolley a couple of weeks back, so I covered the metal with my hand to stop him and without a pause he just sank his teeth into the back of my hand and sucked! It went completely white, and then very purple! Hope your bruise is fading now... xx