Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Sleeping bags

I have been up since 5am and am possibly ever so slightly delirious, so do bear with.

I tootled off to bed at midnight which was ridiculously late but I had been busy scoffing buttery sweets from France that I had forgotten about (bit like Wurthers Original but weirder) and wasn't that tired. But then Sweet Child fed twice in the night for half an hour each time before standing up in her cot at 5am and then giving me the cheeky smile that she knows will win me over.

Of course it worked but, man, there is nothing more depressing than coming downstairs when it is still dark and kids' TV hasn't even started. It was just me and Jeremy Kyle. Like a nightmare......if only I had been asleep.

After ten minutes with Jezza and realising that actually, my life isn't all that bad and there ARE people who look worse than me in tracksuit bottoms, I couldn't take it anymore. I was Tattooed Out and sick of all the moronic shouting.

Then I was ready for lunch. But it was only 6am. I hate that.

By the time the morning school run was done, I actually fancied fish fingers, chips and beans and just knew it was going to be a loooooooong day.

But I had success in the cherry tree shop.

Look at this little beauty I got for 20p.

My favourite page is below...

And two days ago I had success.....

The Princess was thrilled. "Oh, it's so....like....so like...totally me," she proclaimed! 

I was chuffed to have bought her the below shirt too as it's still in H&M at full price. For me, it cost £1.50.

She got this too. I am back in her "Mum is Trendy After All" book. Yo!

I picked up the below for Sweet Childe:

And here she is rocking her cherry tree skirt I bought recently. Aw, I love the baby. She smells of biscuits and porridge and honey. 

I still carry Sweet Child in the wrap sling thing even though she is nine months old next week. This is my view. Look at those lashes.

I mustn't forget the Prince. The funniest kid like, ever.

Yesterday he told me he had big news for me. I had to wait until bedtime for him to tell me. He looked at me earnestly and with wide eyed excitement and said "Today, I found something out. I found out that a chicken is actually a bird..."

And there we have it. Fascinating.  He told me today he had chicken korma for lunch but his friend Ray had chicken pork.

"Um....what's chicken pork exactly?" I asked with interest.

He looked at me with intense irritation and said: "You know exactly what chicken pork is. Everyone knows. It's what you order instead of chicken korma, for goodness sake."


So, I have been on the go for 17 hours and one must get one's beauty sleep before the randomness of tomorrow greets me rudely from 5am.

Although I am a year older tomorrow so I hope to get a slight lie in and let the Husband get it on with Jeremy Kyle instead.

On the Morrow, my friends. And with less eye bags one hopes...


Jacquie said...

Happy Birthday Gem!
Your posts always make me smile.
Hope you have a lovely day
Jacquie x

simplenaturalhandmade said...

Reminds of when we moved from Oxford to Lincolnshire and my daughter came home from school one day and announced she had had chicken karma! It was hard to convince her that it was actually chicken korma!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I FOUND YOU! You came up on my new and improved blog roll!

GEM....your descriptions of life at home with the kids...you are one of the best storytellers around in Blogland. And that vintage book....YES! And the new baby? She is precious!

My friend, I wish you REST as the weekend comes and your little Prince, he must be big now! His discovery....what a hilarious hoot.


Lynn said...

Happy birthday!
You always make smile. When I was poorly and off work I used to watch JK telling myself all the way through - see your life isn't so bad😉

Nanou said...

Bon anniversaire Gem!
The Prince made me laugh so much with his chicken anecdotes!
Lovely to hear uour news. Mine are 't really bloggable as life seems too often ungrateful recently (understand by life: the small people who live in my hotel).
We have here secondary school with dyslexia (not a good mix for anything written!), super-ideal kid in year 5 who turns into a violent hulk at home, helpful y3 who does so much that he gets told off for doint too much (like carrying my sweet child but realising that doors are narrower. And that sweet child, nearly 2, out of nappies (halleluia, though replaces with sprinting), discovering she knows her own mind, and loves the dog (tight cuddles round its neck) far more than it loves her.
So in the remaining hours of the day, I either sleep or do chores, or am on my phone (laptop is not mobile enough, and since it's space bar was popped out, it takes too much effort to type, thank you sweet child a she was 10 months!)
My darling hubby does all the rest in the house, but as he has a full time job, there is still a lot to be desired.
Lots of love, Marion