Thursday, 11 September 2014

Totes driven round the bend

So here I am, wrung out like the Pip Studio hand towel my eldest "accidentally" dropped in the bath tonight. 

It has been a looooooong evening and a glass of wine has made a grand entrance into my hand. I never drink in the week usually. The whole Wine O'clock for mums thing has never been my bag.

Until tonight.


There have been tantrums galore, door slamming spectaculaire, hideous nappies, major dinner clear up time (the downside to baby led weaning) baby's all been kicking off round my gaff.

But tomorrow I shall pass three cherry tree shops after toddler group (the group that gets old ladies to bake the most amazing cakes which you can scoff while they cuddle your baby. Yep, cake in peace. C.I.P.)

And I hope to show you my second hand wares.

(It wasn't all bad today, after the school run I skulked back to bed when Sweet Child dozed off, and then woke two hours later, and watched Breaking Bad with the husband before he went to work. No spoilers please. We won't know what to do with ourselves when it's over. JESSE! Swoon)

This is how tired and wrung out I am. Over tired dot com me thinks....


Charis said...

Team Jesse too :)

Wine O clock in the week has become a thing here too of late, not good for work in the morning!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GEM! GEM, IT'S YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Why have I not seen your new posts???

Hello my dear, and FUNNY friend. It is so grand to read your wit again, and thank you so much for coming by to leave me a comment! I have missed YOU! I best check my blog roll; it was giving me such a hard time in sending me the latest posts, but I shall look into this.

You have THREE children now, and I can just HEAR the commotion, the clinking of the wine glass (on weekends, only) and the laughter from your humor. I hope you are well!

All is great here. I am working yet again at the high school teaching French, and I just love what I do. Writing however, is one of my main hobbies and I try to do as much of it as I can.

Dear Gem, big hugs to YOU! Anita