Tuesday, 2 September 2014

(Beyoncé)..... QUESTION

I just blogged but it's gone onto an older date of sometime in July.


Anonymous said...

I don't know, but I hope you can sort it out so it can be read as your blog is lovely!

simplenaturalhandmade said...

Yes, get some tech help! This can happen if you started a post but didn't publish it then used the started post and hit publish. Well I did that nice but it didn't upset the order, just showed the wrong date. No help at all I'm afraid.

susan said...

my computer has the wrong time ie it says 12.04pm when it is really 4.23pm and that affects my blog posting times. Not that I post often har har.
And I keep losing my Reading List which is driving me crackers!!!
I hope you find it soon cos you make me laugh (which is nice).
Susan x
PS Any good finds lately?

susan said...

08.26 what!!!
where's my Time Machine lol

Sarah Jane said...

Tell me what you think about me ;)

Gem said...

Ha ha thanks dudes! well the blog I wrote tonight is the one now just before my Basket Case post.