Thursday, 26 April 2012

Cherry tree time

Before I begin, do you remember Doll Gate: the mad freaky scary doll I found in the road last week, the one that got run over by several cars and I saved her life?

And I was going to give her an amazing makeover with a brand new look?

Well, I didn't. Rita (my name of choice for her) is still lying with broken limbs on the book shelf, looking weird. I will do it one day I promise. But listen, Doll Gate continues. Look what I found in a different road a couple of days ago...

Oh, and if you are freaked by dolls, look away now.

Chucky eat your heart out

What a peculiar town this is.....

This actually scared me. Big time.

 Dolls, broken. In a road. Wearing Victorian garb. What the eff......


 I thought I would sneak another blog post in as have just this evening landed myself a fab freelance job for the next week but it is mahoosive and time will be of the essence. Nothing else will get done. No housework, very little cooking, the laundry will pile up and I will probably not get to the beach.

I will be burning midnight oil and morning oil and patchouli oil and any old oil to meet this tight deadline but I need the money as hate sponging off the Husband when I run out. Therefore I thought I ought to write tonight while I still have spare time and share my offerings from the Scope charity shop which I only found yesterday - despite the fact it is a mere six minute walk from my gaff.

I went in and nearly spontaneously combusted with the excitement of it. Loads of books, knick knacks, great children's toys and clothes. Friendly staff. Nice jewellery. And quite cheap. 25p for a book!

It had been recommended by a woman I met in the library on Monday. I've clocked her in the park a few times as liked the look of her (yikes, that makes me sound tres shallow).

Anyway, she told me about her obsessions for all things cherry tree. And she happens to be the president of the W.I. which she told me to come along to. They call themselves Rage Against The (Sewing) Machine! Love it!

Apparently there is one in Leeds called Buns 'n' Roses, which I think is the best name ever for a W.I. group. What with going to that and the book club whenever I can, things are hotting up.  Plus I've been invited for a weekend in London in October with a different group of mums - a theatre, hotel, dinner type affair but I shall see how many pennies I can gather before then before I commit.

Anyway look at my treasure trove from the cherry tree. Less than £2 was spent in total. Less than a G&T and less than a pack of fags. This is definitely my habit of choice (cherry tree shopping I mean, not smoking).

I am thrilled with the Prince's Gisela Graham passport holder which will be perfect for our summer holiday this year and I also needed The Princess and the Pea Ladybird book desperately.

Oh I used to love this page!

Missing the Autumn story but 25p each is still a bargain!

My favourite illustration in the Winter Story

This always makes me feel warm and happy when I turn to this page

So comforting and cosy

Hasn't the weather been dreadful?! This was the view when the Husband, the Prince and I had coffee at our fave cafe yesterday morning.

It was wild and stormy. Waves were smashing and crashing.

Loving the chocolate milkshake

The weather perked up today so the kids drew and played in the garden and then ate al fresco. Lush! No clearing up, let the birds and evil limping fox eat it. The evil limping fox was on my neighbour's trampoline this week. Whatever next? Badgers on roller skates?

Doing her homework while shooing away her pesky brother

PS We all know I called charity shops "cherry tree" shops, but I thought I would let all you cherry tree fans know that you can rent your own actual real cherry tree. That's right, at you can rent a tree for a year and enjoy it in every season. See it in full blossom in the spring and then you can go along to the orchard in East Sussex in harvest time (July) and pick your own. It costs £42.50 for a year and your tree will produce around 10kg of fruit. Now that really is a treasure from the cherry tree...


Jumbleberries said...

Yes, it is true to say that I am ever-so-slightly scared of those dolls.....

Love your cherry tree finds though - Brambly Hedge books are a favourite in our household, such beautiful, detailed illustrations.

Hope your work goes well next week.

Jumbleberries xx

kmmms said...

Laura Palmer right there!! Apart from the Victorian clothes that is...
Pleased to hear you've got another job, what is it?
The shops there sound amazing, Gisela Graham you say? Some of the charity shops round here charge more than the original prices.

Missy said...

Doll-tastic! They're following you...scary little bleeders. Worsererer than clowns.
Six minutes walk to a chazza? Could you be any closer? (You can tell I've been ODing on Friends.)
Have a smashing weekend and good luck with the job.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dear, another possibility of your life in an English sea town...THOSE DOLLS!!!!!!!!!!! TRULY, you have a gem here!!! And your description of your "fear" of these wickedly gruesome toys! teeehee....

CONGRATES on the freelance job my dear! You will knock 'em dead with your writing style and I so know that feeling about money. I am just so glad to know you are doing what you love and are so good at.


Musings Of A Gem said...

Yes those dolls are really scary!!!

Well done on landing yourself the freelance job! Hope it goes smoothly next week.

Enjoy your weekend : )

Gemma xXx

Pink Fairy Vicky said...

I love the Brambley hedge books, the illustrations are adorable. The bag of dolls would have been enough to send me screaming down the street!!

Good Luck with the job x

Annaboo said...

Oh, missus. I loves your posts, I do.
Just been down to casualty with the smallest one and a very sore arm- thought we might come home with a cast, but luckily just a dislocated elbow. All sorted and right as rain now.
Needed some cheering up and you've worked your magic as always.
Well done on the job-fabulous news.
And great finds from the Cherry Tree, as always.

Am a bit worried that you are finding all the freaky dolls. Or are they finding you? (eeeeek. Horrid thought.)

Have a good weekend. Tomorrow is going to be the best day for beachy action. Rain Sunday. Poo.

fee @ chipper nelly said...

genius post.
badgers on roller skates? you're too funny.
Books? one word. CHOP
Good luck with your assignment - hope you're not getting distrated!
fee x

Anonymous said...

Great post Gem,you always make me giggle,I love your humour! Scarey dollgate,limping fox,lol.
Love your great finds,Princess and the Pea was My favourite fairy tale,love that piccie too.
Congrats on the job,well done,lovely.
Hope you have a fab weekend.
lots of love,xoxoxoxo

Manda said...

Sooo funny Gem,such a lovely post ,hope you have a lovely weekend and dont work to hard
XX Manda XX

Georgie said...

Love reading your posts Gem ... so funny. And such happy memories - Princess and the Pea was my favourite as a child and I recently rediscovered it at school. And Brambley Hedge - I'd forgotten about those stories but your post reminded me that I have the 4 seasons wall plates. Just dug them out of the sideboard but Mr P's not keen on putting them up!!
Sorry it's taken me so long to get in touch. My laptop got itself yet another virus and as it's a school one I have to wait for them to fix it. But all better now. And yes I'd love to meet up but as you're busy at the mo with your freelance job (good luck with that) I'll wait to hear from you as to when suits.

Sandi said...

Talk about doll massacre, I would scream and run if I saw a face looking at me through a plastic bag, then probably have nightmares for years!!!!
Hope the writing is going well and you have been able to get out to the beach for some time to breathe.
xx Sandi