Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Wi lambin' (we hope you like lambin' too...)

Wi lambin' Wi lambin', Wi lambin',  Wi lambin'...

OK, sorry, it's too early for my Bob Marley-ness but I really do love lambing. It's the time of year that fills me with joy. Possibly because I was pregnant with the Princess in the spring of 2003 and I remember how I felt, it all felt new, there was new life, I felt sick as a dog (not so good). But I couldn't go lambing when pregnant. No siree.

Last weekend we found a sweet farm on the South Downs and spent Saturday afternoon....well. cuddling lambs really.

Just don't think of mint sauce

Looking a bit sheepish there (sorry...)

"baa-ger off and leave me in peace"

Wool you come here for a snuggle please (sorry again)

Ewe can lean on me ( oh dear)

 I keep bleating, just keep bleating love (I'll get me coat)

Tractor ride to see the tiny newborn lambs

Now on the cherry tree front, I realise I have forgotten to introduce you to Theresa. She was a sad and sorry character we spotted on the shelf of the Link Romania shop when we first moved here. She was £1 and she was naked. We noticed her, but we didn't buy her.

My dad thinks she looks like Rebekah Brooks...he has a point
Every time we went back into the cherry tree shop, she was still there. Looking desperate.

I was urged to buy her. Someone in my family wanted her very much indeed. So I caved in (sucker) and handed over a pound coin for some naked saggy doll who looks like a cross between a Cabbage Patch Kid and a Troll.

But she quickly became part of our family. She now wears this most of the time and is much happier in our cosy home.

And guess who wanted her more than anything? Yes he loves his trains and his diggers and his Lego, but he WANTED Theresa and he named her.

Please smile for the camera with Theresa...

I will give you an Easter egg if you do...
 He now sleeps with her every night. Theresa, the Prince and Noo Noo.

We had a gorgeous Sunday spent at home. We are digging out space for a vegetable patch and the husband and I felt like Tom and Barbara  from The Good Life. Which is kind of ironic as the whole world tells me I look like Margo.

Early evening arrived and the husband bathed the kids while I went on a 45 minute walk. I simply had to see the sea and the sun set. It is so peaceful being on the beach at that time, hearing nothing but the gentle lapping of waves.

And yesterday morning after the school run, I walked again to see the pier. Everything sparkles on days like this and I feel blessed to be part of it.

But not today. Today is bloody awful. There seems very little to do today which is driving me and the Prince mad. Normally on  a Tuesday we go to Jo Jingles, down by the sea, but there is no parking and I decided not to faff around getting wet. So we are stuck indoors. The Prince is watching Ratatouille on DVD and building Lego houses and I am blogging and doing some work and trying to ignore all the chores that need doing.

I HATE rainy days with a passion. But there is something rather nice about cosying up indoors, however let me tell you I am DREADING the school run this afternoon.........we have no rain cover for the pushchair and the husband will have the car for work today. And it's a 20 minute walk (with a possible long wait at the level crossing).Gulp!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I LOVE READING YOUR STORIES. Oh dear, that lambing experience, YOU ARE TOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY! CLever as all get out, you just made me laugh all the way through. AND THEN, when I was expecting The Princess to be the one that just HAD TO HAVE THERESA, you cleverly reveal the true culprit, THE PRINCE! Genius.

Oh dearest, your being by the sea is a blessing.....I lived across the beach for TWO YEARS in Boston, Massachusetts and that was a time to cherish. I am glad to know you are settling in, and I am glad you have those cozy days at home so you can WRITE. We benefit from your tales of life with the kids....HAVE A GREAT DAY! Anita

❤Coco Rose❤ said...

We drove past a field yesterday full of new lambs and it was a lovely sight. Shame to think many of them will end up next to some mint sauce on a plate! Eeek!

When I was younger, my parents had some land attached to their house that my dad couldn't get a lawn mower onto as the ground was so bumpy.....so he bought a couple of sheep to mow it. A mum and her little black lamb arrived. The black lamb was the cutest thing, but he was a ramb and his horns grew big and curly, and he would butt you given half the chance if you put your back to him. My mum did a few times and she paid for it, awfully, much to everyone's laughter!

The rain has been lashing here all day and it's grey and depressing. I got soaked on the school run and suppose I will again on the pick up. I know we need it, but it's a pain having to be out in it! I hope it stops for your school run this afternoon!


kmmms said...

Laughing so much at your Dad saying Theresa looks like Rebekah Brooks! Spot on!
Cute little lambs :) x

Jumbleberries said...

Love the lamb pictures! And the little Theresa rag-doll is sooo cute (as is your son).

Oh to be by the sea! Many moons ago I used to live in an apartment on Sydeny Harborough, just a hop, skip and a jump from the waters edge. Now I live in rural Leicestershire - you can't get further than the sea than that!!

Hope the rain stops for the school run.

Have fun.

Jumbleberries xx

Kylie said...

I had a pet lamb when I was little, she was called (guess?) Lambsey. Actually we had a sucession of Lambsies. There is nothing quite like the frenzied wagging of their tales when you are feeding them. Love it.

Theresa is very sweet, your little boy, even sweeter.

p.s. I love my evening walks by myself too.

Missy said...

I flipping love Theresa! I'm glad you bought her because she looks like she needs a home and I'm glad I didn't see her there with her big ginger hair or I would have felt sorry for her. Nice frock too, by the way. You know you'll probably end up with a chubby little daughter in law with big strawberry blonde hair don't you?
Lovely beach pictures, it's great that you make the most of living near it.
Your posts always make me laugh and I love The Prince's false smiles in some of the pictures. He cracks me up!
Laters, mrs.

Michelle said...

Love, LOVE, the Prince's smiles for the camera!! They're proper 'cheeeeeeese' smiles!

Ruby Mole said...

I loved your pictures of the lambs they're so sweet. Such loveable things, blissfully unaware of what they're destined to become. Sunday dinner!!

Teresa looks like she's enjoying her new home.

PS I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog award. I do so enjoy reading your blog x

Marina said...

Hello! I've just stumbled upon your lovely blog and am SO glad I have! Reading your "random loves" we have soooo much in common! Even Miranda Hart! Isn't she just hilarious!
Loving Theresa (fab name for her!) too, she is just the sort of thing my daughter would buy from the charity shops, she has an ever-growing collection of what she calls "weird-looking dolls" and oh boy you should see them! Hubby cannot bear them!. Love the lambing pics, my mum breeds coloured ryeland sheep, like brown bears and has some gorgeous lambs at the moment! looking forward to reading more, Marina x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Gem.

It means the world to me that anything I write can touch anyone out there on the globe. This is why I love blogging. And you my dear, you are so fortunate to have the sea near by. You will certainly enjoy it for all it is worth for you too seek to hear that inner voice....peace my dear Gem! Anita