Sunday, 22 April 2012

Hello Dolly

I bought this book from a cherry tree shop this week and had a total flashback of reading it when I was eight-years-old at my first school.

It was one of my favourite books, along with The Shrinking of Treehorn (which I also am the proud owner of; quite possibly one of the weirdest, most wonderful children's stories). My old teacher Mrs Alvarez (god rest her soul, for she passed away several years back) read it to us with great gusto.

I find Mrs Lather's Laundry a gorgeous read, the illustrations are attractive and the fact I picked this up for 10p makes me a very happy peep. The kids keep asking me to read it to them at bedtime.

I keep spotting new cherry tree shops that I haven't discovered before. But now the Prince (who is well aware that his mother would like to spend a good few moments browsing every single section) has decided to cry loudly and shriek at the top of his voice so that I leave the building immediately. Sometimes I call his bluff and ignore it, but the high pitched, ear piercing yelps make everyone in the shop look at him with a shudder.

So I am leaving empty handed more often than not. It's painful. Perhaps I should rename my blog Sod All from the Cherry Tree - until he starts pre-school anyway! But I shall not give up, it's not in my nature.

Speaking of the Prince, I was sorting out the washing the other morning and realised he had gone very quiet so I went to check on him. And found him like this:

HOW can anyone go into a deep sleep like this?! Maybe it's because I possess a well-padded chest which would get in the way from curling up in this manner, that I can't fathom it.

He's been hilarious this week:

Oh, and we found out the that Princess got into arguably the best school in the area and the Prince got into the preschool of choice too, both only a short walk away which will be bliss in the autumn.

And we found a broken dolly in the road which I think bothered me more than the kids. We brought her home and are hoping to fix her in some way. Although I can't sew (at all, can barely thread a needle), so it will be a challenge for me. I couldn't leave her there. I've named her Rita. The kids hate the name.

Like the doll from Toy Story

She spooks me a little

Her best Blair Witch Project impression
It's not the first time we've come across a freaky doll...

Spot the fake

This was a random gift from an old neighbour.
The Prince was already crying by the way, the nun doll just didn't help matters
The nun doll ended up in a cherry tree shop the following day, I hasten to add. Wonder how much she was sold for and whether anyone actually did buy her....

 And on that note, I ought to go and get ready. It's 10am, no one is dressed and I have chores coming out of my ears.

See you later, dolls.



moleymakes said...

I remember reading the Happy Famililes series to my children when they were small. We'd go to the library every week and one of them would always pick one out. Meg and Mog was also a firm favourite.

As for Rita, she is a bit spooky looking, but I'm sure once she's got her head back on and a new set of clothes, she'll look better.

faith76 said...

He he I love that sleeping position bless x I find out which primary school my daughter will be starting this Monday - very exciting eeeek x

Leah x

Marina said...

Oh goodness the Nun Doll is JUST the sort of thing my daughter would come home from the charity shop with!! The weirder the better for her collection! We would have ended up bringing "Rita" home too..I have to agree, she is more than a little freaky looking! I just loved the Prince's hilarious sleepig position, what a great photo and that you managed to capture it! What a great post!! Enjoy your day xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I love your story telling. Please, PLEASE consider compiling your works in a book to publish. You really send waves of laughter over the pond my dear. OMG that BLAIR WITCH DOLL and the nun......CREEPY INDEED! You are just hilarious, and that SOD OFF the Cherry Tree....that is too funny!

BE WELL! Anita

Annaboo said...

Ha ha- love the Prince's sleeping position. I once found my littlest standing up against the sofa asleep. I've no idea how they do it- it goes against all the laws of nature.
My cherry tree shop finds have been a little thin on the ground too. Must be the time of the year. And the toddler.
Ho hum- enjoy your week, Missus- must catch up in the real world soon.


Georgie said...

I LOVE the Happy Families series too. They are part of the reading scheme at school and I love it that a whole other generation get to enjoy them as much as I did. And what a cute sleeping position. A little lad in my class last year feel asleep in the middle of the room in a similiar position, with all the hubbub going on around him. He didn't even wake up when I carried him down to the medical room to continue his sleep in comfort ... amazing aren't they!!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

off to seek out these books on ebay...chop chop chop!
(replied to your query re pegs on my blog...not sure why but don't really get the whole reply thing)
fee x

Jumbleberries said...

Allan Ahlberg books remind me of being 8 too. And the great thing is that my 7 year old son is currently reading them at his school - love it!

Love the picture of your little Prince sleeping, too cute.

Rita really does remind me of the doll from toy story. Hope you can give her a new lease of life!

Have fun.

Jumbleberries xx

catherine said...

Hi Gem,

I have started to read your blog recently as I have developed an addiction to the cherry trees myself! I have a 2 year old and it is a fine balancing act trying to keep her amused while I browse...some days she gets the better of me and I skulk out amid whingey screams, other days she will happily look at stuff (TOYS! she ain't too keen on china or clothes) and of course there is always "choccy". I look forward to seeing your finds, happy browsing! Catherine x p.s nun doll...ewww

Missy said...

Rita is well scary. No wonder she was lying in the road...some poor child probably tried to offload her out of a car window.
What I love is that you took photos of the Prince as a baby lying next to spooky dolls. Fantastic, and something to look back on as he gets older! Mr EF's Aunt used to buy my two weird presents but that nun doll tops anything she ever bought.
Hurrah for The Princess getting into a great school and for The Prince with the pre-school. Think of all the Cherry Treeing you'll be able to do when he's there!
Laters, Mrs.

Sandi said...

"Spot the difference" giggle!!! What a funny little chap he is falling asleep like that. I feel sorry for 'creepy doll' she has eyelashes stuck to her eyeballs, must be so uncomfortable :)
xx Sandi

Sandi said...

'fake' not 'difference' would help to remember the correct word!!

LissyLou said...

i read those books too!! did you watch the tv programmes?? xx

Karena said...

Too cute, love your tales and the image of your little guy sleeping like that!!

....I wanted you to know...I am featuring Anita Rivera, our Friend, Designer and Paper Artist with Castles Crowns & Cottages, & her Giveaway on my site!

Art by Karena

SarahB said...

Kids really can sleep anywhere can't they? I have a couple of pics of mine when they were the Princes age just falling asleep where they were - so sweet!!

Cor, all those dolls are creepy!!


S x