Monday, 2 September 2013


So there I was, picnicking with a friend and her three very demure children...(a little TOO demure for my liking, as they put my two crazy coconuts to shame). We lazed under a shady tree and put the world to rights while the kids ran off to explore.
I was eating for two, maybe three, possibly even four, but basically was in food heaven. It was divine.
All we could hear was the breeze through the trees, birdsong and...SPLASH!!!!!!!!!
The minute I heard it, I just knew. Call it mothers' intuition. I then heard a girly scream, one that is overly dramatic. I paced round the corner to find the Prince had pushed the Princess into a big fish pond. Thigh high water with mahoosive fish.
And the Princess was being dragged out of said pond by a stranger.
And I felt like a rubbish mum who should have been paying more attention.
The Princess, who lost her shoe in the process, was sodden from head to foot and the Prince looked all triumphant and said: "Told ya! Told ya I would actually push you in."
I dragged them both back to the car, one soaking and limping (never did find the shoe), the other declaring he was the winner.
Welcome to the summer holidays.
Just two days left before the little darlings wear their school uniform and allow me to hoover the  aftermath of filth up. Apart from the fish pond, and a few other incidents, we've had an absolute ball.
We saw Cuckoo who came to visit us with her brood for the day:

Prince, Princess, Big Cuckoo and Little Cuckoo

They all bonded over chips!

We had a really lovely day and the sun shone brightly!

What else have we been up to?

There has also been a lot of night time cuddles as the Prince keeps falling asleep during the day (after charging around on the beach) and then refusing to sleep at night. Gah!

Spot the stroppy one...

Umpteen moments in the library.....

LOVING the Birdman event - that is Warwick Davis on the big screen (my little pun intended)

We celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. Sadly forgot to get a pic of me and the husband, but we all went out for a slap-up lunch to celebrate. Fab, it was.

Oh and here is Bluebell, the most gorgeous cat who has adopted us. Can't have her in the house due to my asthma but she is flipping lush.

She just needs to avoid the Prince more often. Poor cat. I've told him Bluebell isn't a horse...

Glorious days on the beach, daring to laze in deckchairs (wonder how much longer they will hold my weight for....)

I was lucky enough to spot a water vole. Only I keep getting it wrong and calling it a water VOWEL. So embarrassing........

You can call me Consonant
 The skies have been dreamy...

Went to a little festival with friends

The kids weren't so keen on staying out after 9pm, poor mites.

Cherry tree cardie, natch!
The Princess has perfected her body boarding! Can't keep her out of the sea.

More beach loving.

Love his little hand
 Then my oldest best friend came to stay with her family for a few days. We've been friends since we were three and she is 8 weeks more pregnant than me!

I'd love us to have the same sex baby
but am guessing she is having a girl and I am having a boy.

We both ate all the pies ok?
 Had an impromptu day at a beach in Dorset with my family. Here is my sis with baby William. Oh I could eat him.

Then we travelled back to Berkshire and stayed with friends for a couple of nights. We went to a pub and meet loads of our old friends which was just wonderful.

My lovely French Sophie moved to Zurich a couple of days later.
My top and necklace are cherry tree, darlings.
The Princess had fun with one of her BBFs.

I popped over to see my dear friend and her new addition. Ooooh it gets me so excited!!!

Look at his little munchkin-ness
 Catching up with more Berkshire buddies

The kids enjoyed their sleep over.

How I miss my hostess with the mostess, she's a diamond.

Then we went to Whitstable to house-sit for a few nights. Twas lush.

We had fun.....the kids had fights.

Cherry tree hoodie of course

Always love to pop in for a browse when we pass the W.P.

HOW bored does the Prince look?!?!
 Mooched around:

The view from the bedroom window.

We went to Broadstairs for the day:

More fighting I think
 Then we went to the zoo.

King Kong ain't got nuffin' on me, y'all.

Think I spotted Simon Cowell in there......

But this is what won me over.

Isn't he gorgeous?! I had a tear in my eye. 

We enjoyed coffee in the sun

Hmmmm I wear that dress far too often.....

And now the Husband has grown a beard after not shaving for a fortnight and I think I fancy him even more but now the holidays have come to an end and he is back at work and I have the blues.

But that just goes to show we had a brilligog time. I shall reclaim my house from Thursday, but will also spend time mopping up my face as the Prince starts school. It's the end of an era and I shall miss him desperately.

Loving my Digital Detox by the way. Don't miss Facebook or Instagram AT ALL. Have so much more free time, I may even come off Twitter as hardly use it. I feel happier, more content with life and wish I'd done it sooner.


honeycat said...

You are looking amazing. Loving your stylish pregnancy outfits. This time last year I was nearing the end of my pregnancy and was so excited. Such a special time. Lovely summer pictures.
Big hugs,
Melanie x

thriftwood said...

You certainly pack a lot into a post Gem! Love your newsy, funny stories ... brother and sisterly love is fabulous, isn't it?

You look amazing, and should be a model for maternity clothes!

Love Claire xxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am so happy, SO HAPPY to see you here my friend! You look fantastic, ready to pop at any minute? Or when is the big event? I laughed, as usual, at your description of the Prince being A PRINCE, and pushing his sister into a pond.. Oh the joys of having a brother!!!!!

Dear Gem, I am off to the first day of school today. But I could not resist seeing if you had posted, and here you are. Thank you for letting us know you have been having a super summer! MISS YA! Anita

SarahB said...

What a fabulous post, I just loved seeing all your pics - it looks like you have had a FANTASTIC summer!!


S x

BTW that sunset photo is gorgeous!!

Julia said...

What a great post Gem, I've missed you! It looks like you've all had a fab summer and I love all your pics. You are looking blooming lovely too :0) xx

YarnRoundHook said...

Love your blog - it always makes me laugh. My children spent all summer fighting, they have a very strange love/hate relationship... can't be apart, can't stand to be together either! Such fun. Looks like you had a fab summer - oh, to have a beach on hand. I am getting fed up of IG too - if I see one more picture of a cup of tea I think I'll scream! With you on beards too - wouldn't let my husband shave his off last Summer, and it seems beards are 'in' - at least I have just flicked through a John Lewis magazine and all the male models were sporting one!

Cuckoo said...

Brilligog! Love that.

I'm late to this post. Awwww we had such a great time with you guys. Don't feel bad about The Princess getting shoved in a pond. Remember I lost Mini and a lady found him with his hand trapped in an amusement game in the arcade. Gulp.

That dress is divine on you. Wear it always.

Your Sister looks lovely as does her bairn. Such a sweet photograph.

Water Vowel!!! Fab shot!