Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Calm before the morn......

Am high-fiving myself like a freakin' lunatic.

(Singing)  "I got the kids to bed by 8pm, yeah yeah,  Shimmy shimmy, go me." (Circles around the kitchen, shaking an almost six month bump that looks about ready to reveal another baby who will kindly gift me more grey hair. Not at all attractive).

We've been too relaxed in the holidays on the bedtime front but the Prince starts school tomorrow......don't, I shudder just thinking about it. I shall be the one in black, weeping behind Jackie O glasses. He and I have a lot of fun.

He drives me nuts when he hits me with his light sabre ("oh it wasn't ME, Mum, it was Darth Vader") and shares a bath with me before announcing he is doing a massive wee. But he is wonderful and I am blessed. He is also besotted with his big sister.

Everything she does:

He does:

He walked into our bedroom this morning and climbed in for a big hug with the Husband and I. Then he told us that he loved us "too much", and then trotted merrily into the Princess's room to cuddle her. "What do you want, pea brain?" she growled and crawled back into her pit. Such a tweenie already.

But away from my watchful eye, she hugs him, does his hair, tells him they are best friends and is his greatest protector. I sometimes wonder where on earth the third baby will fit into all this chaos and love.

She's loved him really (even though she often pretends she doesn't) from the very second she first clapped eyes on him.

Yep, my legs were still akimbo...the midwife had just done some...ahem...embroidery.

See? Besotted...(or knackered from his incessant crying)

Anyway, I put the Princess to bed tonight and read her a chapter of St Clare's by Enid Blyton (we love all the boarding school tales) and she asked that frustrating question, you know, the night before she goes back to school from a six week summer holiday: "Mum, will you text some of the other mums to see if they know whether there was any homework?"

Gah!!!! I have no more to give. I am exhausted. As if I'd start looking into that at 8pm tonight.

Anyway, onto other things. On a totally different tangent, I have passed three cool vans recently which amused me. One was an ironing service called De-Pressed (genius), one was for a tattoo parlour called Pimp My Hide and then I actually had the camera when we passed this one.

Great name. Wonder if the boss is Mick Wagger........sorry.

Talking about Pimp My Hide, I have completed Project Pimp My Shed. Actually I must confess, it was a joint effort between me and my bearded beauty the Husband.

Before (obviously.  Imagine if this was "After"!!!!)

My little falling down rickety beach hut. LOVE!

Anyway on another tangent, I have found a cool shop full of treasures, namely Ladybird books. I shall blog about them next time.

In the meantime, I shall leave you with these. The kids stole my camera. They are SO mindless.

Back with a new post after school.......I shall be a wreck tomorrow morning. :-(     #mustmanup


Anonymous said...

Your posts always make me giggle.
There has been a scaffolding lorry parked outside our house all week that makes me chuckle every time I see it. LUKE the best erection!!
I know, I'm so immature.
Good luck for tomorrow. My Little Pea starts school next year and i'm dreading it. Whereas she can't wait to go.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I LOVE YOUR HUT, GEM! WOW! Do you know how many of us Yanks would love one of those shabby sheds? LOVELY!

I am rather late to see your post because this week, I too started school! I am teaching between two schools so the travel is not bad, but it is a busy the PRINCE IS STARTING SCHOOL?

This is a heart-warming tale of a prince and princess and the king and queen. You have a story here my friend, and how will the third child fit? Beautifully. Love always makes room. How great it is to see you and your pictures. LOVE to all, Anita

Cuckoo said...

Oh my, my eyes are misty. Proper welling up at the beginning of your post where you were talking about the Prince and the Princess' quiet times together. And that pic of her gazing at him as a babber. He hasn't changed a bit really has he? He still looks like himself.

Love those van names, hilarious. Some people are so clever.

I texted you the t'other day. Just was wondering how you were.

How was his first day at school? Where you ok? Mine don't go back till Monday and so we are on holiday in Devon. We have had lush weather! Such a bonus.

much love.


Cuckoo said...

And the hut!!!!! Lush!!! Still need chairs? I have 2 for you. I'll leave them as wood so you can match them to the hut.

Cuckoo said...

Oh and the third will make everything that is good in your family even better. Promise.

Vintage Coconut said...

Your two munchkins are just ADORABLE!
So it's fantastic you are having a third. I am sure the new baby will find the perfect place amongst all your chaos. *hehehe*

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

That beach hut of yours is TDF. GEM! Hey babe, how ya doin'? SO good to see you come by for a visit, though I'm sure you are swamped with busy school schedules, doctor's appointments and what not! School is going great. I am really enjoying teaching teenagers just French, rather than teaching all subjects in the elementary level. Teaching math was never pleasant, but the only fun thing about it was doing it in French! But all is well, and it will be a busy year.

We are excited to see you new baby, and I will be here to hear the news.

Much love! Anita