Monday, 23 September 2013

Pie's the Limit.

Warning. I am scowling. And speechless (...for once).

Just been told I look like I have eaten all the a woman SO flipping obese it's unreal. How very dare she?!

She was trying to get into the charity shop as I was trying to leave it and there was admittedly a bit of a roly poly stand off but it didn't even cross my mind to tell her that she should cut down on her pork life and get some exercise. But oh no, she felt she was in a position to talk to me in the only lardy language I apparently know.

I laughed it off but I was shocked. I admit I look like I've eaten a space hopper, and people are asking if it's triplets (already assuming its definitely twins), but What. A. Freaking. Liberty.

Mind you, she has a point...nearly 29 weeks.

Anyway, look what I am now obsessing about in the cherry tree shop. Victorian furniture. The manager said I could have both for £40. Seeing as it's me and I practically live in there, she laughed.

I just love the little key and door knob. 

I think they are so charming and so bloody pink which I am mad about. They belonged to an elderly woman who lives near Brighton and she has just been put into a home.

Trouble is, while I LOVE the pieces, we want to go with a cool, blue coastal theme for our bedroom which we simply must decorate before baby Bernard/Brenda arrives.

Decisions, decisions. I shall sleep on it. They are reserving them for me until tomorrow. Need to charm the Husband. He is all for shabby chic and fortunately we generally have the same taste in things for our home, but I have a feeling he may not feel the same about these treasures from the cherry tree.

In other news, my birthday flowers are still blooming.

And smell heavenly.....

And the best treasure from the cherry tree arrived on my door mat for my birthday:

Can you hear me gasping and salivating?!

Man, I've been searching for this book in cherry tree shops for six long years. It's sought after as there was apparently a shorter print run.

And my dear friend Kerry at happened to tell me she'd bought it for herself for an incredible 49p (I was nearly sick on the spot), not realising I was desperate for it.

And you know what? That dear, kind girl sent it to me as a birthday present. The most thoughtful thing ever. I actually squealed! She gave up her beloved Ladybird book....for me!! What an honour. I love this book so much.

Oh and the Prince is finally settling into school although I pick him up after lunch and we tend to hit the beach during sunny afternoons, just to make the most of our time together before he goes full time.
Trousers four sizes too big. Mother can't sew. Disaster.

I am a pie eater after all..........I look like an eclipse!

Just us and some distant fishermen. Glorious.
So now I shall ummmmm and ahhhhhh about the pink Victorian furniture some more.

And then put my feet up. Tired dot com.

(Must be because I have eaten all the pies of course.
 (And the Magnums. And the cheese and biscuits. And the Peanut M&Ms. And the croissants. And the buttered teacakes. And the chocolate Digestives. And the fishfinger sandwiches. And..........repeat until you fall asleep........)



Jay said...

Oh you do make me laugh! Eaten all the pies indeed you look so lovely! But that reminds me of the time on holiday when a very large lady walked by and husband made a pie comment under his breath - a while later our toddler told us that the lady hadn't eaten all the pies - apparently he'd been over and asked her little daughter!! Embarrassed or what?! And I have that Cinderella book - didn't know it was hard to find.
Your flowers are gorgeous by the way.

justjill said...

Know the feeling, I was always being asked, "When is it due?" when only three months gone.
Why not paint the lovely, lovely furniture blue?

VintageVicki said...

What a good friend - I would sell a teenager for a copy of that ;)

Love the furniture - you know it must come to live with you don't you ;)

Avoir la Peche said...

Hi, I haven't commented yet after finding your lovely blog but I just had to....What a cheek! You don't look like you've eaten the pies to look like you have a very healthy cute baby bump and blooming - bet the fatty was jealous!
As for the buy buy! It's lovely and an absolute bargain at £40 for both! It may sound sacriligious but if you're going for a coastal theme why don't you paint the pink bits baby blue? You could even go for blue & white stripes? I think it'd look lovely :)


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HOW DARE THAT WOMAN! Gem, you look like a normal and very gorgeous pregnant woman, that's that! WOW, some is shocking because who expects that? Oh, the things people have said to me and have taken me for a loop!


Love the pink. But if you're going for a coastal look, how about painting a light aqua over the pink? Do you ever go onto Pinterest? You will find oodles of ideas. My husband is also into the shabby white/grey look too, so we are fortunate! WOrk on the husband; I'm sure he'll go for it!

THE PRINCE...OMG he is a little student now! Oh dear, we are moving on the continuum, aren't we?

You are super beautiful and that's that! Anita

Musings Of A Gem said...

You are looking fabulous Gem! Can't believe the cheek of that woman. Good for you laughing it off. I probably would of cried lol.

Gemma XxX

Cuckoo said...

Gah! That's the thing. Everyone will have an opinion on your tum "your huge! Everything ok?" "Youre tiny, Everything ok?" Ya just cannot win. You look splendid. You really do.

As for the furniture. Buy it, If you ove it, it will look right. You could paint it....


Cuckoo said...

Soory so many errors.

thriftwood said...

You look gorgeous Gem ... Bloody woman! What gives people the right to think it's ok to make comments to pregnant women anyway ... Asking really personal questions and touching bumps! Rant over ...

The furniture is lovely, and you could always paint it to go with your room ... you'll regret it if you don't get them!

Have a lovely week and enjoy this precious time with your little lad.

Love Claire xxx

little homebird said...

I don't think you look like you've eaten all the pies just pregnant! I'd say go for the furniture and paint it light blue instead? If you don't go for it will you regret it in a few weeks time?!
Love reading your blog, missing you on IG but understand why you left.

Annaboo said...

Blimmin cheek. Some people just do not know when to keep their traps shut.
You look gorgeous.
Glad you had a happy birthday, what a lovely Cinderella book. I think I had this one as a kid...
Looking forward to catching up very very soon....
Ps the prince looks so grown up in his uniform!!!!

sandiart said...

Oh I was told I was anorexic more often than not, people should pull their heads in and mind their own tongues. As a youngster I used to draw dresses like the ones in the Cinderella book, glad to hear the Prince is settling.
xxxx Sandi

Anonymous said...

Hi Gem, what a bloomin cheek, You look beautiful,really beautiful. Happy belated birthday wishes to You. I love the pink furniture and such a lovely story attached,knowing where they came from makes them more lovely :). Swoon at the Cinderella book,such a lovely thing to do. Keep well Hun and thankyou for popping in on Me too. Lots of love,XXXXX

Vintage Coconut said...

*Hehehhe* I swear you always run into the craziest people. You look gorgeous and lovely to me. Not like a crazy pie eating lady. If you ate all the pies the woman must have eatin all the Christmas hams. ;)

kerry may said...

Someone asked me if I was pregnant today.. oh that moment of saying "Erm... no!" is just awful! Hey ho.

You are most welcome for the ladybird book lover, glad it made you so happy!

Did you get the furniture in the end? xx

Grammy Braxton said...

The one thing you possible have on will lose yours! You look lovely.


Jooles said...

well I think you look absolutely blooming beautiful, how rude, take no notice.
What a fab little book, brings back lovely memories.
love jooles xxx