Monday, 13 October 2014

Chicken Licken Good

I had a delightful surprise last week. One of the lovely readers of my blog, Ellie, sent a copy of the vintage Ladybird book Chicken Licken to me, complete with a pretty greetings card. So full of thought, that lovely Ellie, and she's now completed my collection in that particular series.
Whoop whoop, I am one step closer to owning 'em all.

In other news, I have had the inlaws staying for three nights. A lot of cake has been eaten, it has to be said.

See the plate with roses on in the above pic? My latest cherry tree purchase...six for £3.50 and I love them.

The weather is utter misery but I am beating the blues by dreaming of a white Christmas and snuggling up with the girls...the Prince was out when we took this...

Baby led weaning continues to create havoc in the kitchen......

My mornings are still very early but someone is full of beans......

is it time for a snooze yet?


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Gem!

That selfie of you and the girls, OH MY, you are just a beauty, and so are they! Oh that cake, what a perfect tea and do I see what we assume is clotted cream? A great American friend of mine lived in England for two years and couldn't stop eating it, she loved it so!

Enjoy your day, and OH! Great book to complete your collection!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gem ,I'm so glad You got chicken licken :) I havent found that one yet. Such lovely pictures ,You all look so lovely . I can t believe the blanket of glory is still going :) Take care lovely ,XXXX

m said...

Hope you're ok! Miss your posts (especially curious how you manage three as we're expecting nr. 3 as well hehe) but guess life is just taking up lots of your time right now! (that tea looks lovely! I feel I could eat it all!)
best from Istanbul,