Saturday, 8 November 2014

More of a BOG post this week.......(shudder)

So, my lovely follower from Istanbul gave me a kick up the sizeable derrière to write another blog post. Seriously, it's been a madly busy time but yes it's definitely worthy of a blog. However, one needs to keep it all brief or else you will end up weeping in despair like I did on Sunday and Monday. I fondly refer to those days as Poo Gate.

Firstly, on a brighter note, there has been cherry tree shopping in epic proportions, compared to recent times when I haven't really found the time to scour for second hand bargains.

Sweet Child is the one to really benefit from this as baby clothes are usually in amazing condition as not worn much....unless you feed them bolognaise sauce while they wear crisp, white clothes. Then those garments become mere dusters. and I weep....again.

OK, the dress, top and head scarf (after the strawberry hat pics) are second hand. The dotty Jasper Conran dress cost just £1.50 from Dorothy House. I love it too much.

The dotty head scarf was 50p from Oxfam and I think we will be sharing it as I love a 50s look.

I also bought this Laura Ashley dress from Scope for £2.50. 

I love the detail on little girls clothes.

I also bought this gorgeous knitted dress but she would NOT pose in it at all. It was £1 from Help the Aged.

There is also this fab babygro from H&M, snug velour.

Oh, with a cute matching heart on the bottom!

There has also been the purchase of this Blue Zoo frock for £1.

Then I picked this up for me.

It's a really heavy ornate bird cage for a whole £1.50 from Scope. I think I love it too much. I have named her Verity. 

So, in other news there have been some very early starts....

and there has been a very cute baby....

There has also been the christening of Sweet Childe...

And after a roast lunch in our lovely local, I put on traditional afternoon tea with 1940s music. It was fabulous. Oh and everything except the frosted cake stand is from the cherry tree shop, including a whole tea set from Oxfam.

And the reason for my weeping this week????

On the same day as the christening, our house decided to have a major blocked drain and toilet problem. Nothing quite like raw sewage seeping through your downstairs loo while guests mingle in their Sunday best. It didn't ruin the magic of the day, but it made things a little shite to say the least.

It got quite a lot worse on Monday which tipped my OCD about poo over the edge, quite frankly.

You would have though Ebola had come to my seaside town if you had seen me during the clean up...

But £300 poorer and no longer feeling contaminated after watching two drain men walk raw sewage in and out of my house as they Ummed and Ahhhed about the drains outside and loo inside, I now feel cleansed and at peace with the world again.

Oh and on a final note and show casing my cherry tree plate, can I show you the cheese crisps I have been making?

Totally gorgeous as Sweet Child will demonstrate, although she then choked so I will wait a little longer before dishing them up again.

But you basically dry fry slices of cheese and watch for three mins. It's the flipping future I tell thee...


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am giggling as I read you again dearest Gem. I have missed you, and like many other bloggers, you have cut back on your posts, but with good reason: LIFE LOVE and CHILDREN! And this is wonderful, to see you pop up once in a while with a good tale to tell. WE TOO had a drain problem at 2:00 in the morning a few weeks ago! We had to call our drain men to come with their tools and snake out the unmentionable culprits that were blocking our drain!

Your tea time looks lovely, the kids are so gorgeous, your purchases always a treat and YOU, you lovely Gem are ready for elegant evenings AND clean up! You are hilariously wonderful. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! Anita

justjill said...

You make me smile too. I had 4 under 5s pooooo.

Musings Of A Gem said...

You do make me laugh Gem! Glad to see your family are well, sweet child is absolutely adorable. Those cheese crisps sound intriguing.

Gemma x

Gem said...

Loving the cherry tree purchases. Don't you just wish that they would do some of these clothes in adult sizes.
I've scoured a few myself recently and have come away with some Christmassy purchases, got to love a bargain.
Well at least now I know who to call if ever I get blocked drains haha, a very fetching look I must say ;p
x x x

m said...

So my whining does the trick :-) happy to have been updated and to know that you're (relatively...) well :-) (what a story about the loo! brought back memories of the time our washing machine exploded on my birthday...I'll spare you the details!) that's quite a treasure you've brought home from charity! Have a lovely week!!

kerry may said...

Congrats on the Christening! Lovely spread you put on there, I'm sure no one will have noticed the sewage problem. £300? Ouch!

Good work on the purchases lover! x