Friday, 22 March 2013

Wibble Wobble

No No No. The title of this blog post does NOT relate to the sound of my thighs as they sashay along the promenade.

How very dare you.

Indeed not. Although they probably do make some sort of sound but let's not dwell on the dulcet tones of my pins. Let's concentrate on Treasures from the Cherry Tree. You with me? Goody. Thanking you muchly.

I have bought some gorgeous glass jelly moulds and I secretly love them more than I should.

They were sitting in the cherry tree shop window and I had to have them both. It would have felt wrong to separate.

£8 for so much pleasure. The kids LOVE the wobbly goodness.

It reminds me of a joke my lovely Bampy told me as a child: "One day a little boy went to a birthday party and the host asked him what he would like to eat, once they'd sat down for the party tea. The little boy said: 'I would like a plate of that wobbly stuff please.' The host said: 'Don't call it wobbly stuff, that's rude.' And the little boy replied: 'I'd like a plate of rude please.'

Boom boom. But I seriously laughed my guts up every time he told me it. Bless that lovely man, how I miss him and his funny ways (ie calling a dinosaur a "dinner sour" as that's how he pronounced it. Oh and a "hi-fi" was pronounced differently too. Yep, he was always listening to music on his "hee fee").

So my lovely jelly moulds. I love them both dearly.

I get very attached to certain (ok, all) inanimate objects. My sister is the same and we crack up at our weird little foibles. Sometimes, if I've eaten an apple, I can't throw the core in a bin if we are in an undesirable area. I prefer to keep it and throw it in a field. Where it will be....errr... happy.

Hmmmmm. Wonder how many readers I just lost. The Husband thinks I am nuts, but my sister agrees with me (she does the same). We are just caring. And how do we all know apples DON'T have feelings? We don't know for sure.

Moving on......unless you're gagging to see more jelly mould pics. There are more. Believe me.

This time last week I had two of my neighbours over for a quiet drink or two - we had such a blast. Suddenly it was 2.15am and we were all absolutely blottoed. Felt a bit bad when the Princess came down at 1am, scolding us and telling us to be quiet!

This was after about 80 takes..........

The Husband came in from work at 1am and we turned out all the lights and kept quiet. When he walked into the living room, we shrieked with mirth and I actually thought he'd gone into shock. Never seen him look so stunned. At the sight of three wild women with mad hair, he quickly made his excuses and exited to bed. Oh the hilarity. #childish

Wrecked. Spesh her in the middle. Ha!

Mind you, I went to bed already hungover, which didn't bode well for the morning. And indeed, last Saturday was a wipe out. Mother of all Headaches chose me as her victim! So this weekend is going to be calm and cleansing.

In other news, the Prince took part in his Easter bonnet parade today. Just brilliant.

He sauntered around like some catwalk male model, hand casually in pocket, sweeping his way across the floor, working it totally. GAGGING to put the pic on but I can't because other kids are right next to him and the pre school policy doesn't allow it. Fair enough.

But I can post this one. A pic for his 18th party me thinks. How he will love me. His eye is healing after the shenanigans of crashing into furniture and being rushed to A&E, by the way. Can't remember if I mentioned it in my last blog. Think I did.

Mind you, we bumped into my next door neighbour in Lidl this week (not one of the drunken girls above, but another one who stayed into the early hours when we hosted dinner) and he climbed onto the side of her trolley (I was choosing something so my back was turned...I will obviously never learn). The next thing I heard was a giant crashing sound. He'd pulled the trolley over, it tipped on top of him and ALL the food fell out (also on top of him).

 You literally couldn't make it up. Much screaming, Lidl staff racing over mildly panicking that we may sue over a broken leg. Bruised and battered but fine. Need to wrap an extra layer of cotton wool around him I think.

A man came up to me, moments after, and said: "That was bad. But it could have been worse. I have been through worse. I've travelled to seven countries. I've seen a gun."

I was like "Byeeeeee" and exited swiftly.

Been busy on the work front. Lots of new job offers too which is brilliant. I just need more hours in my day. And on that front I am heading for a bath with a lovely new magazine.

Tis the simple pleasures.


Kylie said...

You are so funny Gem, sound of slapping thighs! Don't ya hate that?! I think I would like to be one of your next door neighbours btw. Gorg jelly mold - they'd be perfect for a bit of retro cooking!

Jay said...

You do make me laugh! Haven't made a jelly for ages, perhaps that's a job for later today? Good to see you having a laugh with friends I'm doing that tonight for the first time in a while. Poor little chap with his tumble, hope he's all recovered now. Have a great weekend. x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh how I love to read you.

Gem my dear, you make me laugh, your anecdotes, your prose, your humor. I feel good having pared down my blogging style, so I can truly enjoy some of my absolute favorite blogs: YOURS.

You know how to enjoy life - your friends, your home and family, YOURSELF! And I just laughed myself silly at your introduction; I think my thighs have a sound too...teeheeee.....what the he*^....right? Gotta eat, gotta love the foods that make you happy!!!!!!!

ENJOY YOUR DAY and be well, beautiful girl! Anita

Gem said...

Once again another hillarious post, thanks gem. Does it make me a very bad person to have been laughing at the point where the trolley tipped covering the prince in it's contents? Thought so. mind you I wouldn't have laughed if he had of been seriously injured, and with any luck it will stop him from doing it again.

Loving the jelly molds, very pretty, I don't blame you for snapping those up :) x x x x

thriftwood said...

Oh you sound like Miranda Hart (who I love) Gem! Love your stories,you paint very clear picture. I also have a fondness for jelly moulds and sometimes plant spring flowers in them just because I can. Love the shenanigans you had with your friends, such fun!

The prince looks adorable and yes, definitely one to dig out when a new girlfriend calls round.

Have a fabulous weekend, I'm going for a hot bath now too, been at work and it's freezing, snow is settling again, and I need to get warm.

Love Claire xx

kmmms said...

"I've seen a gun"??
Did he follow up with "Do you know Michael Ryan?"


Swallow Barn said...

love love love the jelly moulds - my gran had one just like that!

Nikki x

Annaboo said...

Oh blimey.
You and your shenanninnanniganniannigans!
Cannot stop laughing o er the Prince and the trolley story!(would not be laughing if he had been hurt, but seriously the man and the gun story are hilarious!!!)
AND genuinely well done on those fab jelly moulds. We have something similar-ish, and the kids are constantly asking for 'bum jelly' (because once my mother commented that a serving of 2 sections looked like a bottom)
Oh, and Annabelle's new favourite thing to do is to say 'Oooo, me nuts' whilst grabbing her crotch in a footballer's-I've-been-knee'd-in-the-goolies-kinda-way.
Big brothers eh? They teach them so much...
Must catch up soon

Sharon said...

Oh my god, never a dull moment in your life! I laughed so much about scaring the husband - ha ha ha! x

Ali Whale said...

Love this post and totally get the apple core thing. My daughter dropped a part eaten Danish pastry, rather than being sorry that she'd lost the end of her snack, she felt sorry for the pastry. We both remember the lost pastry fondly!

Nelly B-K said...

He he, liked this post very much. Particularly the photo of you and drunken neighbours xxx