Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mother's ruin

Tell me, why do they call gin Mother's Ruin? I call it Mother's Necessity...two of those babies and I'm ready for anything! I am a mother and it hasn't ruined me in the slightest. Chocolate has though...three weeks until Lent is over. Bring it on! I shall turn into Augustus Gloop.

Anyway readers, it's finally happened. After walking around for the best part of 14 months without seeing a hairdresser, I've managed to come to my senses and sort my barnet out.

Before I booked the appointment, it was brassy,dry, tortoiseshell cat-esque and just.........on the scale of Worzel Gummidge, 9 out of ten......

It's the peril of living on the south coast I guess.

So I sorted it out. And now I love my tresses again.

I look a bit like a fat Nigella. It's all glossy and swishy and swirly. Well, it was when I left the salon anyway.

In the UK, it's Mothers Day today. I've had a lie-in, I have had the full English breakfast treatment, opened gifts with my Mum in Law (that's MIL, not MILF....ahem) and generally had a wonderful time. My own mum was in Devon all weekend with my dad, celebrating 39 years of marriage. I salute them.

So the MIL and I had a great day doing NOTHING!

We opened gifts

YAY!!!! Chocolate bath bombs!

I also got the CD I fell in love with at my friend Sharease's house.
It's The King and his album Gravelands.
Google The King James Brown if you haven't heard of this Irish postman.
My kids aren't so bad after all!

Being a mum is flaming hard work at times but I have lovely moments. Like this, watching the Princess (unaware) as she is lost in the world of Harry Potter. I sit and watch her beautiful little face quite often, when she doesn't know.

Yep that's my giant granny blanket.
A year on, STILL trying to finish it!

It's been a busy old time recently.The Princess dressed as Charlie Bucket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for World Book Day.

I have been working hard, snatching moments when I can find peace in the house.

My mother and father in law came down Thursday afternoon for three nights. We ate and drank and had a good time.

We went out on Sat for an early Mother's Day lunch
and to celebrate my father in law's birthday

I haven't frequented many cherry tree shops recently but did grab this last week from the West Sussex Horse Trust shop.

Vintage Disney book

£1 my darlings. One gold nugget.

Would love to be more like Pollyanna

LOVE the illustration
 Last weekend we escaped to Whitstable (CHILD FREE) to indulge in shenanigans with my dear friend Sharease. We had a ball, as we always do when we get together.

She was an absolute rock for me when we had the stressful time of having to find a new home fast (landlord sold the house, giving us just 8 weeks to find somewhere new) and deciding to relocate and then finding a new home, before finally buying. I love her to bits - she is a "radiator" friend.
Enjoying a leetle gin
We went out for dinner to Samphire, which was gorgeous.

Love the way they write your booking on the table!
We ate too much and laughed too loud.

Several glasses of wine later.....

Our 19th attempt at a drunken photo where we were all actually in the frame!

And so now the cold weather looms yet again. We are expecting a little snow tomorrow.

Last Wednesday, I walked to the sea and back and the weather was stunning. When I got home, the sun streamed through the hall. I took this pic as I knew it wouldn't last.

Sunshine but not for long...
And now it's Sunday afternoon. The husband has well and truly spoilt me rotten today. He is cooking dinner and allowing me as much quiet time as possible. Looking forward to a snug up on the sofa with him tonight, before the mentalness of Monday morning begins.

Hoping to check out some cherry tree shops that I haven't been in before. I shall keep you posted.

Oh and for those fans of one of my fave films Wish You Were Here, I took this just for you:

The cinema is great. You can buy booze from the bar and take it in with you!
Laters me dears.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dear Gem!

I am always anticipating your newest posts, because I just love to sit with you, hear about your day, see your beautiful face. Your new "do" is lovely, because it frames your gorgeous eyes and smile so softly. The Princess is growing so quickly, your purchases are precious, and your time with your friends are ALL framed beautifully in your prose. No wonder; you ARE a writer.

Oh how I long to go back to take in the different air, the cold, the sea - to just observe the other side of the world. Thank you for bringing it to me across the sea.


thriftwood said...

Love your posts Gem, so chatty and newsy! Wish You We Here one of my alltime favourites too, need to upgrade to a DVD copy, only have an old video of it.

Looks like you've had a lovely weekend and Mother's Day, you deserve it, being a Mum hardest job of all.

And don't ever say you're fat, you're blimmin gorgeous!

Looking forward to seeing your latest finds next time

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, Gem ...

Claire xxx

Jay said...

I love this post, looks like you've had a great Mother's day & your hair do looks fab to me!

terrileanne x said...

What lovely happy photos xx

ide love if you checked my blog out x

Anonymous said...

Don't be silly!!! Fat Nigella indeed. Her slim self is far fatter than you (and that is absolutely OK as she is lovely is she not?), so that means you are a fairy slyph.

Love the shiny shiny hair. Even the hairdresser can't do that for me any more and I have to put the whole bottle nearly, of conditioner on my more mature locks these days.

Have been especially enjoying your posts recently :) Thank you.

Gem said...

Well haven't you been busy my dear :)

I love your cradigan - the one you were wearing mothers day, very pretty and how cute it the little bicycle on it!
x x x x

Pink Milk said...

Hey Gem. Look at you! Your hair looks gorgeous! I've been half thinking about going darker again myself and now you've really tempted me. It just looks so beautifully glossy.

Can't do gin. Bleurgh. It would certainly ruin this mother! Just saying the word makes me feel a bit queasy. Swap you for a bottle of wine?

For the record, you are absolutely no way bigger than Nigella. I've read your last post too about the rude OAP. What bunkum. If it's any consolation, my Mum has said, more than once quite recently, "aah yes, I was at my meatiest in my forties too". Wha???

Heather xx

Vintage Coconut said...

Your hair looks gorgeous & yes rather SHINY TOO!
Thank goodess Mother's day in Canada is at a different time. (In May)
Or I would have to be celebrating Mother's day and a week later Mother's Birthday. OHHH that would be too much to handle. *lol*

Nelly B-K said...

How gorgeous is the sunshine when it finally shows up, I love it. Nothing like spending quality time with good friends, sounds fun,
Nelly x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GEM! YOU CAME TO MY POST! I thank you kindly! ANd you would look fabulous in that black tulle skirt, shades and your gorgeous dark hair piled up high. DO IT and take a picture! Much love, Anita

Anonymous said...

I love to read your blog! You make me laugh out loud. You are so naturally witty. What is so refreshing is that you are so genuine, so many blogs are just a platform to brag about material things and they appear to airbrush their lives. I look forward to reading further posts because I know it will brighten my day! You are truly a gorgeous person inside and out x