Friday, 15 March 2013

Ladybird Ladybird Fly to My Home

I've done four weeks of Lent. Lent Schment. Not lost any weight at all. At all. Not an ounce. Yet not one biscuit, cake, chocolate or sweet has touched my lips in a month. In fact the only pounds I've lost are in the cherry tree shops.

It's been a good week on that front. I found SEVEN Ladybird books in one shop yesterday on the way to toddler group. I practically squealed when I walked past and saw them in a box in the window. (Tell a lie, I actually DID squeal but didn't want you to think I am barmy...)

I raced in, all breathless (can Ladybird books actually bring on an asthma attack?)

"Sandra!" I gasped, as I know the staff in Scope now and they see probably me more than they see their own families.

I reminded her of my leetle obsession and she grabbed me the box, in case someone beat me to it. I had all the other books in there already but I am over the moon with the seven I found.

Didn't feel like the best mum in the world yesterday #shoutyshouty

I even bought the Princess and the Frog, which I'd actually bought a couple of months ago while shopping with Sarah but the cover was slightly different and the one I found yesterday is the one I really wanted although the cover is battered and drawn over by its previous owner.

Bad boy Dominic......

Then my heart broke.

Sandra said: "Course there were masses more Ladybird books in there, but someone came in ten minutes ago and bought a load."

Imagine. It's the equivalent of someone buying all the shoes in some bargainous sale and leaving you with the last few they didn't want.

I started thinking about all the ones that could have been mine. But since then, I have manned up and moved on.

I have also bought a couple of other things which I will blog about another time. I am running out of blogging minutes as have two neighbour friends coming over tonight for some glasses of pink fizz and want to get the house straight (which always takes longer than I think).

We are fortunate to have brilliant neighbours who we get on well with (we weren't so lucky in the past). We have dinner with the ones next door and then I'm friends with two girls around the corner so tonight should be a giggle.

The Prince and Princess have Sweetie Friday each week. We spend an age in Tesco while they panic over what to choose and then opt for the same choice each week. The Princess ALWAYS has Fruit Pastilles or Shoe Strings and the Prince loves Skittles. I also treat the Princess to a magazine of her choice once a month (makes her behave well!).

Moshi Monsters mag.

I believe these things should be an indulgence and not a habit, otherwise things aren't appreciated. I try to live by the same rules (unless it involves Ladybird books).

And so tonight we can watch Comic Relief and guffaw and cry all rolled into one. The Princess had to wear red to school today and looked cute and very much like Annie, much to her disgust, when it was pointed out!

"Tooooooomorrow, tomorrow...."

Looking forward to a quiet weekend. We are usually so busy and often have people staying (our families aren't local) so this weekend will be en famille, just us four.

Other things: here are some of my Mother's Day roses still going strong. They have a very delicate scent. I love roses - can you tell?!

The other exciting thing to happen is that we got snowed in on Tuesday. The snow came down thick and fast. All the schools shut and we played in the snow and had snowball fights with our neighbours.

The kids in their cherry tree shop hats behind a REAL snowdrift!

Very confusing for the poor daffs!
And that's it for tonight. I shall return soon with other nice cherry tree treasures!


thriftwood said...

Not fair about the Lenten sacrifices Gem ... Severely depriving yourself should have a just reward!

Bad luck about the Ladybirds too, but never mind, you did get some, and think of the money you saved!

Enjoy your evening and have a lovely family weekend.

Love Claire xxx

Swallow Barn said...

oh bad luck about the books, but good to find a few.

Nikki x

moleymakes said...

Bummer about missing out on those Ladybird books.

VintageVicki said...

Oh ladybird books - they are in such short supply these days - I do keep looking!!

Love the Princess in red :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning you FuNNY and fabulous human being, YOU.

Oh dear, lent takes over a month you know, for this old body to GET WITH THE PROGRAM! It takes at least a month for the metabolism to readjust. Believe me.

You enjoy your chocolate my dear, as soon as you are able. You are fabulous THE WAY YOU ARE! And I do think that you would look stunning in that black tulle skirt and top with some great sunglasses, à la Holly Golightly!

Your treasures are abundant, Cherry Tree and also your children. BE WELL DEAR GEM! Anita

Jay said...

The covers on those books are so familiar from my childhood - I think the one with 5a on it is a set we used to read at infants school!
You've had a lot more snow than us, only some minute long blizzards here interspersed with bright sunshine, very weird! All schhols stayed open though much to the kids disgust!

Emma said...

Ahh i have that swiss family robinson book. When i got it it came with a tape that read the story with sound effects in the background. I love the picture of the homes, esp the cave! It came with town mouse and country mouse, my all time favourite!! Glad i have always kept them. I also have bunny fluffs moving day! Love it. Well done on your finds. I have been searching for the princess and the frog too! Shame you miss out on the other though.
Have a good weekend x

Annaboo said...

Hello gorgeous!
What a bugger to miss out on all those books. I feel your pain...
Love the Princess in her red nose day outfit. Bless her!
We had a snow day here, but had only a tiny bit of the white stuff. The kids were a tad disappointed when our snowman only reached the lofty heights of 30 cms.
Much catch up soon
Mwah mwah

jus said...

Hello you sexy mother, loving the swooshy hair!! x

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, I hate that crap at the thrift store! I hate knowing someone beat me to something i reeeeeally wanted. I feel your pain!! Good job getting over it so quickly. There will be more books. :0)
Save me some pink fizz! ;0)

Sheila said...

Hoorah about being snowed in, sometimes it can be a great thing. I love that you ran for those books, i love finding things in charity shops so much.