Friday, 1 February 2013

Me ol' China

So then, I got me the cake stand that I have been wanting since December 16th. A two-tier chintzy bit of fancy. Finally, china in my hand!

It was there, gleaming in the window of one of my fave (if somewhat nuts) cherry tree shops. I say "nuts" because it is run by two old dears who each own a mahoosive greyhound. They love nothing better than to sprawl all over the floor of the cherry tree shop and trip up customers, while licking their limbs.

The dogs I mean, not the old dears. They're 80 if they're a day. (The ladies I mean, not the dogs). Oh dear. I'm all discombobulated. I've had 4.5 hours sleep - bear with, darlings.

Anyway, the deal was that if the cake stand was STILL in the shop and no one else coughed up the ridiculous £12 asking price, I could have it for £6. Half price. I hate doing deals in cherry tree gaffs but I also hate being ripped off.

So here it is. Agatha. That's what I have called her. The Prince would have been called Agatha Rose, had he been a girl (or Elsie Violet). So the newest member of the cake stand clan gets the name instead.

Settling in.

Making friends with the others (god, I am so weird)

I swear I NEVER thought I would get so excited over this
 She's looking the part on my dresser. I can't wait to pile her with cakes! I've piled myself with cakes this week and keep having good intentions to do something about it, but you know what? I can't be jiggered.

Talking of cakes, I've been looking forward to Cake Friday all week. There's nothing finer than a good catch up and as much cake as you can handle on a Friday afternoon before the school run.

I made these vanilla cupcakes.

They were lush. Too lush. I am trying not to think about the globules of fat adhering to my thighs as I type...(I've also eaten a huge tube of Mini Eggs.)

This morning I went to the village cafe (no cake but loads of coffee) and put the world to rights with a friend from pre school. She 'fessed up that sometimes, just sometimes, she accidentally switches on Jeremy Kyle and watches the whole show while she does the ironing.

I think she thought I would disown her there and then. Truth is, I'm into my trashy car crash TV occasionally too. Jeremy Kyle, or JK Rowdy as I like to call him, brings a little guilty pleasure comfort into my home. In his own way, our JK is saying there is a far worse parent than me. Someone with a far bigger bottom. Someone with an even less desirable complexion. Someone who has definitely consumed more calories than they should and someone who really shouldn't be wearing a tracksuit (not that I would do the latter anyway but you get my drift).

So we laughed about that. Then went a little wistful when our children's P.E. teacher nipped in for a sandwich. He's rather handsome you see, and wears shorts in all weather. We tried not to look but we struggled. It was such a challenge.

The Princess is taking school very seriously and now knows her 25 times table (blimey, didn't do that in my day). She's so sweet at the mo, wearing perfume and writing amazing songs in her bedroom and trying to hide from the pesky little brother.

I was talking to the Prince the other day while I was washing up. About the Gruffalo and about how we should do some digging in the garden. I then sang him some nursery rhymes.

It was wasted on him.

Was it something I said?!

Oh roll on spring, I need to get walking, spend more time beside the sea. Spend more time admiring daffs in the glorious countryside we live in.

It's Feb! We survived the winter! Go give yourself a High Five!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am THRILLED that you finally got your cake stand, GEM! I am still waiting to find my crush somewhere in an antique/consignment shop, but if you watch Downton Abby, I am looking for the sort that Lady Edith's cake was carried away on!!!

I so enjoy hearing about your finds. LUCKY YOU! Waiting sometimes for that special item is so worth it, especially when you know the price is too high that no one is going to pay it!

I should have kept the one my mum had. It was three tiered and I swear I would send it to you if I had it. AND THE CUPCAKES MY DEAR....oh, enjoy them. You look fantastic and just go walking at the shore and you will be fine! I cannot keep the weight on due to all the walking my husband has me do with him at the enclosed mall!

You make me laugh. I love your observations of the male gym teacher; I swear that if we were together, we would have a blast. I met up with two blogger pals two days ago in a coffee shop and I tell ya, we were LOUD!

Enjoy all your goodies. The house must be so much fun (yes, work too) to put together. Hugs to you and HAPPY FEBRUARY! Anita

Beckah said...

Hello Gem, loving your blog!

Corr, what a lovely cake stand, well worth the wait and the price.
I do love a bargain, especially when it's clothing and you happen across an item that you simply MUST have, also helps if it's the right size, a rarity mind you, in my case anyway.
My daughter bags all the good stuff usually. I need to shove her latest finds on my next post, that'll bring my grand total to four posts!
I'm a bit green yet with this blogging lark but hopefully I'll get there before folk get bored and wander off mid read.
Try jogging on the spot between each cake...what?! It works for me, probably not with my waist measurement but certainly with my guilt :)
I'm off to put the kettle on and root through your old posts now.
Beckah X

Marina said...

Yay you got it!! Ha i was wondering about the cake stand..a week last Thurs I was dusting the bits & bobs on my dresser (a rare occurance i'm afraid!), picked up one of my cake stands and remembered that it was the Thursday you were hoping to get yours for half price! I was hoping that you had! :) Ohhh it's a beauty as well it was well worth the wait. I actually have a cake stand the same as the one in the picture with the three of them, the one on the right, A lovely post to read as always and aaah the Princess is growing up isn't she, Mia is the same at the moment, she wanted to share a room with her little brother when we first moved in..but a month later the novelty has worn off and she's bagged her own room, well away from his, where she can put up her One Direction posters and admire Harry Styles' "cute face" (I must admit, at 8 years old she has very good taste! :) )
Marina xx

thriftwood said...

Winter's not over yet Gem ... don't be lulled into a false sense of security!

Love ALL your cake stands, they're great finds, and bet your cakes were gorgeous too!

Enjoy your weekend

Claire xxx

Emma said...

Lovely cake stand. My bike is called Agatha and my son was going to be Elsie Rose!!
Haha! I thought it would be so unusal!! Your posts always make me chuckle! I used to watch jk for his lovely sparkly eyes!
Saw a nice glass cake stand with clouche type lid but it was only big enough to display one thats no good now is it? Who designed that?!!

Jay said...

The cake stands are gorgeous, and so much lovelier when filled with cakes!
There is something to be said for occasional "veg-out" TV - I like to watch a bit of trash around 2.30 just before the school run! (I'm embarrassed to own up to that!)

Cuckoo said...

Worth the wait, doll, worth the wait. it was meant to be. I did a similar deal with the chap who sold me our dining table. Feels so good but so flitchy when you think someone else might just pip you to the post.

OMG. JK Rowdy? Freaks me right out! I can't watch it. I get the fear.