Sunday, 10 February 2013

A right mincer

So, who is eating mince then? Hmmmm?

And if not, what are your reasons? Are you scared horse meat is dangerous with the threat of "bute" present in the meat? Or is the mere thought of eating Mister Ed just a little too freaky for your taste buds? Or is it the principal of the matter? You paid for cow, you want cow.  You want Daisy over Dobbin any day, right?

Well, it's churning my insides right now if I'm honest. I'm toying with becoming a Fake Veggie (you know, those who eat fish.)  It's all a little too much to bear. I have mince in my freezer. It's high quality but I can't be sure I trust the labelling right now. It's frightfully offal really (actually joking aside, maybe it is).

Also, if we are guaranteed our mince IS cow and not horse, the thought of eating corneas and connective tissue is turning my palate right off.

I was a vegetarian when I first met the Husband and so was he. It was one of the first things we loved about each other. We were both veggies, we smoked fags, we loved indie music, we enjoyed snogging.

Now, 17 years on, we both eat meat (we've added crocodile, buffalo, kangaroo and zebra to the regular list of bacon butties etc), neither of us smoke and while he still navel gazes in true indie style, I have gone right back to my old roots and Bon Jovi makes an appearance more often than not.

So, I wanted to get that off my chest and chew the cud with you, so to speak.

Right, Cherry Tree lovers, I've had some success this week and it feeeeeeeels good.

This dress has been sitting in Scope for weeks.

I've wanted it for weeks but never get the chance to try stuff on and I was worried it wouldn't fit for various reasons (Cake Friday, my December mince pie and gin habit, my Quality Street habit and the fact my bad back and asthma/chest infection has meant I've done no exercise in weeks and weeks).

This week, I decided to buy it anyway. And the dear little old lady behind the counter said I could take it home WITHOUT paying for it and if it fitted, I could pay next week, or return it. Talk about trust!

Anyway I got it home and....of course it didn't fit. In fact, if I am honest, I am so pleased I didn't have time to try it on in the changing room as I would have got properly stuck. It took 15 minutes to get it off. I blame my boobs. My arms. My waist. The lot. Darn it.

I once got stuck in a cherry tree changing room in Berkshire for 25 minutes. I got stuck in a blouse that turned out to be hot pants. Please don't ask...I felt so thick at the time. It was horrendous - I was literally purple and sweating buckets by the end and a proper escapologist after that.

So anyway, the dress hanging up ready for me to decide whether to MAKE it fit (ie starve....I'm hopeless at this) or return it. It's a Parisian label and we all know those foxy French femmes are.....flipping fatless.

I've got until tomorrow to decide......ho hum.....I'd need to shed a good load I reckon for it to skim where I want it to.

Anyway, also this week, I managed to add to the Ladybird collection.

I was particularly excited when I saw this:

Sadly it was not the most sought after Cinderella ladybird book I am gagging for, though I still wanted this one and am thrilled.

10p. I kid you not!!!

Also was pleased to find this one! 

I had this one when I was little!

Just brilliant!
I also remember this one as a kid.
So retro it hurts

Off on a tangent, I found myself totally in my element when I spotted these beauties while on a day out with my next door neighbour.

The Prince has become obsessed with dressing up.

One for his 21st....
The Husband and I went out on Wednesday night and took part in the pub quiz. We didn't win but did OK. The three gins didn't help me though if I'm honest!

Like our team name?..........Geddit?
Next time we will be Rudolph Huckers...

I took the Prince out for lunch at a shabby chic cafe in town.

Making himself at home

So many pretty things in the cafe
Me and the girls enjoyed Cake Friday which Lisa kindly hosted.

I was proud mum again when the Princess performed in a show for her class assembly, in front of 450 people. I admire her more than she knows.

In other news, I'm distraught that a friend of mine, who is a BBC floor manager, had the pleasure of Jon Bon Jovi appearing on one of her shows in the past fortnight. And yet she...even SHE.....couldn't get close enough to tell him I would leave the Husband for him. That he literally just has to turn up at my house and whisk me (and the kids) off to New Jersey. The Husband is aware of this, and is cool about it. It's my rule. The same goes for Gemma Arterton and Rachel Weiss turning up to elope with him....I'd have to let it happen. Dems da rules.

Damn it, that man is always just slightly out of my clutches. I am aware of the gigs he is playing this year in the UK and I can't attend a single one. I've entered a competition (which I didn't win) to watch him and the boys perform at a radio station recently. I'm doing all I can. Freaky stalker fan I'm not, I assure you. I just want to snog him and marry him, is all.

Changing the subject, I've decided to do Lent this year for the first time ever. Let's see how long I last. Cake is my lifeline, this could be a tough 40 days.

When I do my freelance writing, I eat a lot of it. It keeps me going!

Had to take a self portrait this week for a new website a company is launching as I regularly write for them. I hated every single photo but settled for this. It was a bad hair day, I'd put too much coconut oil in it and was so tired man, it was unreal.

Not very office chic though am I? I don't do smart. I just can't make it happen.

Cherry tree dress, natch. £2 Matalan necklace. 5 years old.
Worn practically all the time.
They rejected the first photo I sent as my left shoulder was cropped out too much apparently. Think that was their polite way of saying I was too much of a munter!

Ah well, let's hope I survive Lent and fit into the Parisian dress. Then I can float around like a flitty floaty thing.

Happy Sunday (blowing a gale and grim here)


Jay said...

Such a funny post! I've not been too fussed about finding a bit of horse in my mince to be honest, I'd rather they labelled it "horse" but either way not too bothered.
I love it that you took your Prince out to a coffee shop, I do that all the time and the kids know it's actually a treat for me not them! They'd probably rather be in McDonalds!

VintageVicki said...

I think we'd all like to know exactly what is in our food.

I buy my meat from our local butcher and I know that his mince is 100% good stuff - same with the sausages.

Love the dress - well worth giving up cake for :)

Beckah said...

Ha ha, I'm a fake veggie! Have been for 22 years now, although about 15 of those I was 100%, hold on, I ate poultry whilst heavy with child which happened 3 times, so, I lied and I'm rubbish at maths so we'll never know for sure. Whatcha gonna do ?
Meat is meat I say, probably getting a bargain having horse instead of cow, that's good right?
Nice dress but there'll be others and you'll never get chance to try a slice of that particular cake, that's my reasoning, fair?
I still have my Ladybird books, not that long ago really (another lie). I remember colouring Cinderella's frocks in and thinking what an improvement (lying to myself back then too, shameless!).
Wait a minute, back up, you have Cake Friday? Everyweek? Something is amiss here, I need to adjust my Cake club meetings, we get together once a month, are we CRAZY?! I'm off to make some calls!

Beckah said...

P.s Suits your little man in the posh cafe, also your photo is smashing, I always look like one of those pencil topper Trolls except my hair isn't as cool.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh how I sit here in my little writing cubby, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. I am so happy that you are back in the saddle...uh.....speaking of which, THIS IS THE SECOND TIME I HEAR TELL that horsemeat has found its way into your food supply? Molly the Wally the Dog with a Blog mentioned it, tongue and cheek I thought, but IS IT TRUE? HORSE FEATHERS! I would stick to CHICKEN!

Dear Gem, you are fabulous NO MATTER if you can fit into a French dress. I am small but I am even BIGGER than the French! When in Paris, I could not find things that fit me properly; they all think no one has HIPS?

You too are a lover of vintage Cinderella books?When I was a child, I drew I don't know how many versions of that story. Enchanted forever, I am.

Good to see your beautiful face my dear. Eat, drink and be GORGEOUS! Anita

Emma said...

Love the dress! Hope you keep it!
I'm trying not to read too much about the meat thing! But we are chicken people here, and don't often have mince or 'beef' products.
What will we find out next over which food has been meddled with? All the while the prices keep rising!
Love your new ladybird books too.
Thanks for the entertaining post! Cheered me up on this miserably cold night!! X

JessicaFrances said...

Well - you have made my day. I have been feeling very sorry for myself (entering third week of nasty flu type chest thing) and the blouse (hot pant) debacle really made me laugh....and the 'foxy french femmes are flipping fatless...." :-)))))

If you want my thoughts on the dress (of course you do, who wouldn't!) I'd get rid. It's lovely an' all, but what we want is stuff we can chuck on that looks good right now. We don't need stuff hanging accusingly in the wardrobe!!

sandiart said...

Even us over here are on the horse meat bandwagon......ruddy food maufacturerers (sp) they put anything into food and we just eat it!!!
Once again you have made me laugh with your witterings, your kiddiewinks are growing so quickly.
Didn't get your team name, but I am very tired (have worked days and nights for the past two weeks and one more to go..yawn!)
You still look gorge even with too much coconut oil xx

Anonymous said...

Ahem, a munter?! I don't think so! You couldn't look scruffy if you tried. You actually look really pretty, comfy in your skin, attractive and together. You don't look ultra po faced and uptight agreed, (but would you want to?) but relaxed and happy and friendly. That's a good look you know.

Perhaps you are like me, in that I truly am a scruff bag - holes in shoes (only the one pair at a time although currently none as I am in boots - the only woman who hates shoes), hair that needs dying, lives in jeans etc. Yet, people think I am neat and tidy and well turned out. I think it is because together with the holes in my shoes I wear a scarf and lipstick. It is very odd truly being so scruffy yet people think so very much the opposite.

So, I'm prepared to see that you think you look scruffy but nope, that's not what we see. You have a lovely pretty/elegant/feminine/boho style; regardless of its cherry tree origins you have a lovely sense of style and dressing to enhance yourself while having personality.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this post - my favourite ever I think. I share your fondness for children's books. I still have all my daughters and we both still love looking at the children's books and collecting them, even know she is grown up. I have that Cinderella. Ladybird was so much a part of my daughter's childhood and mine too. I bought Tales from the End Cottage after seeing it somewhere – it might have been here. It wasn’t from my own past but it’s such a lovely book and I love it.

The horse meat thing is a shocker isn't it? I am a very strict vegetarian/bad vegan (I eat chocolate), so it doesn't affect me but honestly you can't trust anyone can you?

Not sure what to do about the dress. I think I would keep it though.

Annaboo said...

Ooooo, am loving the anonymous commenter above me- what lovely things they say!!

Love all here, as always. (espesh the pub quiz names- hehe! I miss doing pub quizzes (me and Kev are always terrible and become thick as two short planks once the quiz master starts up!!)

Anyhoo- I did reply to your text (very late- I blame the kids for fiddling with the phone- I didn't see the texts come in- grrr), and would love to meet up after the half-term shenanigans are over.

Hope you a all well, melovely!
Sarah xxxxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My precious GEM, like a brilliant diamond or emerald!

I am FLYING OUT to California my friend...back to the old homestead where I started out. I will be visiting blogs only, until I depart on March 5. I figured now is a good time to not have to plan a blog post, but rather, to read and get filled up with my favorite poets. I so miss YOU! I miss your fun posts about your romps on the beach, encounters with handsome fire fighters or surfers! teehee...I will be enjoying my own time on Santa Monica pier and the beach...just thinking and taking in the ocean air, something we do not have here in Minnesota!

HUGS AND THANKS for your generous friendship my dear Gem! Anita

Missy said...

Hello Mrs! It's been a flipping while.(My fault.) You never fail to make me laugh and yours is the first blog I've looked at for ages. I see The Prince is his usual barmy self, I love the dressing up. That Harry Potter place looks well good and the kids looked like they loved it. Glad all is well with you although sorry to her you've been poorly and hope you're feeling better. I will have to start logging on a bit more for a butchers so I can have a laugh!
Laters guy.
(Edith Florence)