Sunday, 18 February 2018

I got busy, innit

Honestly, I had the best intentions to get my blog alive and breathing with regular updates, but then I discovered Instagram. And First Dates. And the charity shops have kept me pretty busy if I'm honest.

But now I've discovered two lovely readers have recently left me comments, asking where I am. How nice is that?

So I'm back! Cooeeeeee! This will have to be brief as I'm tired from a hectic but wonderful weekend with my sister, who came to stay. Both of us woke up from a late night out feeling rather fragile but good fun!

Right what's been occurring since my last blog post....well, I'm older, not wiser, more haggard, more tired, trying to get fitter (midlife crisis = attempting to run...badly...think Phoebe in Friends), I'm obsessed with blueberry muffin flavoured Naked bars, I gave up refined sugar in June last year (but have lost ZERO weight, prob due to the Naked bars), and we have our first family pet. A semi-house rabbit. Who fancies me. Big time.

I think the pom pom on my slippers gave it the wrong impression as he now thinks I am his mate for life and that I have a fluffy rabbit tail.

First the butterfly, Paul, and now another creature has charmed his way into my life. I never thought I was a rabbit lover. Sure, Thumper was cute, but Milo is more puppy than bunny. Come on, look at him. Feast your eyes! He is just recovering from being castrated which I hope will calm his hormones down. He was way too horny and I love him, just not in that way, y'know. Those Freddie Mercury teeth just don't appeal.

So it's like having a fourth child in the house (and I have a teenager and a tot, and an eight-year-old boy in the middle) so its all rather hectic.

But I will get back into blogging, it was so nice to be missed.

I'll be back again soon with charity shop purchases, woeful tales of naughty children, oooh and I'll tell you about my new bunch of friends...half are in their mid 80's and we have a bit of banter every Monday!

Right, I'd better stop rabbiting on...


m said...

Yeeeeeey!!! so good to have you back Gemma :-) The little one looks so much like her elder sister (or: like her elder sister used to look, as I guess she's changed a lot... TEENAGER???!!!), and soooo cute!! Milo looks adorable :-) I hope that he'll now leave your slippers alone hehehe. We also got a dog (a girl 'unfortunately' (said our eldest)), it really is like having a fourth kid, but hairier. Hair all over the place. Oh well :-)
Look forward to reading about your new friends :-) and your charity shop purchases!!
Take care!!!

Sally said...