Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Charity Shop Bug

I am a little off cherry tree shops this week (I know!)

I am quite miffed actually. Firstly I was in one on Saturday, in second hand heaven, when the assistant loudly announced "If anyone here is a size 18, I have just put out some lovely brand new jeans."

She then made a point of saying it again while edging closer in my direction. I turned around to see who else was in the shop, and saw a girl behind me who was a size 10, and it slowly dawned on me that the comment was aimed in my direction. There were no other customers, just the slim girl and me.

Now, there is nothing wrong with being a size 18, I have been there...twice. But when you are not a size 18, when you are two sizes less than an 18 and haven't eaten chocolate for three whole days, you can't help but feel offended. I was gutted.

I looked at the shop assistant, looked around me, shrugged my shoulders and carried on hunting.

"They really are a bargain. Brand new as well," she smiled at me.

I looked at her and said "And if someone who comes in happens to be a size 18, you should definitely point them in the right direction. But only as long as you are confident they are a size 18 and you won't offend them..." I smiled back.

Then I picked up a size 12 dress and said "I shall take this one please,  it will fit perfectly."

I shall return it next week when she isn't working, I couldn't even fit it over my boobs. Gah!

My other experience that has put me off cherry tree shops happened yesterday.

I popped into my favourite one on the way to collect the Prince from school and needed to kill time as I was early.

I started browsing the books. A dear little girl came out from behind the counter and started admiring Sweet Child.

"She's a pretty baby, please can I see her?" She asked timidly.

"Of course you can, but try not to touch her." I said. I said it as I am a little fed up with people touching Sweet Child around her face and I don't like to think that perhaps they haven't washed their hands etc etc. 

The girl's mum came out from the stock room and smiled. Her daughter kept passing Sweet Child toys and then touched her face. I admit it's tempting, my baby has a cute face and is very smiley.

"Try not to touch her face," I reminded her.

The little girl followed me all around the shop, commenting on everything I was looking at. After a while it was a bit tiring. I wanted a quiet browse.

She handed Sweet Child a toy which went straight in my baby's mouth, natch.

"So how old are you?" I asked her.

She told me she was four and I asked if she was starting  school in September.

"No, I have already started school but I didn't go today because I was sick all day yesterday and again today," she said, while reaching out towards my baby for the umpteenth time.

I look at her mother who was smiling behind the counter.

"Excuse me, is it true that your daughter has a sick bug?" I enquired.

She nodded.

"So I don't think your little girl should be anywhere near my baby do you?!?! I am surprised that you have just been standing there watching her touch my baby for the past ten minutes. I can't risk my baby getting ill and I also have two other children." I said in my incredulous voice. I was livid. LIVID I tell thee.

She looked as if it hadn't dawned on her, weakly apologised and I walked out. Not to return until I stop seething. Some people really infuriate me.

ANYWAY, here is Sweet Child enjoying her first summer by the sea and then scoffing her first ice cream while modelling her latest cherry tree frock. Oh and finally showing her undying love for her big brother.

Talking of Big Brother, is anyone actually watching it? Me neither. The BB bug is one I definitely don't want to catch.


Julia said...

She is just the cutest little baby Gem, she is adorable! She looks like the princess and your husband. I feel for you and your cherry tree pain, how rude was the assistant? And as for the mum of sickie girl, I would have been livid too!! xx

Juanita said...

Honestly, the stupidity of some people! Well done you for pointing that out to her. I would have just tutted, sighed and walked off. Not so satisfying! J :-)

Miss Magpie said...

My sister in law is a mobile hairdresser and was doing hair cuts for a whole family at their home when she noticed 2 of the children had a rash. She asked about it and the Mum said "oh yes they are off school with German Measles" My SIL was obviously pregnant and yet the woman didn't say anything because she 'wanted the kids hair to get cut' so my SIL just walked out leaving one head of hair half done. Some people are beyond thoughtless!

I'm so glad your wee one didn't get sick

Sarah Jane said...

Yes I hate stupid dozy parents who don't seem to have a clue and make you feel awkward because you basically have to do their parenting for them! I also hate it when strangers touch my baby's face. I think your response to that shop assistant was perfect. I hope you said it with enough snide insincerity so she knew you were unimpressed, patronising biatch!

Sweet child is coming on lovely. Seeing the love between your kids despite the age gap is priceless isn't it xxx

Jay said...

Isn't she looking bonny now? A proper little cutie.
Some people just don't think, I'm glad you had the nerve to say something both times, I never do and always walk away muttering and grumblinj!

Michelle said...

Oh that last photo! She looks a bit like she's serenading the Prince :-)

VintageVicki said...

I hate that - we get kids in the shop who are off school with various 'yucks' which I don't want them to share with me :(

As for the assistants comment - very rude :(

She is such a cute baby - growing up far too quickly :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think touching babies does any harm? Overly cleaning everything leads to more allergies, so it's probably good for babies immune systems to come into contact with people in a general way. We are more careful than ever before yet every other child has asthma or allegies. Not people known to be sick though!

I wasn't fusy and my daughter of 28 went to a doctors only once when she was 7 with an ear infection. That's it her entire life. Only thing I was a stickler for was bottles for milk.

SarahB said...

OMG!!!!! I would have been FURIOUS!! What a ridiculous thing to have even taken a sick child out around other people let alone let her touch a BABY!!!!!!

It drives me MAD people who think it's ok to be put and about when a child has been sick. I mean a quick dash for a school pick up is perhaps inevitable but wandering round SHOPS????

I'd have been anxious for days as well, what with my phobia!!

On a lighter note, the pic of Sweet Child and her Cornetto is soooooooo cute - it's making my ovaries ache!!


S x

Charis said...

The shop assistant sounds as though she's cut from the same cloth as the following folk:

"So, when are you due?"
"I'm not."
"Well... I mean, you're obviously pregnant aren't you?"
"Erm, no I'm not!"

One delightful regular when I worked at a pub handed a tenner to the guy next to him mumbling "you were right then..."

Lovely people!