Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Stop! Kiddy Time.

The Prince has told me that when he dies, he won't go to Heaven. Oh no. He will go to Prison.

Soooo funny but if I laugh he then goes nuts at me so I have to hold my emotions in but then I feel like I might explode, which is never good in this heat.

He is football obsessed and won't believe me when I tell him daily that the World Cup is over.

"Mum, I love the teams. I like Argentina because he is a nice player."

I have given up explaining who are players and who are teams.

He also loves watching "Shilly" and "Ockstralia" and refuses to believe it's all over, even though he knows Germany won. He is such a funny kid.

Totally Lionel Messi mad.

And so the kids have broken up from school. They break up and I break down.

Actually, I have a good feeling about the summer holidays this year. No one will push their sibling in a pond, complete with MASSIVE fish this year...

I took it upon myself to hit the cherry tree shops yesterday while it was just Sweet Childe and I, as the other two aren't keen on second hand retail dreams.

I bought a couple of bits for the baby including this cute MotherCare sundress which was 75p. 

The other purchases are currently drying on the washing line. I forgot to bring the washing in tonight, I also forgot to water the plants. Call it sleep one sleeps well in this heat.

But ain't the weather great? Apart from the fact it makes men take their tops off. Men who shouldn't take their tops off. That's the downside to the UK summer.

In other news, I have been baking cheese and spinach muffins for the baby from the Baby Led Weaning Cook Book and Sweet Child loves them.

I walked to the sea yesterday. I saw an elderly lady try to cross the road on her motorised scooter and felt I should help her as there was a lot of traffic. She told me she thought I was her grand daughter.
Her grand daughter who is 24!!! Go me!!!!! I am 39 in September and so was naturally cock-a-hoop until she said "Yes, you have her build and everything." which kind of ruined it for me as that can only mean one thing. 

And then I popped into Dorothy Perkins and asked for some white linen trousers. The assistant went to look for some and came back all apologetic because she only had size 10s left and looked at me as if to say "so obviously they won't fit you you oversized saggy baggy old mare". Again, my cock-a-hoopness had dwindled. 

But who cares when this is the reason for my lack of time to sort myself out. I love this perfect bundle. 

I tried to get a nice pic of me and the two little ones this week while the Princess was at drama. But only got the out takes below and gave up. 

Yikes it is midnight. I have been up since 5am and Sweet Childe will wake in the next two hours to guzzle and then the Prince will have a night terror.

Tomorrow is a long and lazy beach day with one of my dearest friends, so I shall update afterwards. 


Ali Whale said...

Maybe her Granddaughter is slim and that's the 'build' she was referring to? Just looking on the bright side...
Love the photos. You must be good enough to eat! Made me smile, not easy in this heat... cooking slowly in an office.

Sarah Jane said...

Ah Gem you seem to be coping so well with the kiddy madness. I am slowly going mad in the heat with a very hot and bothered not to mention teething 4 month old and, as of yesterday, a bored 7 year old. Yes they're my world but damn I am so in need of some early nights and alone time! The photos are all beautiful. Outtakes are the best xxx

Sharon said...

Sweet Childe is so gorgeous and tanned and how lovely the Prince looks in your photos - they are lovely not outakes at all xx Have a good summer x

Michelle said...

Those outtakes are far better than any nicely posed photo, gorgeous happy pics to treasure! xx

Jay said...

The out take photos are so cute and just perfect! Love the 75p dress too.

sandiart said...

Hello lovely, hope all is well in Cherry Tree world and you have been enjoying your summer holidays with your gorgeous kiddies xoxoxo