Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Diggers, trucks, chips and wee........

The Prince is toilet trained but still wears a nappy at night because he can't be bothered to get up and go for a wazz. And tonight I ran out of bedtime nappies. There is no man in the house to go  and get some, just me and the kidlings so I am going to have to 'fess up.

Tonight, my poor boy has gone to bed in a swimming nappy (that offers zilch protection) and three sanitary towels. Poor devil. He may be scarred by this in future years.

He will end up waking tomorrow in his own pond of piddle, bless him.

Here he is recently with his Auntie Anna. She is due to give birth in three weeks. I am beyond excited! She looks incredible, not at all whale like (I literally was Free Willy...actually let's not talk about that, that's what got me in the whale-like state in the first place...)

Auntie Anna and her favourite nephew

Right, I am zonked tonight, but I have cherry tree treasures to show and tell, so here we go pronto, keep up if you will.

I also bought these for the Prince. £7.50 for the three when I went shopping with the ever so lovely Sarah and they were brand new in the packaging. I got home and googled them and they usually sell for £27.50 so I am very chuffed.

We hung out in Hove recently but didn't get chance to look at the charity shops. Next time, always a next time.

We hung out in the chippy though!

Never happier than when I have a greasy lap

Shame it's blurred but loving the stripes

I also picked up this for £1.50. My family and I played it when we were kids, and this is a proper vintage version.

Righty, I best get me up them stairs to see if the Prince will wee on the loo. I've already tried twice. I'm getting nervous about the state of him in the moro..................


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good afternoon there Gem....

I just woke up from a delicious nap because you know what? IT WAS SNOWING outside today, on May 1! Cozy and warm, my upstairs loft bedroom is a great place to hang out with the world on my computer, and I tell you that YOU were on my mind when I awoke. Here you are, as funny and personable as I always remember you and enjoy.

"POOR DEVIL!" Oh dear, I think I could easily highlight some of my favorite sentences from any one of your posts and make a collection simply called, "Gems." Your stories etch a smile on my face, always. Well my dear, it is so good to see you. AND remember: you are beautiful. Anita

thriftwood said...

Haha you do make me laugh Gem, and it brings back memories of when my children were little ... Sometimes you have to be very inventive if you runout of something!

The fish and chips on the beach look fabulous, me and Millie do that sometimes, we love it!

Hope the deluge wasn't too bad ...

Love Claire xx

Annaboo said...

Poor blimmin kid. Ah well, will be a great story to remind him of when his girlfriend comes to tea.


Anonymous said...

The Cherry Tree shops are the best in Hove, you may need to set aside a day though, there are so many! Also the St B in Ferring is also full of treasures :) Love your blog. Amy x

Jay said...

I'm proper laughing out loud now!! I hope he survived the night & didn't mind you sharing that with the world? I once had to use sanitary towels in my bra when breast feeding and had run out of pads, oh dear is that too much information?

Missy said...

I have just spat tea on my keyboard and done a little bit of snot when I burst out laughing. (I know how to live on a Saturday night don't I?)
I love the Prince going to bed with three sanitary towels on! Very funny indeed.