Tuesday, 13 November 2012


The Princess has been selected for a cross country event on Saturday. I am so proud of her I could burst. She is built for running. I am also built for running (to the fridge for a Mars bar). I love that she is so sporty.

I walk but I don't run. That would be a danger to society...

My main sporting event is blowing Malteasers in the air with a straw and seeing how long I can keep them up for. If that was an olympic sport, I think I'd be the Usain Bolt of straw/chocolate blowing. I think it goes back to my didgeridoo lessons when I was a hippy chick in my 20s and I learnt how to circular breathe.

I had a weird didgeridoo teacher. His chopped off dreadlocks hung from his bedroom light bulb like a hirsute chandelier and he (dressed as a wizard...I kid you not) used to get me to sit on his bed and would then hold my tummy to "feel me circular breathe" for an hour and then I paid him £20...hmmmmm looking back, maybe that was wrong. The Husband wasn't best pleased, that's for sure.

Anyway I digress, the athletic Princess is 9 on Friday. I cannot believe it. How can this be? We've arranged a party for her and I need to do all the present wrapping tomorrow. I can't believe in four years she will be a teenager. It makes me very wistful for the past few years. I want them back.

My best girl

I don't REALLY want all my time back to myself. I have the rest of my life for that. I want my children to remain small. I want us to always be this close. For the Husband and I to keep making them laugh in that infectious way. I don't want bath times to end. Or story times. I still read to her for up to half an hour each night. She gets a back massage and a chapter or two of whichever Jacqueline Wilson book she's reading  and we talk about her day. That's after I've read The Gruffalo a thousand times to the Prince.

I want to cherish all of these moments. I don't want the Prince to grow up either. How can he start school next year?! He's little. He still can't even say the word "massive"  (he says "maffiss").

Here are my little family having afternoon tea by the sea at the weekend. I was outside smelling the salty air....ahhh!

Anyway, that is how I am feeling right now, as I sit here watching "I'm a (Z list) Celebrity" and some trollop off Corrie is eating snake gonads or something (not really listening if I am honest, to be honest I am actually thinking about what is in the cupboard that I could eat...)

I have just had the inlaws for four nights. It was busy, it was hectic, but we had some great moments:

Sunday afternoon coffee view

Gorgeous sunset

Yo! Me and the MIL (nearly wrote MILF...yikes)
I bought some things from the cherry tree shop! Some wool for £1.20 and I have now started a scarf.

A very skinny scarf.....for an anorexic snake probably

And these vintage Delia Smith books. £1 each. How cool...

How young does she look?

Look at that dress!

Then the MIL and I snuck off without boys and kids for two hours so we could go to a vintage Christmas fair. It was great and in the village which my street borders on. It was full of charm and fairy lights and sweet homemade gifts.

Chill out room

Apparently the host got a whole matching tea set from a cherry tree shop #weljel

"More tea...er....MIL?"
 Oh and yes. Christmas has truly begun in our household. Normally I wait until December 1st for my annual Gin and Mincepie Night (one a night, every night til NYE, it's MY law) but I decided to start early.

Merry Mincepies everyone. Chink chink.

PS I am now sniggering about my didgeridoo teacher...and the look on the Husband's face when I explained what my "lesson" involved. #naive


thriftwood said...

Love your posts Gem, they really make me laugh!

Didgeridoo man sounds very wrong and why were the lessons held in his bedroom, did that not sound a warning bell? No wonder your hsband's concerned!!

Yum yum, mince pies!

Love, Claire xxx

jus said...

Too funny! you made me remember when i had some reiki in a wigwam on venice beach where the hippy reiki lady covered me (fully clothed) in a blanket, then completely disrobed down to just her socks! I was sick in my mouth from holding in maffiss giggles xx

Jay said...

So, so funny!I'm laughing out loud at the digeridoo lesson...and that you nearly typed MILF for your mother in law!!

sandiart said...

My kids learnt the digeridoo by blowing into the vaccume cleaner hosepipe thingie. AND no one put their hands on their stomachs to 'feel' the circular breathing lol. Heavens can you feel for me, my youngest just turned 22, my eldest almost 30, and I still don't know where the years went, I'm still in my 30's you know!!!!!

Julia said...

You are sooo funny Gem, I LOVE your posts :0) I know what you mean about children growing up, why do they have to? Why can't they stay little and precious forever?! I'm going to be the mum of a teenager next year and I'm really not looking forward to my baby girl getting any older! xx

moleymakes said...

LOL! Your digeridoo story made me chuckle. It was all innocent fun, shame on those who had rude thoughts ;)

Ah kids growing up. It's all too sad when it happens but once you've got used to the idea, you'll enjoy your new found freedom. You've still got a few years left before you start cramping their style. Ours are now 17, 20 & 23 but still living at home. I love them to bits but sometimes I feel like I'm running a flipping B&B.

Loving those old Delia cookbooks. Early 80s by any chance?

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH. There is so much love wrapped up here Gem, and it all starts with your children. As a teacher, I could not let go of those kids at the end of the year. Tissue boxes were always handed to us teachers on the last day of school to arm us for such moments. I cannot however, even begin to relate to being a mother and watch the childhood years be a memory.

Your tea time just makes my heart sing. You really do take tea breaks out there!!!! HOW LOVELY. Look at the beach; look at your friends and family and the memories you are making. We are blessed. WE HAVE MEMORY. Some people only have nightmares of bitterness, but memories can turn into poems, books and a new generation of values. BLESS YOU MY DEAR ! Anita

Vintage Coconut said...

I burst out laughing at the "Almost wrote Milf" Heck if that's how you feel about your Mother in Law why not announce it to the world. ;) *ehehahah*
Those mince pies look tasty!

Nelly said...

Ooh that story about your teacher really made me laugh. And I am loving your law on the gin front, I am currently working up what law I can create of a similar ilk. Not mentioning it to the husband though, he would take it a step too far and we would be eating a full Xmas dinner once a week...
Nelly x

Cuckoo said...

Oh yes. to be able to wake up and have the same day again with little sweethearts. I'd love that. But then again I's also have to wake up to perpetual war sometimes too. Life is whizzing by though. It really is very short.

Digeridoo! That story will never get old.

Those MP's look yummo. I'll have mine with a snowball thank ye.

Gosh. 9. I still have the Husbands email on file. "A Child is born" Babba Bling turned into a princess.


JessicaFrances said...

Oh..I am still laughing about the breathing pervy guy and the fact that you paid him for the privelege :-)))) this has made my day, you're a star!
I'm with you on the time thing, my son is 10 now which is just scary...I have really been hit hard with that feeling of time just running away with me so this year have started to be better at getting my photos made in to memory books etc so it doesn't all get lost in the hecticness of life. But on the other hand it's so exciting seeing them develop and grow :-)
I love your blog btw x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dear, dear Gem,

I was JUST thinking of you! We must have a telepathic connection across the sea because I was in my basement working on an order when you came to mind and then I come up for air and see your comment!

Your comment to me is very special and a much needed balm on my spirit today. I love to write, I want to write more and even think about publishing.But you see, I am a very audacious person, taking on dreams bigger than myself. I felt horrible when it was pointed out to me that I had left out a certain population in my post and I felt so foolish. I felt that I lacked as a writer, but what you said about how difficult it is to COVER THE VAST SPECTRUM of a subject in a post. That is so true. And to think of the small amount of time I tried to slap this post together,then is explains why I did not have time to truly revise.

Thank you for your generous thoughts today, and for visiting like a dear friend.

HAVE SOME FUN, CHOCOLATE, WINE and other goodies that are good for ya and think of us as we raise our glasses to YOU in Thanksgiving for such good friends.LOVE! Anita