Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Hangover

It's been a VERY exhausting week. Too many late nights. I am flagging at 8.15pm on a Sunday night. It's a kinda tragic, I know.

I hosted Book Club on Thursday night. Ten women, including yours truly, huddled in my lounge with more drinks and nibbles than you can shake a novel at. We discussed The Catcher in the Rye in great depth. We then discussed the merits of guzzling Champagne on a school night in great depth. Then I felt out of my depth when at 2.15am I was propping my eyelids open with matchsticks and they were STILL in full swing. The husband went to bed at 1am with three pillows on his head. He never goes to bed before me. Ever.

The Prince came to the rescue by having his regular night terror at 2.20am and the girls decided to call it a night (after consuming nine bottles of wine, a massive vat of Nigella's humous and flat breads, my dodgy looking but lush tasting vanilla cupcakes, savoury-coated soya beans, a cheeseboard, pistachio nuts, fruit and millionnaire shortbreads).

I went to bed with a spinning head and a smile plastered over my face though. Not so much in the morning when the alarm went off and I remembered I was meant to be doing the "reading with parents" bit in the classroom. I couldn't get my head off the pillow. The husband, he in shining armour, offered to do the school run and reading while I slept it off. I was delighted. Not so much so when I later discovered from the husband that all the women from Book Club were at school, reading with their children with faces fresher than morning dew. Not one was hung over or hard core is that?! Yet I looked like the freaky girl from The Ring (god that film freaks me out). It was a great night, we all had a laugh and it once again helped me feel like one of the gang. They're lovely girls.

This week I have spied (with my cherry shop eye) the following books from Link Romania, one of my all-time fave charity shops.

I am kidding. I did NOT buy this doll but she is still haunting me.
She looks like she has cataracts or something...

It's a large shop, with plenty of space for pushchairs and it also has furniture, toys, books and clothes. Plus a tiny vintage section although I never seem to find anything from that little area that really catches my eye, other than the odd teacup and saucer. I've not found anything else though, certainly no clothes have caught my tired eye.

The husband got help from a little gardener on Friday afternoon. They make my heart melt faster than Vienetta in a sauna.

What a glorious weekend! One of my best friends and her family came to stay. We had a brilliant time and were sad to see them go today. I tried hard to tempt them with a cream tea in the garden but they were still full from lunch and knew they had to make tracks. It's hard to think of them back in Berkshire now, while we are here, but they loved visiting and the kids loved the beach.

Our girls are very close friends and our boys are just a year apart and although we had to break up a couple of fights, they played really well.

I did lots of nice food and we ate every meal in the garden - serving up a hearty casserole and dumplings under the shade of the tree is quite pleasurable at this time of year (hark at me being all Cherry Menlove here). I made keylime pie for dessert which was gorgeous, although my insides feel congealed now and I think the cellulite may be upping its pace. We had a late night last night with them, as standard, so I hope my bed will be giving me that "come hither" look early tonight.

Pics from the weekend:

This makes me a bit sad. I know how much they miss each other.

The Fab Four

Look at the colour of that sea!

Friends Reunited

Eat your heart out Hepburn...

Too cool for school

Very Brokeback Mountain...

I'm up to date with my freelance work, the washing basket is E.M.P.T.Y. (this never happens so is worth the emphasis, believe me), packed lunches sorted, school uniform laid out, shoes polished, clean bedding for us all, a brand new book to start for Book Club awaits me  (we're now reading Salmon Rushdie's book The Enchantress of Florence) and I now have to cut down on my pork life. I've eaten ridiculously the past few weeks, and now is the time to rein it in. My jeans are too tight, and my tummy looks like it houses a baby or two. And I feel sluggish and portly.

Oh, on a final note, I was reading the local rag this week and scanned the adverts as I always do:

Then something caught my eye...

Only in this always! I was very tempted to phone up and see if it was still available. But then remembered I am on a diet...


fee @ chipper nelly said...

very funny post Gem. And lovely pictures too.
Like the sound of a hard core book club. AND liking the sound of a scotch egg...I'm trying to eat the contents of the fridge before Monday morning diet starts! I've porked out SO much recently my jeans are agony. I've still worn them though (with difficulty) to remind me how much I need to STOP
fee x

Missy said...

I love your book club! It reminds me of my crocheting club! Mind you we are far less sophisticated in what we eat. Chocolate and cake, washed down with wine. And lots of wonky crocheting.
That doll is human. I bet she's marching up the High Street as we speak. I have one for you... I took photos of it today and will do a blog tomorrow.
Lovely photos of the weekend, you look like you had a great time.
My healthy eating regime starts tomorrow, I'm worried that I'll end up going back to work in pyjamas and dressing gown if I don't cut down.
Enjoy your kip!

little homebird said...

OMG 2.30am on a school night, that really is hardcore! I too wouldn't be able to get up for the school run the next day. I love reading your posts and the final bit about the scotch egg made me laugh out loud and made hubby jump whilst sitting next to me on the sofa! That sea really looks beautiful and very jealous that you can go and see it any time you like whereas we can only enjoy it a few times a year on our hols :(

Take care

xx Nicki (home bird)xx said...

I need to find a book club!! About to join WI but not sure the ladies there will be as hard core as your book club lasses. So pleased you've settled in so well but knew they'd all love you.

Do you read the books that you find at the Cherry Tree shops? I used to LOVE Enid Blyton; in fact if I'd kept my whole book collection from my childhood you would be in heaven I think. I had the whole Noddy collection too which was cool. I'd love to read some of the stories again - would like to read them to my niece when she's older and I keep picking up the odd books for her that I used to love (Little Grey Rabbit books were my favourites).

Gorgeous photo of the Princess with her chum and love that their tops were co-ordinated. Cute. Also cute photo of the husb and the Prince together on the lawn. Your heart must have been a puddle of mush these last few days.

Had MINOR heart attack when I saw the photo of you with your friends. The guy looks exactly like my doctor!! Had to fan self and remind that they are from Berkshire. Jeez.

Keep up the boozing and the hard play - you'll soon be a seasoned lush like the rest of them.


PS Love the scotch egg ad - some people have too much time on their hands!

xx Nicki (home bird)xx said...

PS thanks for the compliment about my toe nails. Random and a bit weird, but appreciated nonetheless. :-) xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My darling Gem,

WHAT A NIGHT YOU SPENT! And every with every syllable and word and sentence and paragraph, I was there with you, enjoying the NIGHT! WOOOO YOU GALS CAN PARTY!!!!!!!!! Now get your rest my dear. The family looks great, you are fabulous and I await yet MORE tales from the adventures of GEM!!! LOVE! Anita

SarahB said...

I want to join your book club!! (Not for the books, though, a bit cerebral fro me, a Twilight lover, but for the food & wine!!)

I found a stack of Ladybird books in the shop where I get my Annie Sloan paint (it's one of those shabby chic shops full of pretty things you could really live without) and they wanted £5 EACH for them :thud:!!

Lovely pics, the kids look super happy and you're right the sea is beautiful!!

Would love to catch up IRL soon?

Love & hugs,

S x

Gem said...

Hillarious, reading your blog is honestly like reading one of those amazing chick lit books, I LOVE it. You get me every time and I love stopping by to have a good giggle.

I did laugh at all the mums being at school bright eyed and bushey tailed, I so would have been with you on that one though. A late night kills me and with drink involved as well, say no more.

How cute is the Prince with his little lawnmower, they are the sweetest photos ever.

I'm surprised the Prince didn't beg you to buy that doll, it looks just his thing ha ha, to be fair, I do think it may even be too evil for him to love.

Broke Back Mountain pah! how could you, bless them (I am laughing so much whilst typing this!)

Seriously, I can't believe they even published that ad, it has to be a prank surely, funny though x x x x

sarah said...

i do love reading your blogs so funny ,love the scotch egg ad would of been funny to ring up and ask if would sell the egg on its own (as on a diet)ha ,that doll is freaky and loved enid blyton still got a lot of mine some were even my mums classics xx sarah

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh how the princess looks so GORGEOUS and so Breakfast at Tiffanys in those shades!!!!

GEM DEAREST! Please join us for the Paris Link Party! What you would do is on June 8th, you would have a post on PARIS. It could be FUNNY, SARCASTIC, ARTSY, INFORMATIVE, CREATIVE, FASHION OR DÉCOR ORIENTED, LITERATURE/THEATRE THEMED or whatever you want. The point is to be part of a network of links where we all can visit each other during that week and see what everyone is doing on a PARIS THEME. Last year my husband even participate and wrote a POEM based on cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So let me know if this interests you. WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOUR WIT and you can even meet new friends. THANKS FOR VISITING! Anita

sandiart said...

I am about to head to bed now and it is only 8.15!!!(although a couple of wines hasn't helped) I can't keep up with the 'hard core' set these days, I am really starting to become a nanna. You will find me on couch, feet up, wine on coffee table and crochet in hand.
You had a lovely weekend with your friends, food sound delish too. I cooked three meals tonight so I don't have to worry for the next two working days.
Happy snoozing....xx Sandi

Romi and Bob said...

Gem! Sorry for my uselessness in replying to your comments. I haven't sent the doll yet, so hope you don't hate me. I am finishing a little surprise for you as well, so I will post it soon. I am sorry for the delay. I am disorganised at the moment and slightly mental, so am behind on everything.
Thanks for your comment re homesickness a while back. I think you can understand. I am glad to hear you had lots of lovely ladies around yours. They sound hardcore.
Your tales of seaside dwelling cross dressers reminds me of my home town, Shipley. I can¨t remember if i told you about 'Little Bo Peep' as he was nicknamed. He wore outfits not unlike Bo Peep, seriously. Also, he was VERY masculine face wise.
I shouldn't take the piss though. My ex's brother is a cross dresser. I know some characters I does.
I am scared you will get your doll and find it to be another scary doll. Yikes!
It sounds like things were good in the shire. I do miss it. I proudly aintain my Yorkshire accent and use words like 'ginnel' and 'snicket' to keep it alive for the young 'un.
The Scoth egg! Good Lord.
It sounds mad where you are. But listen to this one. You will shudder. I was in next door's garden today. There were quite a lot of rabbits in cages. I said to Roman later, 'Oh, so he breeds them to sell then?' 'No', said Roman, They eat them.' Well, there's nothing like growing your own is there?!
My new email is
I will finish your things soon, promise. Love and hugs to you pretty lady. xxx

Gem said...

Me again. There is a well deserved award waiting for you on my blog :) x x x x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


YOU ARE IN MON AMIE! I will put your name and link on the list!!! Oooooo...I can't wait to see what you will cook up for a Paris link! Happy day, Anita

Rachael said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I moved from Yorkshire to Michigan last November so just been here a little over six months. It's still all brand new and big still! How i'd love to live in Chicago though [jealous of your brother!] It's where we had our honeymoon and totally feel in love with that city!

I love reading about other peoples great thrify finds [inspires me to keep hunting] so following you now!

Rachael x

sadie said...

loving your blog! (and yes,I'm always interested in new blogs. Found a few really brilliant ones this week, yours is filed under that heading too!).

Gorgeous pictures. You've had sunshine!
I go to my girls school on a Tuesday a.m to help with handwriting and sometimes that can feel like a real effort - and that's without a hangover!

crumbs.wonder if the scotch egg sold?! I was reading the one above it first of all, how can any HFW book be an unwanted gift?!

Have a lovely weekend