Friday, 18 May 2012

Dishes, boobs and cherry tree items!

Well, the dishwasher man came and went with a spring in his step this afternoon. Must be over excited because he's got that Friday feeling, I thought to myself. Then I realised five out of six of my blouse buttons had sprung open without me realising.

Talk about making a tit of oneself. A true wardrobe malfunction that only Judy Finnigan would relate to.

We've not had a working dishwasher since we moved here in January, so I was thrilled to see the electrician (although as it transpires, not as happy as he was to see me). I think I realised we had problems with the machine after two weeks of living in the new place and discovering a large salmon skin in amongst the dishes and plates which hasn't come out clean....and realising we hadn't actually eaten fish since moving in. Gross.

So we get a new dishwasher sometime soon and because we are currently renting, we don't pick up the bill. Ka-ching! A definite upside of being a tenant.

OK, who else is pig sick of the weather? It is making me fed up and gloomy. The kids are ill today (nothing major - the Princess saw a doc as she has tummy pains and the Prince is a snot-fest) so while they languished watching all kinds of drivel on the box, I baked a lemon drizzle loaf, made a quick keylime pie (how easy is that dessert?! Me likey) and made dinner for tomorrow (we have friends coming for the day and the husband is working so I actually have to do all the entertaining alone).

Then I cleaned the entire house. Hoovering, dusting, washing floors, clean bedding.  I am knackered now, let me tell you. I had to resort to eating fishfingers and chips for tea, I couldn't be jiggered to do anything else.

But this hopefully means my crochet blanket will grow a little tonight. I really refuse to do anything else tonight now. The kids have been scrapping all day and I am wrung out!

Onto the treasures from the cherry tree this week. I have found an epic charity shop called the Sussex Horse Rescue Trust. Oh lordy it's awesome. The women who run it are very sweet but maths is perhaps not their strong subject as they often don't bother pricing stuff, they just pluck a figure off the top of their heads.

Like this pair of Start Rite shoes that I spotted. Brand new. 50p, they told me. Was that ok, they asked!!!! Ha! Too flamin' right it was! They are lush and the Prince is chuffed.

And the winner of the worst toddler hairstyle goes to...

Yes we get it already. You are VERY PLEASED!
Then I saw this tin and was hoping the mug was inside. It wasn't. Some lucky so and so had already snaffled that and the ladies in the shop were using the tin as a sweetie tin for their elevenses. Never mind, they sold it to me for 50p and chose a cut crystal bowl for their candy instead. Bless their cottons!

Getting slightly bored of Kidston but loving this design

Handy for storing "ladies' things" in the bathroom

I also bought this for my sister Anna who adores all things zebra. I was 70p short so the lovely cherry tree ladies let me have it for £2.30. What a steal. I shall be bunging lots of donations their way.

And lovely Gem at has awarded me the Sunshine Award. How lovely of her. Now, I have a confession, I think some other lovely lass awarded me this a week or two ago but I forgot who......HELP! Makes me look dead ungrateful but I'm not, honest, I am just a scatterbrain of the highest denomination. Soz, like.

Apparently I need to fill in the following facts: And it's doing a weird white block which I can't rectify and am too tired to faff. Forgive me.

1). Favourite Colour?  Pink to make the boys wink, natch. 
2).  Favourite Number?  I don't really have one but I will say 4 and 9 because they are connected to me and the husband. When we first exchanged phone numbers after copping off at an indie disco in 1996, we very nearly didn't hook up again. His written number 4 looks like a 9 so for days I dialled the  number. Then assumed he wasn't interested. Finally phoned the operator who confirmed I'd been phoning a sewing machine shop......I then realised the 4 may actually be a 9 and bingo! Snogs galore!

3). Favourite Animal?  Goat. Actually, before I had my tonsils out, I could do the best goat bleat ever. Fact. I am also partial to a black Scottie dog.

4). Favourite Non-Alcoholic Drink?     Gin. Tea. Me and the husband drink oodles.  

5).Do I Prefer Facebook or Twitter? I came off Facebook as found it a bit soul destroying. Then Twitter beckoned. But I dip in and out and am not addicted. Yet.

6). What Is My Passion?  The sea. The fresh air. Cake. And lots of it. And Bon Jovi, although not a lot of people know that...

7). Do I prefer Giving Or Receiving? Are we talking about presents here????!??!?!!?!? If so, giving. Everytime. 

8).Favourite Patterns?  Anything with a bit of chintz. 

9). Favourite Day Of The Week?  Friday, the best is yet to come. 

10). Favourite Flower. Sunflowers and roses. Mind you, the smell of sweetpeas melts me every time too.

I would like to pass that award on to five blogs I love:

1. Rachael at
2. Missy at
3. Marina at
4. Tracy at
5. Fee at (she is nearly on 200 followers, so hurry up and follower her as she's promised a giveaway and I for one am excited).

Ooh and on a final note, the lovely Anita at Castles Crowns and Cottages  is hosting a Paris link party on June 8th. Hop over to her stunning, delightful blog to get involved.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I AM DYING HERE LAUGHING over that hilarious introduction. Oh dear, that dishwasher repairman really got his surprise for the day!!! Gem, I so love reading your is sure to put a smile on my face or make a chuckle issue out of my lungs!!!!

WOW, jammed-packed here with some GOOD STUFF! Do you NOT love to find a shop where you can find such well-priced goodies????? Those little chaussures for the prince, now look at him! HE IS WORKING THOSE SHOES!!!!! And where is the princess? Oh dear, how is her tum-tum?

I loved to hear more about you....TEA? We drink it every single night, cold or hot weather! THE SEA? YOU GOT IT BABE! It is in my veins. And look at you, you darling friend...showing my button! I CANNOT wait to see what you have up your sleeve to show for Paris! And tomorrow night, I am collecting your luggage and flying over your beloved (and mine) ENGLAND TO SEE THE SIGHTS en route to Paris.

THANK YOU GEM!!!!!! Have a fab day. Oh how I so love that blouse story. I could tell you a story or two about flying skirts in the wind!!!!!


Linda Gilbert said...

Loving your booby blog!

Grateful4Crochet said...

Hope the kids get better soon. I didn't expect the sentence after that to be.... and I baked this and this!!
You are a wonderwoman!!!
Clearly a wonderwoman that likes to get her wonderassets out for the tradies :-)

Missy said...

'Ark at you... getting em out for the lads! Lucky he didn't have a big moustache and speak German...

Look at The Prince! Doing smiling for a photo! Love the floor he's standing on by the way.

Thanks so much for the award! I'm more chuffed than I should be! So I have to answer a few questions, but I don't know how the devil I get the picture onto my blog. Glad you like my blog, at least I know someone is enjoying it apart from my sister!
Spiffing Sunday to you and the fam Mrs!

Rachael said...

Thanks for the award, I really appreciate it!I really need to start doing some stuff or at least make the bathroom look more pretty - ours looks so dull!

Charis said...

Oh Gem! I bet the sparky absolutely loved being at yours!

Rather envious of your cherry tree prices, rather much higher here in Ox :(

Love the Cath Kidston tin, haven't seen that pretty sailboat design before.

Ta da, this arvo the sun came out! Yay!

sandiart said...

Lucky repair man, if he had been here he would have been most disappointed :)
You have amazing Cherry Tree shops, ours are basically full of garbage, but you do find the odd gem sometimes.
Sounds like you did have a fantastic time whilst you were over here in Aus. I love the sound of the racing cars zooming around, gives me goosebumps.
xx Sandi
James is a lovely kind and respectful boy, even with bed hair!!!!

Annaboo said...

Bless you, darlin' and your whopping blouse fiasco! What a laugh.
Sorry, I missed this post, so am having a quick catch up!
Now you will need to tell me where this horse rescue cherry tree is- it's always fabbo to find a proper, cheap one and I am sick and tired of looking at overpriced Primark tosh.
Anyhoo, Missus just checking that you are still ok for tomorrow. 10.30. Me and Annabelle. + cake. And tea. Xxxxx

Marina said...

Hi Gem! Wow Thank you SO much for the award! I'm really chuffed, and so pleased you enjoy my blog as I love yours!! I will mention this in my next post. What great bargains you've had this week too - I love the Cath tin (shame someone had already nabbed the mug!), Mia has the same CK boat theme going on in her room, duvet, cushions, etc. I also adore the Prince's shoes! have a lovely week xx