Monday, 23 January 2012

Running (ok limping) on empty

I have been rattling around on various drugs all week. I've done my back in while packing, I'm on tension headache pills, drinks to soothe my tum, on co codamol and naproxen for my back pain, not touched the Diazepam yet although the doc prescribed it for me (hello, I am in sole charge of two kids, a glass of vino makes me weird), I am on antibiotics for a painful whitlow on my finger and I've, quite frankly, had enough.

My house doesn't really feel like my house anymore. Not that it ever was as we rent it, but it did feel like home for 18 long, blissful months. The landlord left us to our own devices and we enjoyed the space, the garden, our family life. Now it is empty, with an echo.

Now it just feels like someone else's home, someone who is itching to move in and extend it and get fab new curtains and carpets and paint for it. My throat lump is pretty intense right now.

It's been rotten since I hurt my back, not helped by the fact I put a bag of frozen peas down my pants to soothe the inflammation and they burst and made my tights all wet while I was at work (yes, I pea-d my pants). Then I had to see the physio five minutes after (wearing the same wet tights) who happened to be young and fit. Oh the horror. Going back to see him this Thursday so will possibly work harder on my choice of underwear and avoid peas in my pants.......

I've left my very part time (ie 6 hours a week job) as a dental receptionist. No more root canal banter. Ahem.

"Yes we can book you in for Tooth Hurty, no problem.....mwaahhhhh!"

So the job is finished and the house is in chaos, we've packed loads but everywhere is filled with itty bitty bits and I hate it.

Yes the TV is older than my daughter and no I am not kidding!!!!!

We have Tues, Wed and Thurs and then that's it. Removal men come at 8am on Friday. Then I will no longer be a Royal Berkshire Bird.

I've loved it here and wow, I've known who my friends are. One is taking me out for breakfast tomorrow, loads joined me for my leaving drinks do (I was high on painkillers), one made me this awesome present;

which is made up of all the places I've loved to visit in the village (she gathered paper bags and leaflets from each one), some clubbed together to buy me a John Lewis voucher and I've had some lovely presents. People are already booking in to come and stay. It's lovely. These people are the ones I shall stay in touch with, they mean so much to me. There are two friends I saw three times last week because we couldn't bear to say goodbye, so have kept prolonging it. Now it's getting silly.

The Prince said goodbye to his friends, including the "Candle Twins". The mum and I met on a train to London when I was visiting KMMMS after Taya was born. We've been friends ever since.

 And I've come to realise our shoe pile has really stressed me out.

It literally goes on for miles and miles

And I don't own one pair of  f*** me shoes. I always go for comfort. Shame!


Grateful4Crochet said...

I got quite teary reading this post! You rpoor thing, moving is always hard, and so much harder when you are so unwell.
But through the teariness, as always you made me snort with laughter at your peaing your pants story!! Nice one!
Good luck with the last of the packing and the goodbyes. As hard as it is, think of all the lovely walks by the sea you can have, and the undiscovered cherry tree shops you will find when you move!!
take care, good luck and I really hope you get better soon!!!!! I'm sending hugs and love your way through the world wide web. :)
Also, sadly I choose comfort over F#%* me ness these days in shoes, aaaggh getting old!!!!

Grateful4Crochet said...

*poor* thing not rpoor, sorry to be pedantic, but I hate typos!!

xx Nicki (home bird)xx said...

You put peas in your pants? Your knicker-pants or your trouser-pants? OMG! Ha! Sorry but that is pretty funny. You poor thing, you must have been desperate for relief of the pain.

Try not to be sad about moving - you are moving into a new stage of your life and one that you will love. That's exciting and your friends will always be your friends no matter where you live. People are only ever a train ride away, really. Think of the seaside air and the amazing fish and chips... And at least when you move into the new place you can take your time unpacking.

Take care and get someone to help you, don't make your back worse.

See you on the other side?!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Sweet Gem,

It is never easy to make this transition, especially when so many memories have become part of the walls of a home. I SO KNOW THE PAIN in the back! This summer I had to go to a chiropractor who HEALED ME with about 5 visits of CRACKING my back. Wow did that HELP and not hurt one bit. I took no medication but rather did exercises and use ice. OOOOOOH! THE FROZEN PEAS!!!!!!!

Take one day at a time, that is all any of us can do!!!! Anita

sandiart said...

Oh I FEEL your pain, moving pain that is, I also rent (I want my own home......please house fairy) and have had to move three times in three years, luckily I have been here two years so far. It sucks is all I can say, however once you are there and unpacked and walking along the beach and meeting new friends it will all be ok. Look after that back of yours. I love your friends, how sweet are they!!
xx Sandi

Musings Of A Gem said...

Ouch! Really hope you all get sorted and back to normal soon.


Gem said...

Thank you my dear Sandi. Appreciate your kind words my lovely. And the fact you follow my blog. When I am back up and running I will come back over to yours for a loing catch up x x xx x

Gem said...

Peas DOWN my actually pants......not trousers. Cos I had tights on. Who wears tights AND trousers??????? Also maybe I should up, to soak up the pea juice.
Frozen peas are the best thing to reduce inflammation but our freezer packed in three weeks ago so I have been buying them daily like some freak.
Will see you on the other side darl- and thank go we booked a removal firm in the end. Would have ended up in a wheelchair had I done it myself....
x x x x x x x x x x

Gem said...

Thanks dear Anita.
How DO you find time to write when you have thousands of followers, do you reply to everyone???!!!! Amazing.
Yes, frozen peas really help don't they.
Speak when I have moved.
Much love and hope school is ok x x x x x x x

Gem said...

I am the biggest anti typo queen. When apostrophes are used in the wrong place, I go nuts!!!!!!
Thanks for your lovely reponse. Here's to comfy shoes, may our backs thank us for it in the long run!!!
You are right re the new cherry tree shops and the sea. I guess I am an over sentimental old fool.
x xx x x x

SarahB said...

Oh dear Gem, I do feel for you. it all sounds very stressful.

But don't forget you will soon be fulfilling your dream to live by the sea and it'll all be worth it.

LOL, at the peas!! Very glamourous!!

I'm the same in the shoe dept, UGGS, Crocs or flip-flops....

Sending ((((hugs)))) and {{{{healing vibes}}}}

S x

PS How do you do the reply to comments thingy? *dunce*

Gem said...

Thanks love. Well being the very high tech gal that I am (not), I just noticed there was a faint blue REPLY button under each follower's comment. Has yours got that?? But I thought it would reply to their personal email, not leave it on the comments on my blog. Hey ho there we go.
Thanks for the kind comments, am sure this will all get better. It HAS to!!!!!
x x x x x x x x

Mojo said...

missing ya blood xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx big hugs and kisses

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the next few days,Gem,looking forward to seeing you on the other side,lots of love,xxx

Emily said...

Erk! Stress-central. I've got my fingers crossed that everything goes swimmingly well and the painkillers carry you through. Good luck with the shoe mountain (we've got an identical pair of red converse on our shoe mountain - I'm not 100% sure which of my children they belong to).
Emily x