Saturday, 14 January 2012

Pack it in

The house is resembling Cardboard City. It no longer feels warm and cosy. It's making me sad that all our happy memories can never be relived. We will never experience spring with all the pink blossom that scattered like confetti, the pale pink wisteria that crept around the pergola and shaded us in the summer will still be here, but we won't be the ones enjoying it.

Having friends round for impromptu food, watching the children play on the wooden play equipment that was here when we moved in. All these things I will miss. I ache to take "Chester" the cat with us. But alas, he too isn't ours. He's just a regular visitor. And it makes me very sad that the Prince won't remember his happy days here.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the packing has commenced. Here I am tired, frizzy haired, sporting my own design in run mascara, stressed,  a little shouty with the children for unpacking what I've packed. Not my finest hour.

But two weeks today, we will have left this leafy village, where every one knows everyone. It's bordering on incestuous but whilst it drove me mad, I bet I shall miss it when I don't know a single soul.
So here is an update on the past week in pictures:

Living in a box

The husband is tackling the Prince's room

Which led to me counting my cherry tree stash of ladybird books!

121 books in total!!!

Which were your favourites?

Gotta love vintage Smoke and Fluff....
 In between packing we cheered as the kids ate properly with knives and forks (albeit in the wrong hands)

Hmm, someone should ALWAYS eat this way...
 We fitted in a lovely family walk

The husband reached the ripe old age of 39. I remember whisking him off to New York for his 23rd. Magical. This year he worked and I wished we were back in NYC snogging and skating,

It was only a matter of time with journalists as parents that the Prince found his perfect reading material:

He then took it upon himself to read a bedtime story to his eight year old sister.

Then yesterday we went back to the place that will be our home in two weeks time:

I wore my cosy red cherry tree coat. My lovely nanny (who died nearly two years ago) bought it from Help the Aged (originally Debenhams) and never wore it. I think of her every time I put it on.

Cherry tree coat £10. Cherry tree bag £2.50.

At the park on the beach
And I am excited about moving on and starting again. But I've realised I will be leaving behind some dear friends. A few months ago I posted about feeling I didn't have many friends. I was wrong. I have realised that during these stressful times, my true friends in the village have come forward. They will be sorely missed (but are already booking up to come and stay so it can't be all bad!)

Hoping tomorrow is just as glorious weather wise so we can sneak out for a walk and a break from packing.


Carol said...

What lovely photos, thank you for sharing them at this busy and difficult time. You all look very smiley so I think you are going to do just fine.
Yes, you'll miss a lot of things, and people, but you'll be going on new adventures, making new friends and creating new memories.
Hope everything goes really well for you.
Carol xx

Gem said...

Moving is always stressful especillay with two children in tow. It will be sad to move on but just think of all the new and exciting memories you will be able to create in your new place, I'm sure it will all be fine once you settle in x x x x

Cuckoo said...

You've captured so many of your happy memories at Pink Wisteria House that The Prince will always have them here to dip into.

I remember when you moved to Twyford and you were so worried you'd not make friends and that you'd forever pine for Somerset (which you do) but you did settle in and you made some super friends and lived a triumphant life there. You'll do this in your new Seaside Home too. You know that in your heart don't you?

Have a little confidence my girl, you are warm and wonderful, you are bright and vibrant, you are a joy to spend time with and the Seaside People will see this and thank their lucky stars.

Right enough sucking up, go pack a box and when you've time for a chatter I'm where I always am.

Huge love,


Pink Milk said...

There I was feeling so sorry for you and your sea of boxes (packing to move is officially one of the most stressy things in life) and then you go and show us those fabulous seaside pics. I'm green with envy I tell you! Treasure your memories of your 'old house', they will always be part of you, but embrace your exciting new adventure.

Oh, to hear seagulls of a morning ... *sigh*.

Hang on in there dear girl. It WILL be worth it.


PS. Love those funny face plates - was only looking at them on t'internet last week!

PPS. How gorgeous do you look in red?

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning darling Gem.

Oh, the pain. I know it. Having moved away from my native Los Angeles, California to embark on a life-changing experience in Boston, Massachusetts, we created 11 years of a life together as a more mature couple. When we left that place, my husband wept. Both of us have fond memories of a time that we always say that, "We were born and raised in California, but we GREW UP in Massachusetts." Now we live here in Minnesota and again, fond memories have been made in 15 years. As long as your heart follows and works the inner spirit, no matter where you go, you will build a life of love. Oh dearest, you are moving near the SEA?? HOW ENCHANTING! I KNOW you will make memories there! I wish you a calm move, a beautiful one. Remember that you friends every where, here in the USA!

Peace and love. PS...that RED COAT IS GLORIOUS!!!!! Anita

LissyLou said...

your children are both so adorable and i love your red coat. good luck with the move xx

Country Rose said...

Gotta love a bit of snogging and skating! haha You definitely have a way with words!

Good luck with the packing and moving Gem. I'm dreading when we have to move from here, as when Ray and I moved in we had so little possessions. My step-dad moved us in his little white van! But then along came Rose... and now we have about 10 times the amount of stuff! How!?

Lovely pics of you and the kids, the one of the prince reading the newspaper is so so sweet.

Ashley xxx

Anonymous said...

Keep strong dear Gem,exciting times ahead,Just look at the seaside piccies,wonderful,;O) Love the cherry tree,(nannys) coat and lush bag and what a great collection of ladybird books,thinking of you and lots of love,juliexxxxxxxxxxxx

Annaboo said...

Oh, Missus!
What a right upheaval moving is.
Looking forward to having you in the same part of the world as I.