Monday, 17 October 2011

To be beside the sea

When I need a breather from the trials of life, I take to the sea. The air fills my soul with clarity and energy. It works wonders for my perpetually blocked sinuses and blows away the cobwebs. I feel at one with the sea. The waves mesmorise me, calm me, heal me. I watch it bring in the new and spit out the old. The sound, the feel, the soothing.

So we were expecting cool, windswept weather for mid October when we hit the beach yesterday, but alas, it went a little something like this. Yippee!

Oh I do like to be....

So quiet for a hot day


Still not interested?!! Hmmm?

A chip fit for a Prince

A total beach babe

A bit of sauce at the seaside, naturally

I took this for my bro - the ultimate Beano fan

Who could those three lovely people be?

Ah! My greatest achievements!
(Look at the sea, like diamonds dancing on the waves)

Solid as some rock...

Mad sea hair and 100 per cent cherry tree outfit on me.
(The husband has no hair, thanks to the photo skills of the Princess)!

How can this be October?!
But now it's definitely getting chilly. I'm feeling it within my bones. I LOVE the sun so was thrilled to get one last blast of it this weekend and can now accept that autumn is well and truly here.

PS. Going off on a total tangent, as only I do best, look how proud the Prince is with his 95p Vacuum cleaner I picked up in Help the Aged. Just wish it really worked!


Annaboo said...

I love the Seaside too.
You're right, it does wonders for the soul.
Is that Worthing beach you're at? - that's near where I live, if it is!
Love the pics.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gem,
Fabulous pictures and words and i totally agree re: the sea,what a beautiful day and i love your outfit,nautical but nice!
Your kiddies are totally cute and the prince looks adorable with his little vacuum,

Anonymous said...

Lovely piccies Gem,I love the sea too. Oh the Prince looks so cute with his Vacumn ,what a bargain.hope you have a lovely week,juliexxxx

Bee said...

Lovely photo's Gem, I am so like you, I get a twitchy feeling if I haven't had some sea air in my lungs for a while, we go at least once a month.


Grateful4Crochet said...

I'm with you too, the sea is just that place for me that makes anything at all better. I always feel calm and better when I can sit on the beach and watch the ocean. Luckily for me I have this coming Monday off and am going away for a long weekend at the beach!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

A walk around the sea or the lakes at this moment is what I need! STRESS in the job is taking over, but I NEED A BREAK, and thank you for reminding me that there is another world out there...peace dearest, Anita

Nelly said...

Ah lovely photos, made me long for a brisk but sunny day at the seaside and some fish and chips.
It has really turned chilly hasn't it!
Mmmm must check the diary for when we could next take a have inspired me
Nelly xxx

koralee said...

Oh what fun and what an adorable family! I do love the sea! And those fish and chips...I would never pass those up.
Happy Thursday to you. xoxo

Gem said...

Looks like a lovely day. The prince is so cute bless him, he really is so adorable x x x x

Faith said...

Why do they not make a toy Hoover that actually works, I reckon every home with kids would have littlest has the same Hoover and has had hours of fun with it.

I live by the sea and I love it, we spend more time there in the winter than the summer to avoid the tourists, but then I love the wind and waves and stormy can't beat it.

Those fish and chips look yum!

xx Nicki (home bird)xx said...

Hey lady, how are you doing? You were blogging so regularly and we haven't seen you round 'ere for ages... everything alright? Glad to hear I'm not the only moaning minnie lately... can't believe you're still trying to get the necklace for me, bless you, I thought it had slipped out of my reach!! Where's it from? I could take over the chasing down...
Hurry up and let us know what you're up to

fee @ chipper nelly said...

yep - hope you're ok and just busy!
Beano fan you say? check out my giveaway!
(ps if you don't win I can make you some Beano blocks anyway if you so wish!)