Friday, 2 September 2011

A simply wizard summer

"Harry Potter" woke me up this morning, complete with scar, glasses and a cape. I was rather speechless - the Princess is completely obsessed with all things wizard. 

She used my black Biro again but I guess this is an improvement on the Amy Winehouse makeover she gave herself a few months ago as that took AGES to remove all the ink...

I will keep this photo for her 21st.....

I survived this morning's madness when loads of kids descended, despite waking up with the headache I still had from yesterday.

Yes that's Bungle and yes I'm wearing a pirate hat...

I felt like Frauline Maria with the Von Trapp family. Well, a mini Von Trapp family anyway. And sadly without Georg Von Trapp (Christopher Plummer), his grey suit and his whistle. Ooh, I love that man. My sister and I had a crush on him and still do!

The 8 week old baby was sleeping downstairs. Peacefully. Through the noise.

There was a fair bit of bickering but the toddlers played nicely and I caught up with my friend Charlotte which was lovely. We met when we used to weigh our baby boys, then kept bumping into each other and hit it off. We don't see much of each other but it is always very nice when we do.

The Prince with a VERY cheesy smile. His friend refused to be a fake grinner.
Onto all things Cherry Tree, I bought this vase from Helen & Douglas House Hospice for 50p and love it. It had literally just been donated. I've given it a lovely new home and filled it with a few fresh flowers.

Then I decided to treat myself to some stunning pink gladioli too. I find them so gorgeous, I love that they have a mind of their own after a few days and droop where the hell they like.


Oh and the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector??? BRILLIANT. It is now my fave cream ever. Eve Lom? Whatevs. I don't have great skin but this stuff does what it says on the tube.

Ignore my brows, am growing them before a wax and ignore the piercing in my nose.
Don't wear nose rings any more. Kind of miss them though.

And there we go for a Friday night. Am off now to eat a chocolate mousse and then go to bed, it's been a loooong day!


kmmms said...

Might have to get me some of that wonder cream! And I was about to ask about your nose stud before the caption loaded. WHY NOT?! I love them, don't remember if you had it in or not when you visited.
Love those pics, how fab about the Harry Potter fixation! I got her birthday present yesterday :) (*smug / early*)

I have a cherry tree post in the works, doing another one at the moment too.
MWAH xxx

Grateful4Crochet said...

Love your pirate hat!
also the Princess's harry potter "make-up"- adorable!!!
that vase is super cute, and I am so checking out that cream!!!
hope the mousse was great!!

SarahB said...

Ooooh, Georg Von Trapp - lovely!! I watched The Sound Of Music this week whilst painting furniture having failed to persuade either H or W to watch it with me. Love it!!

Love The Prince's cheesy grin - H had one EXACTLY the same and when I ask him to do it he looks 2yrs old again (he's 13!!)

I'm going to have to buy some of that cream now, it'll be my annual, pre-birthday foray into skincare before I give up two weeks later - one of the singular benefits of being a fatty is we are often blessed with good skin!!

How's the headache now?

Drop me an email!!

S x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Gem darlin'! I MUST RUN OUT AND LOOK FOR THAT GARNIER CREAM!!!! You look stunning. You are younger than me...I HAD good skin all my life until HORMONES...OH YEAH....HORMONES KICKED IN and I started up with Rosacea. I have been using a topical cream and it has subsided. But I need a new moisturizer. This looks GOOD!

Tuesday my students go back to school. AHHHH!

Have a lovely weekend, Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Thank you for your kind comments and visit, Gem! Ahhhh....50 students to teach, monitor, help and HOPE FOR that their reading and writing skills progress!!

Have fun at the charity shops; I think I will go out today for one last one before it gets too crazy for me!!! Anita

The Vintage Hobby House said...

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog Gem,just having a bit of a catch up on yours,I too have 4 Harry Potter mad kids,try scrubbing 4 lightning scars off haha got some photo's somewhere ....I always thought Margot had pretty eyes,It must be that ,that you have in common and It's definitely not your nose,your's is much smaller than Margot lol. The only thing I have in common with Barbara are the vegtables and the welly's
Hope you are having a good weekend Bye for the now X Manda X

Romi and Bob said...

You remind me of lovely Cherry Menlove in your pics. I used to use Protect and Perfect. This one sounds good too.
I had my nose pierced twice and I have two teeny holes! I would like to get it repierced. I always had to take them out for work and ended up letting them heal up.
Your day with the kids looks like fun. You suit your pirate hat! Eliska keeps making wear a baseball cap backwards, which is a bit chav. xxx