Monday, 12 September 2011

Autumn days

For once, it's been a fairly relaxing one. Apart from the children whipping each other up into a frenzy. The Prince keeps hitting the Princess and then says "Oh, sorry about that" which is his latest phrase. His little voice makes it VERY difficult to tell him off. He is too cute.

The husband "worked" on Fri, Sat and Sun, which he has to do every other weekend. I say "worked" because he and I know all too well that he actually goes into the office for a rest. It's quieter, he can concentrate, have uninterrupted adult conversation, drink as much coffee as he likes, go down the pub for a pint with his colleagues - what's not to like? He works in London and we are in a leafy village miles away but I quite like my Saturday nights alone once les enfants are in bed.

It involved chocolate, wine, fairy lights and muchos telly

I watched Strictly, X Factor, Casualty and then the husband came home early at 10am (yes that's early! It's usually between midnight and 2am each night) so we curled up and watched an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm which we love. I love Larry David, he is hilarious. The husband has a bit of a thing for Cheryl, Larry's wife and whilst I don't fancy Larry, I do find him rather appealing in an odd way.

Then yesterday we watched the 9/11 commemorations, which left me choked and grateful for my lovely family. Watching family and friends laying down white roses in memory of those they lost was so poignant. We all watched it silently, the husband and I remembering where we were ten years ago when the first tower was hit.

Moving on, the Princess wanted to show off her latest Cherry Tree outfit. The skirt (featured ages ago in this blog) is originally Monsoon but I got it for next to nothing in a Cherry Tree shop and I picked up the Gap Kids' top from Help The Aged for £1.25. It is sparkly and looks as good as new. She loves it.

Unbeknown to me, the Prince had raided my makeup bag. Again.

The guilty face

Trying to win me over (it worked)

The Princess practised her photography skills
Then we went on a country walk. Berry picking was the aim of the day before the husband left after lunch to go to "work".
The Prince's latest obsession (I keep finding dead ones in his room)

Loving his latest pet

Berry picking commenced

Hmmm, someone kept eating them

Ahhhh. That's the culprit

Not the best crop but they'll do nicely

Stop scoffing them......

I chickened out after seeing a huge spider...wuss!

The Prince gave the Princess some buttercups

I love this! 

Spot the two Cherry Tree plates holding our tomatoes (£1 each)

A delish blackberry crumble

It still amazes me that you can pick some berries, take them home and have a dessert within 30 mins. Like an unborn baby kicking, it never ceases to amaze me.

Nature at its very best. Happy Autumn one and all.


Nelly said...

Ah I just love foraging for blackberries, we picked a load yesterday and I have frozen most of them but made yoghurts with the rest. I too love the fact they are free, full of goodness and can be in a bowl eaten within an hour of being picked. Yum x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos. I LOVE blackberries, and COBBLER! We never get a chance to make a cobbler...the berries always get eaten! :0(

I am so envious of your "country walks." We are surrounded by nature here, too, but it just doesn't seem as romantic as where you are. Ah, I guess we always want what we don't have, right?

Grateful4Crochet said...

Hi. I love that the Prince punches the Princess and then says" sorry about that"!
I just started thinking: I'd like a day like that, where I just do all sorts of stuff, then say "sorry about that"!
I got quite carried away with the thought!!!
Every morning when I'm putting my make up on for work, I let my youngest daughter put lipstick on, and every day she looks like your pic of the Prince with his lippy! Looks pretty much the same color too. The husband wipes it off as soon as I leave. Most mornings I leave for work with a lipstick kiss on me, which I often get questioned about

Romi and Bob said...

The pic of the Princess is AMAZING,like something from a magazine. Gorgeous fairy girl.
How funny is the Prince? Eliska is like a rude old man soemtimes. She does this weird walk ,kind of bow legged, then does a knee bend whilst making a farting noise! Quite disturbing.The mind boggles.
I bet you think I'm mad now. I'll get me coat! x

Michelle said...

The photo of the Princess with the buttercups is lovely, and what amazing eyelashes she's got too!! xx

The Vintage Hobby House said...

What a gorgeous weekend Gem,your children are so photogenic the photo of your princess is beautiful,definitely worthy of being in a magazine.As for your prince x nice shade of lipstick,my youngest son has the nail varnish to match ...Don't ask haha xx Manda xx

kmmms said...

Buttercup pic is awesome! Please can you email me a copy? I fancy playing around with it. xx

xx home bird xx said...

Gorgeous photos - the one of the Princess is utterly beautiful, she is going to take after her mum and auntie for sure. Make sure she looks after her skin, she has a lovely complexion and I'm trying very hard not to be jealous of a 9 (?) year old! Pretty photo of you too though, love.

Laughing at the Prince and his 'sorry about that'. Ha ha! That's hilarious - how do you keep a straight face?! I think I'd snort every time I heard him say it.

I don't really like fruit much so can't join in with the ooohing about blackberries. I do love crumble though, I just like a greater crumble/fruit ratio!

Nicki xx

Romi and Bob said...

Just answering your comment, chuck. I am fromBradford,oh, the shame.A lot of people just pretend they are from Leeds, but I can't lie to you. I used to live in Shipley,close tolovely Saltaire and I grew up in a town called Bingley. I miss little towns like Haworth and Skipton,they were lovely.Where is your husband from?

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest Gem, I feel as if I went on this excursion with you...and that little prince of yours is too cute for any words!!!! I KNOW A COUPLE of 9 year olds in my class at this moment who are as cute and as tricky with the surprises, but how can you get mad....they mean well!!!! AND THE PRINCESS with that yellow flower! THAT IS A GREAT PHOTO!!!

Enjoy your lovely countryside my dear; it looks like heaven to me...Anita

Anonymous said...

Happy autumn Gem,your room looks so cosy with the fairy lights,sounds like a perfect Saturday night to me!The Princess s outfit looks gorgeous,love the cherry tree bowls too,take care,love

SarahB said...

Your lounge looks soooo nice, I must get me some fairy lights!!

You are so photogenic, I wish I had a perfectly sculpted chin like yours (mine is more like that belonging to Johnny Vegas!!)

We have had some fab blackberries at the stables, I have a load of brambles in my field and we have had several boxes full over the course of a few weeks - they seemed to be a bit early up at mine though and are all but done now.

The hedgerows are heaving too with rosehips, elderberries and sloes - a time of mellow fruitfulness!!

One day we got free apples (someone had a box with "help yourself" and Mr G chuckled because I was out the car before he had fully stopped) and I made a crumble with those and free blackberries, fabby!!

Your girl is so pretty, and so much like you!!

S x

Bee said...

Gaston the ladybird is a much loved insect in our house too, little lady is also obsessed!!

We've been blackberry picking too, just love this time of year, stocking up before the winter arrives, I LOVE Autumn!!! just about to make my Sloe Gin!!!!

Your living room is just lovely and I'm jealous (also jealous of Nikki's living room), mine will be nice soon, once it's finished...I hope.

Lotsa love oh pretty one x x x

Annaboo said...

Snarrrghffffff! (am trying to do that laugh when it snorts out of your mouth and nose too quickly because you re laughing too much...)
THAT pic of your prince, with the lippy!!!??
It's too much.
Oh, am laughing now, just thinking about it!
Can't remember anything else in your post...

Annaboo said...

Have composed myself now.
Love your little fairy lights in the fireplace- I'm a real winter girl, so little twinkly lights are my thang.
Lovely finds in the CS shop as always and brillo blackberry magic too.