Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Wedding anniversary

I got married nine years ago today. I can't believe how time has flown. Therefore I am blogging about this milestone, cherry tree shops will have to wait.

Nine years ago today was the absolute happiest day of my life. I married The One with all my loving family and friends surrounding us. I knew he was The One from the moment he walked into the pub in Oxfordshire in 1995. Yet he wasn't my usual type at all - I always fancied muscular, bronzed surfers with long blonde hair. A pale, skinny Yorkshireman with mousey short hair wasn't quite what I imagine myself falling in love with. But I did.

It's been a rollercoaster ride, we've gone through the ups and downs, trials and tribulations like any couple but I am pleased and so proud that we've reached our Tin Anniversary. A long way before our Ruby Wedding though!

I didn't look my best when we first met, I was quite grungey, smoked like a trooper and NEVER brushed my hair. I tried to play the didgeridoo (very badly) and was really into indie music (all the reasons he fell for me, the weirdo!)

A BAD hair day in 1996!
But trying to impress with my blowing techniques. Ahem...

Romance just outside Paris, Oct 2002

With my beloved Nan and Bamps. Rest in peace, both of you.

Can't believe my bridesmaids are now well into their teens...I feel old.

Spot KMMMS and Cuckoo either side of me!

Man from C&A!!!

A gust of wind caught his hair, bless him (note old fashioned oval frame!)

This was a pic of us when we lived  in Darwin, Australia. We would sit and watch the sunset and dream.
The husband used this photo in a gorgeous photo album he had printed for me at Christmas.

Our anniversary is always tinged with sadness for me though, as it was the day Soham victims Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman's bodies were finally found. I remember arriving at our evening do on a high and ready to party, when I overheard the news. I will never forget that feeling of utter emptiness, we'd all prayed they would be found alive and well.

Also I am thinking about the poor bride out in the Seychelles at the moment. How can her husband be dead? They only married ten days ago. Things like this make me feel very fortunate for my lot. She must have been so happy on her wedding day, planning the future.

I am celebrating our anniversary on my own tonight as the husband is working, but I am counting my lucky stars at the same time.


Carol said...

Congratulations, I hope you have many more happy years together. I count my lucky stars that, as a Yorkshire 'lass',I too married a Yorkshire lad.
Carol xx

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 9 wonderful years! I loved the wedding pictures. You were a beautiful bride!!

♥coco rose♥ said...

Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful couple! Loved the photos, especially the one of you both on the beach xxx

Grateful4Crochet said...

Awwww this is such a sweet post! Happy anniversary x

Gem said...

Happy Anniversary, lovely photos xxxx

Bee said...

Bloody eke Gem , you bought a tear to my eye... Huge CONGRATULATIONS!! to you both, your wedding photo's are just perfect.

It's such a warm feeling when you are in a place of contentment and happiness, that knowing 'The One' will love you always no matter what, it's very special. I remember Cuckoo telling me about your wonderful day and I remember her telling me about you being pregnant with Princess, she was so excited.

It's a sort of feeling that you can't explain when things happen outside your world that tinged your happiness as something awful has happened, I remember the 7/7 bombings as it was on Darr's birthday and we were out enjoying a meal but felt like we shouldn't be! But you are right that it does make you think how lucky you are and count your blessings.

I wish you both all the happiness together and here's to another 10yrs and so on...

Love Bee x x x x

SarahB said...

Aw bless, what a lovely post!! You look fab on your wedding day, your style is so classic it hasn't dated at all.

I thought the very same when I read about those poor honeymooners, such a horrific thing to happen.

Congratulations and here's to many, many more!!

S x

Country Rose said...

I'm feel all emotional after reading this post... I must be extra hormonal or something at the moment!
Love the photo's.. hilarious digeridoo photo! haha
A shame that he's working tonight, but your right.. have to count your blessings, it's so so sad about the honeymooners, she must feel so completely devestated.

Ashley xxx

Mojo said...

Absolutely love this ! pics are awesome :) xxxxxxxxx