Thursday, 18 August 2011

Cherry tree bargains and an award

As I mentioned in a recent post, I received an award recently which I was delighted about.  Thanks for giving it to me, Grateful4Crochet! She is a love, and a very talented one at that.

 Not sure if I have to write ten facts about myself for this one, but its a rainy day and the children are busy playing so I thought, why not?

1. I always wanted to live on a hippy commune when I was a teenager and have dreadlocks. The closest I got was getting my nose pierced and wearing tie-dye smock tops.

2. I have a Teeline shorthand speed of 90wpm although I imagine it is small slower now as rarely use it.

3. When I was a toddler I poured a teapot of boiling tea over my head.

4. I was bottle fed as a baby and my siblings were breastfed. I am frequently ill and they ALWAYS say "it's because you were bottle fed Gem"...grrrr!

5. I have a secret penchant for the gypsy way of life. I love the traditional bow top wagons, the close family "togetherness" attitude and the outdoor living. My friend married a Romany traveller and she is one of my happiest friends in the whole world.

6. My two and a half year old son is still breastfed, purely because I simply cannot remove him from the Bap of Nutrition. He asks very loudly in public for "Booby please" and if I say no, he says "Oh pleeeeeeeeeease." It freaks me and my sister out. I need to end it soon, before I end up in one of those documentaries. I call "Time at the bra" every night as well. Makes everyone chuckle! (I have breastfed in random places including during a funeral ceremony and during a Karaoke - just as the microphone was handed to me...and the Prince pulled away to see what the fuss was = awkward)

7. Lots of people say I look like Margo from The Good Life. I am offended. Even the husband can see the resemblance.

8. I was completely addicted to the Made in Chelsea series. I dislike people who are materialistic and who demand the best of everything and who show off about what they have. We should all be grateful for the small things and consider those who live their lives hand to mouth. BUT god I love this show!

9. I once ate three full size Toblerones in two days. OK, this was in May, not that long ago. I could have managed another two...

10. I was once featured in Mizz magazine (I think Cuckoo was responsible for this as we'd got drunk and she talked me into doing the article). The magazine ran a double page spread on holiday romances and I'd had a fling with a Turkish waiter. Unbeknown to me, a teenager went to the same hotel on hols and bought Mizz magazine to take with her. She recognised the waiter, showed him the article and he framed it and sent it back to me with the longest love letter ever. By which point I was over him and dating someone else.  Whoops.

I would like to hand over this award to

It is a new blog and I think she deserves an award for many reasons, including the fact I MADE her write a blog in the first place!

I have just bought this cherry tree top from Barnardo's. Originally from Marks and Spencers, it is a nice blouse for less than a fiver. Can't go wrong...

I also bought this book for £1.50. The Princess and I are often away with the fairies so it seems to be right up both of our streets.


Cuckoo said...

Point 7. Only reason I am friends with you.
Point 10. Did I really? I am responisible for most of my friends drunken mistakes!!!

Call me when you can doll.


Bee said...

I actually think Margo is quite attractive!!! holiday romances, I've never been on holiday with my hoo!!! so never had one, think I've missed out.

Can't beat a bit of Enid Blyton!!


Romi and Bob said...

Margo is attractive, but I can only see it in the eyes a wee bit. You are very pretty, but not sure who you look like. I used to get told I looked like lots of random people, Bjork often being one and another time the teenagers I worked with told me I looked like Frodo, or Elijah Wood , I guess. I think I was supposed to be offended, but I hooted with laughter!
Congrats on your anniversary. You both look lovely in your pics. Your holiday looked great. I want to go there! Lush.
I almost spat my tea out at your breastfeeding tales. At the karaoke, why not? Bless. So long as he's not saying, 'Bitty Mummy! when he is fourteen, there is no cause for concern.
I found it hard to breastfeed Eliska and felt a bit of a failure for a bit as I ended up bottle feeding her. Now at 2 and a half, she is having a bizarre phase of 'pretending' to breastfeed, which entails diving on my chest at inopportune moments. She's a tonic.
Right, will go now. I have rambled ON and on. xxx

fee @ chipper nelly said...

love an award post - and I too can see the likeness in the eyes - which is a good thing.
fee x

Nelly said...

Ahhh Mizz magazine, brings back memories. I used to love it. That and Seventeen.
'Booby please' = too funny. Maybe you should attend, 'breastfeeding annonymous'? I will hopefully be able to carry on doing bedtime feeds when back at work but we'll see. My newest worry is just how bad my boobs will look after all this trauma...
Nelly xxx

Annaboo said...

Tee hee!
I love awards posts too.
Love your facts, the breast-feeding one being the winner, obviously!!
P.S. I was also NOT breast fed AND my mum smoked whilst pregnant (as one did in the olden days) so I blame her entirely for my mild asthma and small boobs. I frequently remind her of this, too.

sarah said...

how i love your post love made in chelsea know where your coming from on that one ,the gypsy way would be good in some ways not sure on that grabbing thing they do well ok wouldnt mind being grabbed a bit ha ha, enid blyton my childhood favouite,never had holiday fling like bee never had girlie holiday and margot yes there is something there similar to you now she would be good in made in chelsea ha ha i have random people i look so called like one is tina o brien get that a lot and sookie from true blood which i love watching anyway wouldnt say no to bill compton x

xx home bird xx said...

Love, Margo was a proper hottie in her day! You should be chuffed that you've been described as her. There are worse people to be likened to!

I need to get myself a TV life - haven't seen Made in Chelsea. I know! My friends really moan at me... I've been out tonight and they were chatting about Big Brother and X Factor - I only know about them from 5Live... what a saddo.

(am also typing this through every so slightly blurry eyes.... think I may have had too much wine...)

Did I say how much I loved your anniversary post? You were a gorgeous bride and you look so happy together. You look a proper cool couple. Husband and I were almost in tears listening to the bride of the shark victim this evening, absolutely shocking, poor poor woman.


xx home bird xx said...

Also, is Annaboo reading this? I'd like to know which bit of her upbringing gave her the small bazongas - was it the smoking bit or the breastfeeding bit? I'm going to blame my mum for the same thing! x Annaboo, let's hear from you.... x

Country Rose said...

Congratulations on the award!
I too get ill all the time and was not breastfed either, I'm sure it must have something to do with it.
I'm breastfeeding Rose and she's now 7 months, I plan to keep going for quite some time yet but am finding it very hard to feed her discreetly. There's NO chance of me covering her with a muslin, she just lifts it up with a big grin on her face as if to say 'Mummy, I want to see what's going on..!'.

Ashley xxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GEM DEAREST! I HAVE MISSED is going to be starting up for me and I am like a wild woman here, trying to juggle my personal goals (writing, art) while trying to manage my home....yes, THAT IS ME on the harp!!!

SO good to see you and you are kind. The 900 followers makes me laugh; in just one week, for some ODD reason, I went from 860 to 900! HOW IN THE WORLD.....But I love blogging and dear friends. ISN'T THAT PINK COTTAGE DIVINE? And you are VERY PRETTY GEM; I know how you feel when others compare you to a character on TV. I was once told I look like the drawing from the Mary Englehart art series, if you now who I mean. BLACK HAIR, glasses, but a drawing of a goofy skinny child!!!

MUCH LOVE TO YOU, I will be back! Anita

pangaloon said...

I used to read 'Mizz' now that brings back memories.
Heart felt thanks for your supportive and sweet comments. I feel really lucky to have a bloggy friend like you xxx

SarahB said...

I always love your "facts"!!

My Stepmum gets told she looks like Margo and she too is offended, Margo was fab!! I love, love, love The Good Life!!

I could prob eat 3 Toblerones in one day, so I am not a bit impressed you managed it in TWO days!!

S x

PS Yep, Lily is a reborn baby, I used to make and sell them!!

sarah said...

hi, your most welcome glad you liked your van thought you could turn it into a mobile cherry tree shop how cool would that be ?? and yes i can see mary poppins in cuckoo now you mention it also think she is a bit of kate winslet x