Saturday, 30 November 2013

Here hair here

The lady in the St Barnabas cherry tree shop gave me some very wise words this week, for finding a girl's name for my baby (I think it's a boy but she was having none of it).

Apparently it's this, so take heed anyone out there who is with child. You  simply walk into a newsagents, pick up a copy of The Sun, turn to page three, but you don't ogle the page three model's breasticles. Oh no, you look at her name. And that is the name you choose for your baby.

I kid you not.

The cherry tree woman was convinced she was having a Gary (I'm guessing it was the 80s). But it turned out to be a girl. And the page three model that day was Sam Fox. I bet her daughter Samantha is oh so chuffed, don't you?

I have zilch boys or girls names this time. But I shall dwell not, it will come to me. And if not, The Sun may have to be my saviour. Ha ha, the woman was so serious I did my best not to smirk.

Smirk I said, not twerk. What IS that all about? I'd feel a right berk if I should decide to twerk, making you all smirk. I have no balance at the moment, dancing is a thing of the past. So is prancing. But not romancing. No I am still all about a bit of romance. Maybe it's me hormones.

You see, the Husband's beard is coming on nicely. Actually, I'd go as far as to say he is looking hot. I MUST try to get a picture but keep forgetting to take a sly one and he is not one for posing.

I have a thing about beards this pregnancy. No, I'm not fancying Brian Blessed or anything yet. And neither do I find Noel Edmonds attractive. But there's something about a hairy chin that is getting me hot under the collar!

Hormones. Blame me hormones

When I was pregnant with the Prince, I had a thing for the rapper 50 Cent. I think the Husband was a bit miffed, as 50 Cent was the polar opposite to my beau in every single way (how I love my skinny, pale Yorkshireman). But oh my! When I was preggers last time, that rapper could have taken me to the "candy shop" any flipping time he liked.

Until I gave birth. Then I was over it. I don't even remotely think about Fiddy these days, and I certainly wouldn't dream of looking for him in da club.

But beards? Man, I even look at the H&M model and the older grey beardy model cardboard cutout in TK Maxx and feel the fire in my chubby loins. How sad is that?!?!

Just hope I don't go off the whole hirsute fizzog thing when Junior arrives because I think the Husband will keep the beard regardless of my lust.....or lack of.

On a different note, I was THRILLED when Kerry sent me these two Ladybird books last week that she found in a charity shop in London, as not got them in my vast collection. Oh they are fab! She's a good girl.

 I am making little hats still but can't get the sizing right. Just made two boys ones but it's hard to know whether they will fit the baby, the four year old or the young Brian Blessed that I married....... 

 Right that's me done. I am due a week on Friday.

Watch this space to hear all about how I moaned and groaned. And that's just the noise I make while trying to get my underwear on every morning so Lord KNOWS the sounds I shall make in labour......


Musings Of A Gem said...

Now that just is a little bit mad! Imagine telling your daughter that's how you chose her name haha! I'm sure a name will come to you both.

Good luck with the labour! I'll be keeping an eye up for an update from you soon.

Gemma xxx

Jay said...

Good luck for the coming weeks, and for finding the right name!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

You are so great.

I have MISSED YOU SO but the minute I see that The Cherry Tree has posted a new piece, I run over here, tout de suite!

Gem, you crack me up. Your English (as opposed to our American brand) is just a delight to read. Your daily musings, your latest crushes just make me smile.

WHAT A WILD WAY TO PICK OUT A NAME FOR A BABY! And this woman was serious? I wish I could have heard that conversation! tehehehehehehehhe

Oh dear, you are due soon! We are waiting for ya dear Gem, hang in there, and oh, YOU LOOK FANTASTIC! (I love your hair up like that!) LOVE, Anita

thriftwood said...

Looking good Gem, but dear God! What a way to choose your babe's name ... can't believe she was serious! Hope all goes well and we don't have to wait too long until we see your lovely little bundle of joy!

Put your feet up and take it easy ...

Love claire xxx

sandiart said...

Ooh. you look absolutely gorgeous with you luscious bump. All the best for a happy and speedy birth with Brenda/Brian. Lovely Christmas gift xoxoxo

kerry may said...

"Chubby loins"!!! Love it!
We've all been there :)
I had forgotten about the 50 Cent thang. And WHAT BONKERSNESS is all this about picking a page 3 name?!? Please don't do this. PLEASE.

Can't believe how soon you're due. You look fabulous. I was thinking of you today, wondering if we could sneak in a cheeky get-together beforehand if I hot foot it to you on the train one day. I'd love to take you for lunch. Let me know if this is a wild dream. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Gem ,Your looking fab . Great post ,You ALWAYS make Me laugh. Good luck with the birth,try for Saturday,My daughters birthday ;) She s a real gem too! Lots of love xxxxx

Lucy Nation said...

I used to have Talkabout Holidays and Talkabout Bedtime. In fact, I still have them somewhere. Can't wait to hear the news. Hope you have a relaxing last week.

Btw, yep I'm 26 weeks preg. I did announce it on the blog a little while back but it was fairly low key