Sunday, 2 December 2012

Shouting it from the roof tops!

My gorgeous sister and best friend in the whole wide world is pregnant! I can finally tell EVERYONE!!!!!!!

I am so excited I can barely breathe!!!!!

She and her man are of course completely and utterly over the moon.

Imagine how lush their baby will be with these genes!

She absolutely dotes on my two children and she will make an amazing mum.

My kids have grown so much since this!

(seems only yesterday she was a baby herself!)

Love from a very chuffed Auntie Gem.



Lucy Nation said...

Aw, congratulations. She's so pretty. I wish someone close to me would have a baby. I love them but I just don't want any more of my own! xx

xx Nicki (home bird)xx said...

I just typed a long comment and blogger didn't like it. It was something along the lines of: gorgeous news! pretty sister! she will have gorgeous children just like you. Congratulations. xxx

JessicaFrances said...

Aww what a lovely post! How totally exciting! And what a glam couple they are in that wedding photo. oh it's so great when people you love have babies isn't it, you get all the love but none of the responsibility - and no night wakings!

Kylie said...

You're not lacking in the gene pool department yourself Gem!
Congrats to your gorgeous sister and her husband x

thriftwood said...

Aww congratulations to you all Gem! You'll be an amazing Auntie and the baby will have lovely cousins too xxx

Claire xx

Shingle Cottage said...

AAwwww Congratulations Gem! you are all going to have so much fun together,you will be such a great Auntie too,love to you all xxx

kmmms said...

Aww lovely news! Bet you've been chewing your fingers off trying not to spill the beans! Congratulations to Anna and Danny, and proud aunty Gem of course! x

PS Grrrrr stupid word verification thing every time! Pleeeeeeeeease turn it off!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

AUNTIE GEM! AUNTIE GEM! Oh dear, this sounds like from the WIzard of Oz: AUNTIE EM! THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!" and there is indeed no feeling like knowing that a new child is coming into the world. YOUR SISTER IS GORGEOUS MY SWEET! She looks just like you. AUNTIE GEM, you are in for a treat. You will be a great auntie, I know it!

I wish you a fabulous day SHOPPING and looking for the right gift for this new wonder! Bises, Anita

Michelle said...

Yay, congratulations to your sister!! Bet you can't wait to introduce this baby to the delights of the cherry tree shops too? xx

Julia said...

You are going to be a fab Auntie, Gem, I'm so happy for you and congrats to your sister xx

SarahB said...

Congratulations!!!!! How exciting!! I remember being sooooo thrilled when my Sis was expecting, especially as the first time we were pregnant together (can I say being a birth partner for someone when you yourself are 19 weeks pregnant is pretty hair raising!!)

I thought it The Princess in the bottom photo, HOW alike are you two??!!


S x

Jay said...

What wonderful news, congrats to them both x

sandiart said...

Exciting news for you all, I bet the Princess and Prince will have a lot of fun with the baby, if they can get past mummy of course.
xo Sandi

Jooles said...

what a wonderful post and so very exciting!
congratulations to you all, especially mum to be.
love jooles x

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am a new follower to your blog. I found it through Gem's Country Life Dream. I also have a new blog called coffee with tams. Would you like to check it out please? And thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Aww Such lovely news Dear Gem.Wishing you and yours a gorgeous, gorgeous Christmas ,full of fun.Thinking of you all,lots of love julieXxxx